How do I edit the book in Ridero?

When you have uploaded the text itself, click on the book you need in the author’s page – you will instantly go to ‘Text’ window. In this window you can edit the book, format the text, and mark all the titles with different styles; it is also in this window that the book contents page is generated.

If the contents go together with the text of your book, you will have to delete them.

You can assess how well the service recognizes the book structure, if you look at the contents on the left.

If your book consists of several large blocks, you have to mark them as sections. To do this, you have to point the cursor at the heading of the block and click on ‘Section’ in the top right corner of the editor. Sections headings will then be placed on schmutztitels on the right, whereas the text itself will open up a new page.

If your book consists of several smaller parts, we recommend using Chapter design for headings. All chapters will start a new page.

For headings of secondary order you should use Subheading or Subtitle design.