What is an electronic book format and which format do I use?

Formats are different electronic text files supported by this or that reading device, or readers for electronic books. In online shops as well as in online libraries the most widely-spread book formats are EPUB, FB2, MOBI, PDF.

EPUB (Electronic PUBlication) is the most popular electronic format for readers. EPUB supports style modifications of the text, its graphic design, built-in fonts and pictures. Such readers as Barnes & Noble, Sony, Pocketbook, Onyx, Wexler work with EPUB, it is also used iniPhone and iPad.

We recommend the following programmes to read texts on the computer

  • For Windows:
  • For Mac:
    • iBooks (delivered with the latest versions of MacOSX)
    • Azardi

FB2 (FictionBook Ver2) is an electronic book format created by a group of Russian developers and used basically in Russia only. It is the main format used in the most popular Russian readers –  Pocketbook, Onyx and Wexler. However, FB2 is not supported by readers of Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

The books formatted in files like these have a well-structured view (they comprise chapters, contents, pictures and the cover). However, they have fewer options of displaying the text design than does EPUB.

To read the files on the computer, we recommend the following programmes:

MOBI (Mobipocket eBook) Is a format for electronic book readers for Amazon Kindle. It is now growing in scope and demand in Russian online libraries as Kindle is becoming more and more popular in Russia.

You can read books in MOBI format with  Amazon Kindle devices or the programme called  Kindle

PDF (Portable Document Format) is an electronic document format created by Adobe Systems. PDF can be used either for reading books on electronic devices and on the computer or for printing books in publishing business. PDF books are heavier than all the other formats and open up much more slowly on reading devices. PDF books are in effect print-ready designs of the inner block and the cover, very similar to the book you can see in Preview section in Ridero service.

To view books in this format, we recommend installing Adobe Acrobat Reader.