How do I upload a readу-made cover for my book?

If you have your own cover made by a professional designer or by yourself, you can upload the front cover in Ridero.

To do this, go to the window Cover, in the pop-up window click on ‘Upload print-ready cover’, then choose the file with the cover from your computer. You can do this in two different ways – you can draw the file with the picture by holding the left mouse button, or you by clicking on Upload print-ready cover in the Menu on the right and choosing the file on your computer.

Please note that the minimum size of the print-ready cover is 916×1271 px.

After you have uploaded the cover, you can regulate its size using the slider underneath the cover.

The back cover is completed automatically. It will be white in colour. On the left panel, in the section Design and colour, you can choose the most appropriate colour for the back and the blurb from the complete colour scheme.

The font colour for the back and the spine can also be chosen from the font colour panel; to do this, you will have to click on the letter of the most appropriate colour.

When you have finished working with the cover, click on Save.