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Cover Design

Book cover should attract readers’ attention,
arouse their interest, and encourage to buy the book.
We can help with creating a unique cover for your book.

Order for €120

Never underestimate the importance of the book cover

Every book needs an excellent cover.
We can make an eye-catching design that will help you to sell more copies

Template cover
Covers created by our designers
  • Remarkable

    An exceptional cover
    will attract and interest the readers

  • Effective

    A professional-quality cover
    will boost your future sales

  • Affordable

    Get an outstanding cover design at just €120

Design workflow

  • Tell us your vision

    Fill in a task form
    to help us better meet
    your expectations

  • Choose what you like

    We will design three versions
    of cover for you to choose from

  • Final cover

    We will prepare the final version
    of the cover suitable for
    digital editions and printing

We will be happy to help
if you have any questions!

Email us at support@ridero.eu
or call us at +44 20 3322 3189