Eternal Migrator Papers

Selected Journeys and Notes in the Sacred, Chaosmic and Profane

Drukowana Elektroniczna


Autor książki

O książce

Do ut Des — I give so that you may give to others. Conjuring this work, through a choice of carefully selected narrations, thinking styles, aesthetics and emblematic realities, not relative, but not wholly true — I attempted to bring these worlds nearer.

O autorze


The camel above the stars cries a dignified laughter. Moon priestess drunk bursts asunder a tiny grass. Seth’s animal takes pride in Bear, crying for a heart. Husband of all whores watched the Sun arise in gold. Spider runs from lust, and turns mermaids chaste. Saturn’s crown admired the joke, and Venus betrayed Jupiter with the Hermit. Jupiter fell for the Goddess of War, rejoicing they took the rage-full world neglecting the sacred boar.

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