Requirements for author-made print files

PDF files sent to Ridero are considered final. The customer holds all responsibility for their quality and content.

The layout for print should meet all the following requirements:

1. Pages of electronic documents (PDF files) should have final trimmed size of the book.
If the layout has bleeding elements (non-paper color backgrounds, etc.), the page size should also have +5 mm bleeds on each side.

2. Minimal left & right margins – 14 mm. Minimal margin to the headers and page numbers should also not be less than 14 mm.

3. All pages in the document must have the same size.

4. All pages should have the same orientation (vertical).

5. The document should be formed by page, in correct order (not by spread).

6. All colors used in the file must be converted to grayscale if you order black and white prints. If you are planning to print a book in color, convert all images to CMYK.

7. All bitmap images must be rotated, scaled and cropped in an external program for processing bitmap images before placing them into the publication. Minimal acceptable resolution is 150 dpi.

8. Page numbers must be centered or aligned to external margin (even left, odd to the right) at the same distance from trim.

9. It should be taken into account that the spine will reduce the useful area of the inner parts of the cover, the first and last pages of the text block by 5-6 mm.

10. We only accept full spreads of the covers. The thickness of the spine and full size of the cover spread can be provided by Ridero.

11. The number of pages should be even, you can add blank pages. If you plan to print a hardcover book, the number of pages must be a multiple of four.

12. The pdf files must be exported with the “Press Quality” settings.

13.  The file name must contain only Latin letters and numbers.