How do I create the cover with Ridero templates?

If you do not have the cover ready, you can choose from the ready-made cover designs, prepared by professional Ridero designer. To do this, go to the window Cover, click on the popping-up window on  Upload the image for the template and then choose the necessary image on your computer.

After the picture upload will be complete, you will see it on the side left toolbar. Click on it, and it will upload to the cover of your book.

To change the picture, click on ‘Plus’ in the section Pictures and add another variant of the image.

Remember that every template requires a picture of a certain size. The specifications for the picture size will be shown underneath the cover.

The picture size can be regulated with the help of the slider just beneath the cover.

In the section Style and colour you can select the required colour spectrum for the back cover, the spine and the blurb.