Ridero Tutorials

How to upload a book to Ridero

After signing up to Ridero you may start preparing a new book for publication by clicking on the Create a new book tab.
First, enter the book title. Enter the author’s first name and last name in individual fields.
Then click on the Add a file label, select a file with the book, or drag it from My documents to the browser window holding the left mouse button down.
Then click on the Create a book button.
If you want to upload additional text content from other files to the text already uploaded to Ridero,
● in the Text window, put the cursor into the place where you want to insert additional text
● click on the Plus button in the top toolbar
● select the necessary file on your PC
● click on the Open button.
The content of the added file has been added to your book.
When all parts of your book are uploaded, you may begin to edit the text.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Requirements for author-made print files

PDF files sent to Ridero are considered final. The customer holds all responsibility for their quality and content. The layout for print should meet all the following requirements: 1. Pages of electronic documents (PDF files) should have final trimmed size of the book. If the layout has bleeding elements (non-paper color backgrounds, etc.), the page […]

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Print on demand (POD)

Print on demand (POD) is a printing technology in which book copies do not print until the company (bookshop) receives an order for this exact book. It allows printing singular or small quantities.  Books are printed for a fixed cost per copy, regardless of the size of the order. While the unit price of each physical […]

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How do I track book sales?

Quite simple, actually. We collect all stats data available from the distributor (bookshop) and show it for each one of your books. Obviously, the book must be published. On the book page choose “Show stats” option. This data is updated regularly. The minimal payout sum is 20 euro. As soon as you accumulate this sum […]

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Author Rights

Author retains all the rights. Using Ridero platform does not imply the transfer of any rights and does not affect the possibility of subsequent use or distribution of the book by the author. When you are ready to publish your book the only thing we need is a license agreement, that allows us to distribute your book. […]

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The terms and conditions of giving ISBN

ISBN (The International Standard Book Number) is a unique, 13 digits long, numeric commercial book identifier. It provides information about the publisher and the book. You do not need to seek for it – ISBN will be given by Ridero for free. The barcode will appear on the backside of your book. You will be […]

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What does ‘Ridero’ mean?

In Italian Ridero means ‘I will laugh’. Earlier the book printing process was rather cumbersome and involved specialized equipment operated by skilled professionals. This was considered much more complex than the writer’s work, which presupposed only pen and paper (or typewriting). A lot has changed since then. In the beginning of XXI century publishing a […]

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How do I download a book?

After registering with the service, you can prepare the publication of a new book, clicking on the bookmark ‘Create the book’. First, enter the name of the book. Below write the name of the author. Use separate lines for the name and the surname. Then click on the line ‘Choose the file with the text […]

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How do I edit the book in Ridero?

When you have uploaded the text itself, click on the book you need in the author’s page – you will instantly go to ‘Text’ window. In this window you can edit the book, format the text, and mark all the titles with different styles; it is also in this window that the book contents page […]

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How do I use Ridero menu?

After you have uploaded the book, the service will transfer you to Author’s room, which contains a list of all the books you have downloaded. Clicking on the book you need, you will go the book preparation mode; in the upper toolbar you will see the main menu: Text, Cover, Preview, Publication. In Text window […]

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