Preliminary information

The company Ridero IT Publishing LLC (hereinafter referred to as Ridero) shows regard for Internet users, including visitors of and gives particular attention to their rights. Ridero understands the threats coming from Internet use. In this regard, Ridero tries to ensure Internet privacy of the users. Ridero collects information which helps to adapt the website to users' expectations. This document ("Privacy Policy") was prepared to explain basic principles of data collection and processing, commitments of Ridero in respect of the Internet services, and legal information relevant to the website.

Data collection

In accordance with policy adopted by the majority of Web services, Ridero keeps the HTTP requests sent to our server. Attended resources are identified by the URLs. The data stored in log files of the web server is as follows:

The above information is not associated with particular Ridero users. In order to ensure the highest quality of service Ridero can selectively analyze log files to determine visited webpages, browsers, errors in website structure, etc.

Data usage

The collected logs are stored indefinitely as information intended for service administration and ensuring its effective operation, for location-based services to support the server. Only people admitted to the administration of the Ridero's server and network can take access. The data are not available to any third parties. The statistics can be drawn up using the log files to simplify administration. Such summary statistics do not contain any elements that could be used to identify any users.


The following types of cookies are used on the website:

  1. "Necessary" cookies allowing using the services available on the website, for example, the ID cookies are used for services that require identification of the user on the website

  2. “Security” cookies, allowing to detect identification violations on the website

  3. "Productive" cookies allowing to collect the information about website pages usage.

  4. "Functional" cookies allowing to memorize website settings and interface personalization selected by the user, for example, language or region, font size, website appearance, etc.

  5. "Advertising" cookies allowing providing the website users with advertising content that meets their preferences.

Ridero uses cookies for the following purposes:

  1. Maintaining of the user session (after logging in using password) in order not to re-enter login and password on each page of the Service

  2. Adaptation of the Service to the user’s needs

  3. Collecting statistics on the Service pages traffic

  4. Collecting summary statistics on trends and data on the general trends to improve and optimize the operations

  5. Marketing, analyze and promotion

The Ridero draws attention to the fact that the user can disable cookies by changing the browser settings. Typically, the corresponding option is located in Privacy or Settings menu of browser.

How to change cookies settings in the most popular Internet browsers.

Internet Explorer:

  1. Click Start and select Internet Explorer to open the browser.

  2. Click the Tools tab and select Internet options.

  3. Go to the Security tab and shift the slider to the highest possible position to block all cookies or to the lowest possible position to allow all cookies.

  4. Click OK.


  1. Click Customize and control Google Chrome on the browser toolbar.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Click Show advanced settings.

  4. Go to the Privacy section and click Content settings.

  5. Change the cookie settings in the Cookies section.


  1. Click the menu in the upper-right corner and select Options.

  2. Select the Privacy panel.

  3. Select "Use custom settings for history" from the drop-down menu in the History section.

  4. Select or clear the check box "Accept cookies from sites" to enable or disable the use of cookies.


  1. Click Menu in the upper-left corner of the Opera browser and select Settings from the drop-down menu.

  2. Click the "Privacy and security" tab and change the cookie settings in the Cookies section.


The Ridero informs that information about an address (including IP) and type of device of user or another individual which is used to connect to the website appears in the system logs of the website after some user operations on the website.

Ridero will process information about an address (including IP), type of user device, website connection time, and other operational data relating to user operations on the website in accordance with the laws of Republic of Poland. This information is processed for technical purposes.

Ridero exerts every effort to ensure the safety of users during session. For this purpose, Ridero uses appropriate administrative, technical and physical data security facilities allow to prevent its accidental or illegal erasure, loss, unauthorized release or submission. However, Ridero informing that no method of data transmission on the Internet can not guarantee absolute security.

Event reporting

All events affecting the security of data transmission, including the cases of possible transmission of files containing malicious software should be reported to the following address:

Ridero IT Publishing Sp. z o.o.
23/4 Saint Philip Street,
31-150 Krakow

Questions about privacy policy

All questions about the above privacy policy should be sent to the following address:

Ridero IT Publishing Sp. z o.o.
23/4 Saint Philip Street,
31-150 Krakow

Links to other websites

This website contains links to other websites, which are not an area of responsibility of Ridero according to the privacy rules applicable to this website. Ridero is not liable for content of other websites and methods of usage. Ridero suggests the users to open the corresponding tab and read the privacy policies of other websites. This Privacy Policy applies only to

Personal data

The Ridero is administrator of users' personal data, which has been provided to implement contracts concluded with users. The personal data are processing under the Article 23 par. 1 sub-par. 3 of the Protection of Personal Data Act of 29 August 1997 (Law Gazette "Dziennik Ustaw" of 2002, No.101, item 926), as amended. Personal data of the users will be used and processed exclusively for the implementation of the concluded agreements. The user is entitled to access his/her personal data and to change it.

The Ridero transfers the personal data of the users, who makes payments using a payment card or electronic transfer service, to the PayLane Limited Liability Company with its registered office located at 6/A3 Arkonska Street, Gdańsk, Zip Code: 80-387, KRS (State Court Register) number: 0000227278. The personal data are transferred for purpose and to extent necessary for the implementation of payment process by PayLane.


The Ridero makes all reasonable efforts to ensure uninterrupted access to the website by its users.

Legal information

The website is the property of:

Ridero IT Publishing Sp. z o.o.
23/4 Saint Philip Street,
31-150 Krakow


The Ridero is a copyright holder to all the works, that are part of In accordance with the Copyright and Related Rights Act of 4 February 1994, it is necessary to get a prior written consent of Ridero for any use of works or the fragments thereof, except in the cases of the personal usage permitted by law. Otherwise, such use will be illegal.

Besides, the Ridero is not a copyright holder to the works published using the website and is not responsible for violation of the rights to these publications.


All changes to the privacy policy will entail corresponding changes in this document.