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A6 | 100x140 mm
Best for poetry
Free print-ready
book layout and
A5 | 145x205 mm
Most popular for fiction
A5 | 145x205 mm
bw pages200
color pages0
Per copy
A4 | 205x290 mm
Ideal for
Children’s books
210x210 mm
Better for
photo books
B5 | 170x240 mm
Perfect for prose

* Current quote for a paperback, glued binding, 100 pages, 20 copies. 5% VAT included.

Price quotes are valid for 5 business days and do not include shipping costs. We also reserve an option to recalculate the final price if the total number of pages changes (we will surely let you know about that beforehand).

A5 format More
bw pages200
color pages0
Per copy

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How Long Does the Printing Take?

Usually printing a paperback takes 7 to 10 days, as for a hardcover book it can take up to 21 business days.

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