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What is Ridero?

Ridero is the AI-based smart publishing system for everyone to create professional quality books for free and share them in the electronic or printed version with 100% royalty paid to the author

Our mission is to create the best usable collaborative space for all the publishing industry participants: authors, publishers, sellers and readers.
Ridero was launched on January 2014 in Russia and now over 65 000 authors in Russia, Poland, Germany and Latvia have already used Ridero system and published thousands of books.
We are growing rapidly as our bestsellers list does, cause Ridero is the easiest way to create a book. Even those who have never dreamed of publishing a book become writers with Ridero.

Ridero connects more than 65,000 authors with their readers

  • >65,000 authors signed up
  • >80,000 books uploaded

Ridero innovations

In 2016 we are the first to come up with such innovations as automated widow and orphan lines control,
AI-based book structure detection system and сonvenient alignment options for poetry. Ridero solutions automate professional publishing process and make it easier.

Within the last year Ridero had sevenfold users increase (over 65 000 in total), fivefold books uploaded increase (about 80 000 in total) and became №1 in Russia for the new book titles list.

Ridero is a prizewinner at “Web Ready Generations 2014” and “Start Up of the 2015 Year” (Russia) contests. Ridero also is positively mentioned regularly by both social media and nation-wide press in Russia and Poland.