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Eternal Migrator Papers

Bezpłatny fragment - Eternal Migrator Papers

Selected Journeys and Notes in the Sacred, Chaosmic and Profane

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To the spirits of the Stars

Sorrow of Ossian, Karoly Kisfaludy

“Witless are you mortals and dull to foresee your lot, whether of good or evil, that comes upon you. For now in your heedlessness you have wrought folly past healing; for — be witness the oath of the gods, the relentless water of Styx — [260] Hymn II to Demeter

Gather Light Scatter Darkness

She shone with violent colours of the universe. Cosmic passion torn tonalities of her mortality away. Amongst the holy symbols and seals, void geometry of the abyss and aeons designed her new cloth of a priestess, who became consecrated as a servant of the world and a mystical queen. Brilliantly fading away in ecstasy and laughter all forms disappeared. Mirages of greatness left behind to leave traces for others to return to the starry heavens. When she left there was a droplet of a lunar tear beautifying Earth for a suspended moment with a humble, yet mighty light extended throughout the land and a silent airy gasp, too insignificant to notice in the ocean of boundless compassion. Her wings folded and words no more uttered with her soul joined the others with a single idea. Fates do entwine again — so they say — once destinies and pure honest wishes are set into motion in complete, sincere exhaustion. When there is nothing more to say, everything is known as if universal space would be our breath.  Our lives combined required only a despaired moment. The last thing I could do for her, is to send her back to our common stellar mother, the essence of our dancing spirits embraced in an alchemy surpassing all terrestrial affairs. Or perhaps I was the cause of her disease and she was salvaged, before I wished to save her? Before the storm begun, before the storm was over. Within our mother’s robes the profundity of spirits of the mighty stars, the dragon bodies of infinite Suns, recalling us into her embrace. Monoliths shining from afar, tokens of infinite splendour, lanterns for the solitary hangman to long for. Egyptians wrote letters to the stars written with the life of Kheper - the toiling scarab, a sincere heart. Seek, seek and hide. How many times will I recognize her, how many times will I miss her signs? Or are we mere illusions chasing each other, to greet only once, part and perish, as the seeking defies the finding, return, liberative dissolution is the only answer.

“Find me”. It was the most important phrase in a little gift — a hand-crafted illustrated small book that I received from her. That was back then, as if a forethought of a warning. I said that we met only once, as she vaguely looked at me, I wanted to make sure she is aware. Out of years that I conjured, not much was given to us. Looking at her, next to the sea at night, I was observing as her sight was penetrating the waves, the horizon. I knew they were insightfully reaching deeper, as the moon reflected hop-skipped from wave to wave. I stood. I observed the oneiric view, the sounds of gale and sea was holy, throwing her red Neptunian hair into the air. Guarding her tomb, attempting to revive her star in her, between a forgetful smile, and terrifying awareness that I lost her in front of my eyes, fading away, given over to malefics that she could not defeat, and neither could I, she slipped away in my fights and humiliations, my rants and rages. In Cytherea, we abandon the temples. Stranded in this theatre animatronique, only living ideas remain free. Sometimes writing our necrologies with blood, essence, fierce resilience, passion, an instance of a life as a human being. Verily, what I wrote to convey are either testimonies or mere apologetics veiled as a teaching.

„We do not understand except by observing phantasies.” — Giordano Bruno.

“3:23: The Master, speaking with the Grand Music Master of Lu, said, Music can be understood in this way. The players first in unison, then freely harmonizing, playing separately or carrying on from one another, and thus the piece is completed.”

Thus born of Earth, another instance of a human life, we live our phantasies and imaginations, through honest and reverberant intellectuations, deep feeling, transparency with the world that is seen akin to naivety, we reclaim something resembling a fortified inner truth — defiantly standing against oblivion and forgetfulness. By the law of self-reflection below, we look in-between the hypostatic mirrors above, we ponder upon this world and ourselves, climbing on the middle essence upwards through proportion, observation, recognition to find tokens, signs and notions of the Divine and thus build, furnish, and construct a temple within, ultimately to exit the spectacle of illusions, the greater hall of mirrors, propagating vertically and horizontally, shedding veils until the essence returns to infinity.

Resurgent atavisms are tokens of true archetypes, in language of symbol what is not superficial is always essential. They are all antedating human existence, deep living ideas that exist a priori, and are merely captured, touched upon by a measure of human. They are the substance of forces that bind our common fate unveiled by pondering, reflection, living out, feeling and experiencing. Sometimes it is done in a greater degree than destinies may pardon, strangled by fates that do not allow such transgressions, yet force them down upon us so that we may learn. When does a child of nature become a fool, a fool a magician, a magician a hangman, that meets the roots in the stars, and hangman a hermit, and as a hermit when does he or she become a star? When do the lovers become as one, bound in harmony to be united in liberation?

„In order to grasp the power of the images, the interpreter must in some way participate in the beliefs of those who are frightened and fascinated by them”

Ophites on Winged Sun as One under the wings of Elders: A mere dream

How would hermetica develop in a binary star system with three moons circulating an inhabited planet? Would beings inhabiting such a world capture different configurations of forces, powers and their resolutions? Perhaps according to the nature of life that would develop in such an environment it would have its own perspective, senses of contact, natures, forms. Apophatic between its substance and the deep world, self-conscious or self-evident, concordant with forces and powers of its total being in environment, and deep grammar of cosmos. Obvious through itself in contact with the world through knowing. Perhaps as lost as we are in our being? Perhaps as natural as they are, according to their inclination? If a human being would be placed in such a system, torn away from this world, would it react according to the nature of such a weird star system? Would it be astrally influenced by the three moons, two stars, and all the planets in such a stellar environment, how would it react to it, how would it reply?

We are all submersed in an eerie world, that is interconnected to a greater or lesser extent and understood by astronomical axioms, yet unknowable through multifarious hidden transcendent factors and variables. Planets do have their natures, so do stars, hidden worlds full of weird life. Noteworthy, too often do we limit the term „life” to something organic, living in biological sense visible, castrating the invisible force, the idea, the omnipresent being. Between these forms of life, there are all worlds that we may rarely describe by our divisions and understandings and oft do we relegate them to ancient phantasies and bestiaries. Either we take all of them for phantasies and the mythomania of an overexcited mind, or we flirt with the idea that once these worlds were closer, more apparent, visible to the human participant. Not relegated to the unconscious, but interfaced in interaction. Not objective, yet not dependent on the individual's mind. Whether taken as real or as a dream, inasmuch as we consider ouselves real or a part of a dream, both or detached from both, dreaming and observing the dream. Forgetting we are dreaming and grasping the spectacle for reality, or in dream observing aware as if real. Lucid dreaming while being awake is a sincere stance, in dream we re-virtualize the sleep with waking, yet act through the same fabric both lucidly dreaming awake, and dreaming lucidly or incestously asleep . Memory and history are not the same, that what is now was not always so. Any worthy thing taken to a metaphysical level by an act of hypostasis becomes a wonder, horror and awe of unimaginable extent, depending on the perception of the beholder’s perspective and his ability to surpass the comfortable knowns. Anything reified yet belonging to the sanctum sphere, thus sacralized becomes a living token, like the Temple of the Spheres, a Ziggurat in Ancient Borsippa, later called the Tower of Babel, or the City of Ecbatana built by king Dioces of Media. Their mighty walls based on planetary spheres of Heavens. When reification of the Divine becomes to materialistic, to naively realistic it descends and forgets itself. It leads to procreation of the human mind with itself within conceptual swamp through separation of analogy, disarray of referential proportion, and moves into horizontal mirroring that separates itself further not even from transcendent factors, but from its own content - it leads to infinite diversity that is superficial, because of flatness of horizontal propagation. The magical transcendent hybrid that is a perpetuum mobile becomes the hubris of the man-made hybrids that need to continuously animated and stop working without the animators. It cuts away human participation in the stream of the living world and the world soul.

Emperor Wu of Chan (156 BME — 87 BME) posed a fundamental question: What is the relation of heavens to Earth, so that a human being may find himself in relation to Cosmos and the Heavens among the world of nature. Inviting the best of minds of his time to participate in measuring proportions, to exchange observations, to share insights, to let thoughts soar towards Heavens in great profundity foundations were laid once again. Thus what was arranged again — not on separate and superficial things, but deep understandings harnessed from world as it is, the times, changes, place of man and woman in the world. What thus administered the movements of starry heavens, how in a symbolic way interpret observations of astronomers, philosophers and Wu (magicians, shamans), what are the workings of nature, and how in natural philosophy elevate it to the Numinous? And later — how to relate all this to the world of human affairs at the very end for the purpose of guidance? We may near the omitted, unknown, ineffable deep laws of physical objective universe that are discovered to a possible extent. Afterwards, we proceed with metaphysical measurements and focused understandings, communicated in human language of symbols that laid groundwork for all advanced civilizations at their onset. It is unquestionable that astronomy was the most important mother to any form of philosophy.

The interpretation of these laws, captured according to possibility of fragmented or unified, topographically unequal perceptions, knowledge, experience, skill, socio-historical settings, depended on history of ideas, inventions, and history of perception itself was expressed in various ways. Different peoples in diverse cultures, ethnic groups, tribes, civilizations were relating their wholeness to the world by diverse measuring rods. Their mystical, affective and intellectual configurations towards the perceived world shifted in time. It depended on what people in these social formations understood and their traditions. Supported by signs and concepts that were possible to think, alterations that were allowed by taboo. What was considered sacred and profane, clean and unclean. These clusters of common perceptions constituted threads of kaleidoscopic ideas and kaleidoscopic phenotypes of being. These were views running in the mental, feeling and spiritual bloodstream through group and individual vistas and breakthroughs, pioneers, performers and participants. History perceived backwards from the present time is re-interpreted through cultural concatenations of scientific, social, political and religious sets that are currently established. It is not considering that historical people were perceiving inward territories and exoteric worlds differently and that some did not even make a difference.

Variations throughout ages in relation to patterns, forces and worlds, visible and invisible, were static, dynamic, chaotic, but for most of the time - ordered. Attempts to create human-made laws, foundations on planet Earth, structures reflecting these in a world of nature is a laborious task. The foundations that were long-lasting were striving to be approximate, yet they were still prone to decay, degeneration, corruption, unless renewed and reformed. Such are the fates of all civilizations, buried long under the desert sands, that people thriving around their sacred and profane - may us respect their dust and breaths – long dispersed on the winds.

*Renewal, or the Campbellian Monomyth, the Heroic Journey is “tearing away from unknown, chaos” to renew, refresh, reinvigorate, reform the decaying, or failing order, or to sustain it and prevent reversals.


“Those who built in granite and constructed [halls] in goodly pyramids with fine work, when the builders became gods their stelae were destroyed, like the weary ones who died on the riverbank through lack of a survivor, the flood having taken its toll and the sun likewise, to whom talk the fishes of the banks of the water”

“You will find in the halls of Hades a spring on the left, and standing by it, a glowing white cypress tree; Do not approach this spring at all. You will find the other, from the lake of Memory, refreshing water flowing forth. But guardians are nearby. Say: “I am the child of Earth and starry Heaven; But my race is heavenly; and this you know yourselves. But I am parched with thirst and I perish; but give me quickly refreshing water flowing forth from the lake of Memory.”

This memory is not a memory of our Earthly lives, according to the initiates of Eleusis, but that of all memory that we were deprived of in Earthly existence. For of what use is the memory of our small lives that we have led, and our stories as a droplet on the seas of life and death? Yet, it is lack of oblivion that was considered Aletheia both in life and death, a trancendent memory of everything, of the roots, fates, destinies.

Divinities may be as they are, is; in human eyes it may be an ever-moving whirlwind of detaches shapes [masks] detaches itself from totality, as Democritus would put it. Captured for an instance in human impression with a suspended breath, silenced with a divine awe flowing brightly through us. Never violent, but with a splendid illuminating force that we may relate to as something beautiful, pure and high. Temporarily personified, for an instance — as if walking with a friend that emanates through our being that inspires through Brilliance, Intellect and Feeling, with diverse characters and natures, unique yet whole and harmonious. Ancient wings unfold with splendid force, eight-armed deities conquer all ignorance in an instance with a subtle thought, we are inspired because we want to, because we are free and recognize ourselves in this freedom. We commit because we walk through a desert that we animate with our breaths. In the past philosophers of neoplatonic school perceived it as Providence, major civilizations relate to it as Solar in origin, uniting all the other Deities under the sun, under the Starry Heavens. Thus the first Mithraic Axiom held: Dei Sol Invictii, Sun is Deity Unconquered: they were united in superiority of the Sun that protected guarded Numinous gateways and worlds of infinity. Beautiful ways of understanding hierarchies, or mentations of the invisible and the Divine were portrayed — for all theology and philosophy as Iamblich honestly wrote was [and is] a human endeavour. There was never a revelation conveyed — that does not deny metaphysics, but reinforces seeing in different ways. In Neoplatonism to participate in the impressionable world was an aesthetic, classical simplification, closed perfectly in rite, yet elegant in conveying what was most meaningful and essential. Thus the fine Intellect of Sosipatra, most likely the most superb of Neoplatonics, educated in Egyptian, Eleusinian and Chaldean mysteries must have been forged by the Sun, the moon and planets, the seventh-fold conqueress, Isidiac, truly. Iamblich, re-iterating on the Elder Races in De Mysteriis and developing a subtle philosophy, Hypatia the Alexandrian philosopher-preacher excelling in sciences and astronomy must have related to something — not in vain. Just like Proclus and classification of mortals, deified mortals, daimons, heroes, angels, demi-gods, and High Deities must have some intent in understanding the world. Whether noble Drakons and ancient Serpent avatars that sent a friend to humanity and the great healer Aesculap with his daughter Hygieia. Whether Boddhisatva Naga Kings of the East; they all understood this thriving world in one manner or another — as long as it was conducive to truth and liberated– it was embracing the truth.

Terrocentric model of diagrammatic spheres of beings.

Not desiring to leave an impression of being a chaotic syncretic, it is a notion of understanding that binds the mystagogic narrations that measure by and by a complex and diverse spiritual world and forges greater insight. It procures ease at moving and discovering, gathering new gnoses into a whole. In ancient times it was common to travel from master to master, from mistress to mistress, from temple to temple — to become initiated into mysteries as today we study at universities. People of the day were mobile, not static. Much too often we are static in our Western-centric perceptions today, our minds move within its confines. Confucius wrote: „These who all well versed in the old, but penetrate and understand the modern times are good teachers”. Timeless mysteries never lost their value, and modern times need people who understand them like never before. They are not an anachronistic triviality, they are living, yet forgotten. Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly stated:

There is no chance, and no anarchy, in the universe. All is system and gradation. Every god is there sitting in his sphere. The young mortal enters the hall of the firmament: there he is alone with them alone, they pouring on him benedictions and gifts, and beckoning him up to their thrones. On the instant, and incessantly, fall snow-storms of illusions. He fancies himself in a vast crowd which sways this way and that, and whose movement and doings he must obey: he fancies himself poor, orphaned, insignificant. The mad crowd drives hither and thither, now furiously commanding this thing to be done, now that. What is he that he should resist their will, and think or act for himself Every moment, new changes, and new showers of deceptions, to baffle and distract him. And when, by and by, for an instant, the air clears, and the cloud lifts a little, there are the gods still sitting around him on their thrones, — they alone with him alone.

— Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Conduct of Life

Thus, blinding the mortal that chases now after this, then after that, with surrogates that suffocate his longings giving temporary reliefs. Until one becomes alone with the alone. Alone amongst the world of oblivion, embraced and in company of these who never forgot us. Divinities were never subservient to humans, but as all things through analogy of being, mirroring themselves in each other, they may be impressionable — in the sense — receiving and giving away impressions. Objective truth most certainly is beyond mortal comprehension, it may be to terrifying to bear, or to splendid, outshining and burning our eyes like the Sun. It is a conceptual token, in absolute form as something completely sacred and noble, yet it is not a retreat, but an invitation to study, experience, and climb the ladder of the spheres. Mythopoeia of forces thrives whether futile attempts of exclusive religions attempted to discard them, or forgetfulness of human race done these forces no harm, and no wrong. Whether these are star-deities, encosmic, noetic-noeric, essential, aeonic, chtonic, cosmic telluric, elemental, that of life, death, or weirder worlds. Whether small, humble spirits or superior Divinities. Whether they are positively inclined towards our race, or individuals, neutral, or quite to the opposite, whether they may understand us, whether we may be adopted by them as lesser gods. Whether they love us, scorn us or ignore us, or devoid of such instincts interact in whatsoever manner that is accordant with their nature, substance and inclination is hard to predict in a reactive and impressionable world of diversity. Confucius wrote in the Analects, that sometimes it is better to keep “Gods and spirits at a distance”, but primarily to respect them; we barely mastered ourselves as humans, how can we know anything about other worlds?

The ancients understood, that the stars, nature, and their existence is a holy phenomenon, and thus they understood Gods in such a way. The Gods were first as it is written in Pymander, before Solar System was even formed, the world followed, human race is merely one of the most recent short figments of life on planet Earth. And as a whole, what are we now, self-deprived of wonder, harmony, convinced that we know everything, without knowing anything but taking a figment of the largely unseen for everything? Apophatic perception, or negative theology of „knowing that we know nothing” yet finding some certainties, splendid ones, some hard-won experiences, solutions, realizations, beliefs, tunnel-realities, understandings to rely on is a necessity for all foundations. Without them our worlds fall apart. If on personal level we direct ourselves correctly we discover beauty, harmony, magnificent rectification that alike to cosmos — is not a chaos. Quite to the contrary. It is concordant with it and we attempt to render ourselves alike to it inasmuch as our self-reflecting animal self may pitch and resonate with the forces. To become a human worthy of its name, and in the process of Theion Ergon, in mutual impressions between Deities and humans: to ascend as deified mortals.

Conjuring this work through a choice of carefully selected narrations, thinking styles, aesthetics and emblematic realities that are not relative, but not wholly true the author decided to open the gates of wonder, terror and humaneness. It is a mere trace, never usurping itself the role to be „right or wrong”, „true or false”. A journey in personal understanding, an interpretation. In a vast ocean of being, diversified across their characteristics, when a human being relates itself to any part of it, it conjures cosmographies. They are both his or hers measure, and capacity in what it can measure, perceive and everything that renders itself to such understanding. It is not a static process. Perception of a Pythoness from Delphi, her language of mind and heart is different from a Muscovite Christian Orthodox pop. That even more different from a Mechanical Engineer in the United States of America from the 1920s or a modern 21st century network analyst.

If on the scale of the present time there are so many differences, then leaving beyond history and perceiving it from now we reinforce the present seeing. Leaving beyond history of perception — not only we may watch the history from above, but also to a possible extent, try to understand the language of mind and heart within history of peoples. It did not render everything relative, nor did this ocean of human phenomenology work as a whole. In one way it did, in another an Orphic Hierophantide „caught the golden thread of understanding” in a different way — and as a completed harmonious process — was not only effective, but splendid. Why should we discard traditions of ancient cultures, mysteries, even when left to scholarly explorations, not to revive them, as they are — indeed — thriving withing and without. Dare and decide. Withdraw into your safety, think about others, equanimity of all beings in depth is setting the difference by the rules of levels of organizations, hierarchies, a-hierarchical topographies of being, orders, chaos, parity, and co-operation or conflict over values and weighs. So the equality of all phenomena at their depth does not equate from exclusion from them in what is diverse and different. Radiant emptiness of the void makes all phenomena dreamlike, just like the monad is rounding everything into numinous perfection. Austine Osmane Spare wrote that „this is the only moment of reality”. For a human being it is the only true instance of his life, how he or she might be. Thus this instance of us is the last one from this perception. Let us cherish every moment of it, as our spirits travel forth in a wanderer’s reverence of the continuous flow submersed in a human being, shaping it to a mortal human extent. Distractions flood in whenever we focus on life itself, that’s how we may recognize it, if it is empty and boring we did not recognize life itself yet. Upon the world we may project compassion, kindness and beauty, or we may inflict terrifying things upon ourselves. Just like we may project many things on the body of the living worlds, and elevate them, or damage them. What regulates is justice. It is nothing else than a regulative force of cosmos. Unlike human justice, or justice of nature, it is hard to conceive. Some tried to reflect this concept to set foundations for an order on Earth by motivating humans and inspiring them. Yet only inasmuch as they re-phrased, understood, and opened themselves to the continuity of the cosmos. Whichever hindrance obscured the view, caused a flood elsewhere. How it was interpreted, established, what was written, imagined, made — was all a human endeavour.

The Golden Mean is a Solar way of finding the proportion between deep and relative metaphysical laws. Hence, assisted by observing physical, scientific, philosophical emblematic laws, human science: discrete and social; art, theology and cosmography we elevate it through penetration of this world with an inner sight. Continuously discovering deeper laws through flawed and limited human instruments, while binding them with feeling, Intellect, and ideas and focusing them forth. It is a mere reflection of these metaphysical laws on human level in male and female minds and hearts. In such a way discovering them within and whenever possible radiating them through life. Thus Sun’s aeonic light is obvious through its nature representing in the world the radiance of truth. In Mithraism and other Sun cults it was considered a Supreme Deity, in human orders oaths and contracts in its light are a reflection of the Sun as a reified approximation of its nature in the world of human affairs. Nature’s laws are thus evident, the laws of people different, laws of Gods, spirits and forces rarely resembling the human affairs. Human-made orders in essence attempting to reflect the metaphysical laws through attempt to measure, reflect upon, absorb and consolidate them, to a degree of realization and maturity of understanding. Discovery of laws through observation is later conveyed by the means of symbols, emblems, and the limits of human language — written sign, as we are symbol-making and symbol-manipulating species and their harmonizing by execution, catalysis, rites, manipulation. Realization has many means and resources and is open-minded. Delusion is limited and is equal to one-aspected dilettantism, attachments to conceptualizations, belief-systems, self-grasping. Also — ratiocinations and viewing the world through a limited instrument that reinforces the view by its own “aggregates” or composites of seeing, perceiving, feeling, sensing, understanding, knowing, thinking, etc.

For example, a telescope directing our eye towards a star in negative observation delimits it to the knowns, observed, perceived, knowable. The whole act of observation is useful insofar as it is not limited to the act of observation, but through observation in extents into brilliant domains of gnosis. The beautiful moment of seeing a star does not exclude all instances of deep context limited by perception. It may be seen as a physical star with stellar magnetic attributes. Among other systems in this galaxy, a mighty spirit, son and daughter of the Great Star Mother, Star-Maker/s if you like. Seen with mystical or second sight a reality of powerful beings, may they be called fire dragons, phoenixes, seraphs. It is a life-giving stream of photons, radiation, fusion, electromagnetic phenomena, with total density flux ranging into unknown, weird worlds, as well as these evident, and divine. It is the scorcher of the deserts and drought and pestilence. But in the deserts, wouldn’t we fall out of thirst to bow on our knees to a might that outshines, taking it not only for a star, but also a Deity that will take us back? Then an aeonic Eye of encosmic powers, an entry portal from the worlds of infinity (noumenal) into the physical universe (phenomenal). A signature of might of a spirit, birth-place of Solar Heroes and Heroines, lions and the yellow dragon falcons of stars. Ra amongst Egyptians, Surya amongst Indus and Hindi, Solar God, Helios amongst Romans, Xihe riding a dragon amongst the Chinese, Zeus amongst the Greeks. And a token of the greater world as any star — a monolith of various spirits of Aeons submersed in the expanse of the universe. And as such our deeds, our works, our stances, our transformed consciousness may be honoured with a star. That is the belief of Hellenes and others, reiterated by Giordano Bruno in his works — just like stars innumerable are monoliths, reminders of re-entry back to infinity living signatures for others under the starry heavens.

Meta-physics is a way in which human totality, depending on openness to the world and one’s level of understanding and pitching of perception enters a conscious relation with the Universe. That, in synthony with the microcosm within the world of nature that natural philosophy occupies itself with. Indeed, any point of reference whether it be a force, a Deity, astronomical observations, other human being, or something more transcendent and elusive. We are casting the web whenever we enter a relation, and then we withdraw the net, living silver threads of memory behind. Then we capture the fine proportions of these webs to understand more and cherish and adore all the spiritual beauty that we furnish our inner temples with. It moves with the focus. Du fu, a Chinese poet wrote about one of his friends that his thoughts airborne reached the highest peaks of refinement. The latter was neither alienated nor a nihilist — he was already here and already there. Confucius advised not to occupy the mind with base things, but to move the focus to the finest, the minds motions towards the Starry Heavens, but perfectly at ease in any environment, somewhat detached. As if commanded by genii that is already a star, entering and exiting relations, playfully. In other words it is how the microcosm, proper to human form, senses, intellect, feeling, spirit reflects in the Macrocosm and becomes reflected. If we exclude nature, Divinity, and daimonism from this world we reduce ourselves to our kind, and cut out all the worlds that are thriving in the background of our sight and knowledge.

Ethical science informs us, and it is necessary to illumine us, but it does not complete us. Foundational work in many disciplines is an attempt at being a general scientist. Whether in social or discrete sciences, bridging the ways of thinking and illumining the world from various angles is useful. Even in regular affairs of politics, social affairs, life, occupation, academia, engineering, grassroots work, research etc. it is of benefit. Simply, to be an educated, intelligent, discerning, open-minded, strong person with principles is enough to help ourselves and others. To be sincere, honest, humane fool is however much better than to be a failed master. Even more so in studying the occult, metaphysics, performing magickal rites and ceremonies, theurgy. Through all this combined in unison expanding our understanding, ethics, principles, commitments towards the rest, harnessing what we may from the heavens and chaos, but only inasmuch as we are entitled to, never beyond what we are allowed to do. Violating our responsible freedom, moving with too much ambition, without restraint, collapses our work and destroys that of others.

Living in a world of mirages, it is more likely that we are living in the background of these worlds. That is until we acknowledge them consciously and start to participate in their workings to become once again complete. However, we are never confusing them for ultimates establishing an order to the mind with reverence, gratitude towards the higher worlds and lower ones. In essence we are shifting through illusion, and illusion shifts through us. All dreaming, as we are captured in a phenomenal dream, as our mind conjures illusions, and reacts to illusions of the tokens. It is not to negate this reality or world, but to elevate it to a dreamlike level. All sensations, working of the mind, the world around, in line with Yu, the way of the wonderer, and sustain this perception before being attached or captured, while enjoying and observing in an engaged or detached manner.

Religions were created by codification of the above-mentioned relations relations, sustained by tradition, ceremony, role, magickal rite, gesture. They were a way of permeating, and remembering human discoveries about impossible worlds, capturing certain forces within its astralistic resonations through ceremonies, codes, beliefs, rituals etc. yet wholly essential, celebrating events and occurences in an act of reminiscence and repetition. Superficiality of the belief-system starts when it is empty, when it is reified into nonsense and retains a pretence of having an essence. Samelike with living ideas in whirlwinds of universal currents, if they are replaced with illusions, deceptions and surrogates, the longing is suffocated by continuous distractions, it is clogged in the spiritual veins and gives rise to terrifying illnesses of the unexpressed genii, soul, heart and spirit that are taken as regular affairs nowadays.

Some religions were closer to realization, others strayed into projections of fear, guilt, self-enslavement, martyrology and flawed doctrines, oft based on misunderstandings. Yet it is the realization not the belief-system, a belief-system that is elevated by hypostasis and subtle constellations of threads is setting things in proportion. Likewise, if a belief-system makes it difficult and it is easier to deluded oneself with it, it serves no purpose. Some defended themselves with consistency and intellect, others had to destroy and convert outsiders and more subtle minds and hearts with a vulgar display of brutality. Yet even in these religions, mystics were born, and like the Sufi’s, attempted to speak through the language of existing religion for others to understand themselves better. Human beings may tend to the expression of their nature, their life, and ascend to the higher one through an act of sublimation. In this the relied on discovering relative truths, realizations and scattering the darkness of ignorance, and attempting to resonate with greater orders of Deities — in harmony, freedom, fulfilment, completeness and happiness, and applying it to life, cognition and feeling. All in all, to be human, to be humane. It is all human, all too human. We are not a Tabula Rasa, through nature and nurture we are a potential inborn into existing relations, a great nature, that may be turned to utmost evil, or the greatest good.


„Knowing this <one> thing, that great natures produce great evils when corrupted, and the greatest enterprises are in all cases the most harmful when they go to the bad. — Iamblich in a Letter to Eustathius”

Winged Suns: Ophitic Duality in Transcendence of a Star

For such is the purpose of invocation, ritualistic theatre, evocation, prayer, to relieve despair, and assist the higher worlds and races in selflessly mediating relief from the imperfect state of our being, and rounding it towards completeness. We are perfect inasmuch as nature is concerned, so is all nature, evident through itself. A Hindi woman that gave birth to a child, nourished it for some years, and then gives it as a gift to the world in a ritual. She was wishing her child to be excelled, whereupon her son or daughter entered the terrestrial scene. So nature gives birth to many, including humans, but when we look star-wards, we may grow towards the cosmic branches, the inverted roots suspended in Divine worlds. They are neither vertical nor horizontal. It may be a useful reference as in mount Meru, they are beyond the spatio-temporal understanding. At once we find unity and completeness within and without. Bringing forth the blessings from greater worlds to the rest. Benevolently bowing over this one with a paternal and a maternal mind, like Dragon fathers and mothers whose force is heavenly might and wisdom. Following the inner star detached instead of struggling to change the world that fails. Such was the purpose of philosophers, mistresses, priestesses and magicians, to wear the masks and robes of the world and to understand it. To remedy its disharmony and pain, amongst chaos and destruction wrought on them while moving between attachments, ignorance, delusions, and anger. To seek truth and a renewed order to thrive and to persevere in discipline of executing the tasks of mediating, negotiating, initializing, removing, and completing, while being detached from this world and in an equal measure engaged in combative equipoise. The world accumulated many wonderful traditions, methods of mystical and magical techniques and exercises, there is no need to reiterate, the paths are many. This material is a result of empirical and gnoeseological perception, even if not through ordinary senses, both experiential and intellectual endeavours. It does not usurp itself the right to call itself a school or a tradition, but it is another work that might be a key to some, and something of charlatanry to others. It is imperfect, yet attempts to elucidate and harness the scattered dew into words. There are many paths to everywhere, yet many lead to personal and collective disasters. There are these who enlighten, round, liberate, re-deify into a greater order, both of the world of nature, society, religion, science and the values and principles that are private and common. These who lead were is a personal discovery in line with an old Roman law: You shall not enslave the soul of others with religion or beliefs — freedom of faith. Thus this committed book is in no way attempting to be authoritative, it is a mere exploration, a hint. Met with enough distance, it will invite to personal exploration of the Divine, the Sacred and the Profane, amongst the Chaokration and Order of the Universe, that begins to appear as a Cosmos by ineffable laws. But only inasmuch as we want to enter a deeper relation with the world, and find out on our own. The rest is interpretation, cataloguing, codification, explanation.

Our existence, set in an objective deep universe, arises into permeated pre-existing relations. We are an inextricable part of configurations that are interpreted by our somatic system, sense-organs, minds, spiritual vehicles, cognitions and feelings that constitute the content of our lives. We are suspended in a biological cocoon that recapitulates ontogenetic, phylogenetic, and psychogenetic evolution on Earth in a stellar environment called the Solar System. We are submersed and expressed in this setting not knowing how open, essential, or void this space is. How our lives resonate within the world of nature, planetary, stellar forces in an even or uneven way, and to what extent the unknown manifold Divine and abysmal factors influence the terrestrial stage? How alien, remote, dear, close, or eerie it may become. How intersecting, connecting, or separate the stellar systems, world-systems and their inhabitants in whatsoever form. Whichever unknown to humans life may be, worlds thriving without bodies, worlds that are within a graspable or uncaptured form. How united and solidified in great fields of splendour above the stars, whose might is self-evident even in our Sun, once praised as the gate and manifestation of Creative Forces of Heaven. Thus, we are set in an operational framework limited by our form. Reiterating a system of a priori deep forces, Deities, ideas, symbols, types, and archetypes, notions, their traces and tokens. They are entrenched in us and the world which our race lives through, modifies, focuses and creatively interprets in a fragmented manner, according to the measurement that our understanding of ourselves allows, never in absolutes. It is only by understanding itself beyond boundaries that antedate it, we may expand the territory of entering possible relations with phenomena and noumena beyond our cocoon. Hence opening weird forces within to connect to forces without, that we understand from our flawed human perception and attempt to draw a map which is nevertheless not a territory. Afterwards, we experiment or are exposed to new meaningful content that provides us with greater psychonautic and transcendent insight. It may elevate us above our own history to acknowledge the greater purview with falcon’s sight and illuminate the quest for realizations, truth, within safe confines of common foundations, intelligible worlds. Acquiring human existence was called a treasure by the Buddhists, giving it a healthy order of expression and clearing the view of consciousness a lifelong task. That for a reason — of what a human existence with all its fine self-reflecting intellectual and spiritual interface is capable of. What tragedy befall humankind that even these worthy birth is reduced to nothing by chasing things unworthy, by practicing things that are no longer representing the spirit of humanity. It was written in Chuang Tzu that Confucius felt himself punished by the heavens to set foundations of an order. He praised wise people of the true way called „the cosmic swindlers” that travelled detached without valuation, or weighing anything. They were devoid of the world, as companions of heaven living it out. In Tarot the hangman’s card may represent a mortal man or woman who became smashed off his or hers ground by the heavens upside down. Their roots were planted in the stars. Yet who shines his or hers head in the world, within nature, within the past? Hermits guard the star of the lamp, and thus force, justice, regulation and harmony are focused through into the world with a completely empty, selfless mind. That is when the star of one’s consciousness is at one with the feeling and reason of the beyond, in divine moments when all our movements are elevated against the obstacles that we arm ourselves against continuously. Making the void filled with the heavenly, and acting our star with strength that directs the finest of our possibility. Suffusing our inner temple with splendour, chasing away the thieves, destroyers, lesser things stuffing us as if we were mere dolls, feasting on our minds motions (Anathema of Zos). The sewage and shrapnel of mind under siege below, the strength of our star granting us volition above. So that all these who abuse our bodily temple are forced to move along our autonomous moves, convinced that they live us like dolls, sometimes stealing an instance of our being, but never the genius of the star. As it is perverted by them and twisted into our worst, then abandoning volition only when the force of heavens focuses through us. Deeply seated in the positive void, casting out madness, terror, cruelty, delusion, wrath and ignorance, and elevating these things, for which ancient humans lived for, attempting to represent the higher worlds. Making the man or woman recognize heaven and making non-base thoughts airborne into stars. When it is time to sacrifice the extra-ordinary, the weird, the terror that sometimes we are exposed to without a single question, we return with a trophy to share it with others. We do not pursue our work further, we attempt to make it whole, complete, rounded. And when it is complete and rounded we continuously commit, as assigned before, during and after to the world that needs us. Never resting on laurels, never feeling vain pride of rest, but always honest and authentic with the forces that gifted us with insight. All this to reduce the havoc and burden of our minds that went beyond what human form was supposed to witness. Then regaining sobriety, to rephrase them into simple elements that may be easier to convey, absorbed through myth, poetry, analogy, allegory, philosophy. In other words, all devices that reify the beautifully symbolic without killing it. We sacrificed inner milieus of ours in pursuit of sanity, and harnessed the experience of chaos, madness, rapture, ecstasy, laughter, delirium, sacredness, and derangement. We contained it and rephrasing the process into something useful to the rest, we attempted to create something more confined, strict yet pellucid. When chaos is witnessed, order is found. It must be imposed before confusion will tear us apart and burst our realities to pieces. It is a humane principle to select and negotiate new ways and values that fit our measurements most, after judging, discerning, and deciding of their value for the common good by Reason, Feeling, according to time and age and attempting to reflects these movements of Heavens that we know, whether the obliterating Dragon force, the ordering principles of deep laws of galaxies, or the creative movement of the noetic might. It is a greater mark to open such vistas for others, while sacrificing our own vision. A path in different, refreshed Hermetic science and art that is composed of our journeys, experiences, perceptions, our interpretations and ways of seeing. In essence, without the journey, without pioneers, there would be no one to convey it further and revive the gnostic principle. However to undertake it we must ask ourselves truly. How much are we ready to sacrifice, burn off, destroy of our façade selfhoods grown into by socialization, shedding property of the selfhood. Releasing self-grasping to become a fully autonomous self-steering individual that is selfless, mindful and mindless, focused and unconscious. A sovereign anarch with a vision of the world and a greater order. How much space for the universe and for other beings we may make in the temple of ourselves without allowing to be violated, how much we may risk and which steps to take before we fall? These roads furnish the way to sublimate our understanding and add a sense of liberty in which we acquire volitional self-constitutive powers in accord with greater things, assisted by them. Moving in-between masks, self-grasping, hollowness, void, numinous light, stories and ideas, feelings and thoughts: being animated and animating the Other, animating the selfhood animated by the Other, and letting the selfhood to be animated by the Other. While keeping the sovereignty of the spirit, star, feeling and mind. All in diverse proportions, according to natures and what we recognize as our Self, the immovable spiritual star. Yet, remembering, rephrasing Nietzsche: to give birth to a dancing star, the process of transforming ourselves in alchemy is a long, dynamic, and unpredictable one. There are no safe recipes or instant methods, but there was not one man or woman that was not recognized and rewarded for a beautiful strife retaining a common humane simplicity. As the powers and forces are impressionable so is a human being, the method is wholeness of life, in each of its transitions and decisions, stances, all taints, glories and wickedness of mind, and heart, ritual is merely its directing. All these who ape will never know themselves, they are too busy chasing others and imitating something they do not have the life to understand. These who are authentic and honestly resonate with their inner star, grow through countless transformations, they forge themselves along the way. They may help others to understand themselves better, but they may never live their lifes for them. Neither may the genius of their spirits be thieved or aped, nor given to someone else. May this not distract you from work. For to win something is nothing won, to live a life, a mind, a heart greatly, either inwardly or outwardly is what the Chinese called „to be in the company of Heaven”.

To confront total freedom and complete chaos, to refine order and like in the Ta Chuan (Great Commentary to the I-CHING) is to find a cosmos of meaning and order, not of complete chaos, from which it may emerge. What issues forth is an existence suffused with subtle meanings that make it rounded and complete. The answers are found when we are stripped into despair, exhaustion, and still have the determination to emerge, progress, round and complete — to discern what is right and wrong, useful and what is to be cast away. To affirm every moment. These answers are not absolute nor completely true, but if we trust them and they work for us, they become sanctified and unveil themselves as a holy affirmation.

On the other hand, despair and horror teaches also a complete nihilation of this affirmation, and thus it transforms into a suspense between the void and infinite submersion in removal from the world, an existential struggle, or the night of the soul. To withdraw and step back within its streams, proper to form is to understand its meaning and order. When fear is exhausted, recognizing the whole, one assumes a cognizant responsibility for sustaining the works for the rest, and this commitment is the strength against indifference. These who might be torn apart by misery and have a grand vision, penetrating the realities of Earth are understanding beyond their species. It is an ethical and moral upbringing that suffering forges, but it also teaches patience, strength, purpose and joy in the end. Then we conquer suffering and focus on principles, direction, purposeful and still. At the very last, we may be surprised and bemused at humanity, curious of the laws of fates. The horrors and glories of the universe with its mysteries and awes no longer threatens us. We witnessed complete annihilation and stepped into it to find gargantuan woe with our minds, re-visited the stream with a fresh vigour to play the game with absolute freedom that recognizes what is wisdom, measure, proportion and responsibility. The Gods did not constrict our movements, yet only to teach us how to fall, so that like children we may learn by error to discern, and decide what to do. That judged by our faculties, representing only ourselves, and discerning what may be beneficent for the whole, without imposing it on anyone. We recognized world’s poisons and remedies, what fruit and medicines are assigned to our human race. What is ignorance, delusion, anger, attachment, egoism and suffering and what stems from these in mutations, variations of vice and thus decide to act. We are susceptible to them at all times, yet remain strong, whenever we may. As life is rhythmically moving, we are prone to failures, flaws, mistakes. Our minds and hearts move along the path. They are corroded by forces that attempt to reverse our progress, or bar passage into greater territories, as much as these forces that support us, enfold us with their wings. Sometimes the ones that oppose us pose a simple question: Are you prepared? To have a direction above the mortal life sets things aright while we are expressing this impulse on the terrestrial stage.

It is a goal of every mystical, hermetic, or psychonautic endeavour to establish certain personal universe, individual gnosis. To find how it relates to general relations and deep laws by the means of contemplation, meditation, action, experimentation, confrontation, rite, science and art, sustained motivation and breadth of stance and vision, and its responsible restricted direction. Let us assume that the limited instruments that we have at our disposal may also veil greater numen that eludes what we can intuit and imagine. It escapes what we may comprehend and absorb in our limited and extremely young human form. This, in our capacity for self-consciousness and reflection, and elevation by recognition of higher worlds. The tools that mother nature equipped us with, the tools we were gifted with by different powers, the tools we procure sometimes may become addictive. Thus they become a concealer, instead of serving their aim to illumine the path, to sculpt it. For a tool worshipped for a sake of a tool is never an end, when means become idols, the goal perishes. Yet even idols, as bionic statues in Ancient Greece and astralistic talismans and artefacts are signatures of the greater worlds. If they are understood as mere tokens, a temporary essence of higher worlds and not worshipped for themselves. They unveil respected realms they represent. But the goal needs to be forsaken, for the process to unfold, thus commit to the process and dance amongst its sounds. The world soul needs to be expressed! Perhaps it is this ability to self-consciousness that is the basis of any mystical science and art. What we detect with our senses and mind, the physical objective universe may be merely a profound shadow to study, yet this shadow contains traces and notions. Moving through it is splendid, like a field of discovery in a curious game. That it may be an emanation of still greater worlds that are invisible to our apparatus of contact with reality or illusion, they may be interchangeable. Once opened to their reception we start to question its particular and general further to understand it more and gather our discoveries into a consistent philosophy, if we dare. And let us dare! Let us bravely assume that there is a force, a mind, a consciousness, feeling, an idea that is permeating this universe. Not the ordinary ones that we may experience, but mighty forces seen in tokens that we may carve out through lenses of a human being. Afterwards apophatically attempt to understand, experience and reflect powers, forces, minds, feeling, ideas and other modalities of being and non-being. It may be a universal energy that is self-understanding through totality of itself in a way not akin to what humans understand as self-consciousness. In individual entities often unrealized and asleep, until transformed, mirrored, ignited and reflected. Whenever an entity may participate in its mechanics by opening its eye to this existence, it individually enters this greater stream. Thus, suffused in everything it is uncaptured in a natural order. It is summoned to awaken with characteristics of a given being once it is realized by it. Within a general force and properly focused and consolidated into a separateness within wholeness, or unity. It undergoes a process of refinement, transformation and ultimately release. This force may stem from consciousness and time. If so, then realizing this force as a conscious spirit, or a captured, submersed fragment of the general consciousness liberates us from the bondage of time and returns us to the stars, abolishing time and space.

We may differentiate into two types of minds: pure mind, that is Nous, timeless and space-less — reflected in the ordinary human mind and feeling in degree of its openness to it. A lower ordinary mind, that undergoes training, sublimation, destruction, transformation, change, permeating, decay. This lower mind is what cognitive sciences deal with, however it is also transforming other components of the bodies and souls of a human being, as well as it is directed by them to the extent of openness to them. The higher mind in human anthropologic projection cast upon the world is the male-female Intellect and Feeling, which gnostic Valentinians understood at its furthest as male Bythos (Profound Depth) and female Sige (Silence, Idea). In gnostic Sethian model the Tetractys is understood as Will, Thought and Life, emanating Grace, Truth, Form, Afterthought, Perception, Memory, Understanding, Love, Idea, Perfection, Peace and Sophia. The lower mind is elevated by the force of authentic feeling, honesty and transparency, as a creative Reason, and a mediating vehicle. When it finds a proper relation to the Greater Mind, a point of reference. It then shifts through relative orders dynamically and skilfully according to aeon, grammar and deep laws of the co-smos, as well as its major transiting forces, local transiting currents submersed in a greater whole. Thus correlating time, space and age within its current microcosmic setting, no matter whether the order on the planet is compatible, complimentary or incompatible with the transitions. It is a duty of a magician-philosopher to understand them and assist, mediate, and help the currents to properly settle in. That, while remedying its negative effects, and assisting the beneficent ones, not just for humans, but for the world as a whole. In its uniqueness, it absorbs revelations and laws within, transforming the consciousness, of which both may be sublimated to ever-higher orders of perception and reflection through alchemy by engaging both. Thus feeling and reason of lower order is refined through aspects of feeling and reason of higher order in relation to the higher mind.

If the higher mind is a quinta essentia and a vehicle of consciousness, the lower mind is a mediator in-between the animal world to which we also belong and reflections of the higher mind that deifies us. That through the incorporation of its deep laws of being within in major constellations of inner living symbols. It has to be noted that once any such accomplishment occurs, our animal minds may be under influence of many forces, that support, or destroy us, perfect or pervert us. They either pull us into their natures, shape us, or make us discover our own substance, nature, genii, essence, inclination, and too — express and sculpt it, according to our spirit. It is our duty to sustain the process, and fortify the animal mind by invoking assistance, and strengthening our life and souls in all their aspects, rounding them, making them whole. This effects stems from diversity of rules, or natures, and disproportion between the worlds, and their own substance and tendencies towards their own behaviour.

The problem of evil is essentially that of valuation. It is arising from the tension between worlds and natures, and a human being is captured by forces whose natures fall like a mountain on its head, when it is in ascent. It creates tension and turmoil amongst other natures and substances that are repulsive to it, having their own perceptions, inclinations, senses of contact with reality, weight, insights, and stances towards intricate rules that inter-penetrate the worlds concerned. Thus reclaiming human nature, re-deifying it, is being captured in a dance with everything that contradicts it, by the law of inertia, or by the law of inclination. The only way to defeat it is energy, direction and steadfast determination, and calling for assistance of the above. Shielding of the discovered, ascertained rules, perceptions, memories, and realizations, safeguarding them and actively working with them. Thus in human way of understanding, evil is the lack of humaneness tied with Hsing — or the reflection of this nature in the higher worlds. Lack of determined stance to defend it, it is too often projected on God, nature, or any other force. The sources of evil may be many, but these are mainly produced by kleshas as defined by Buddhists and Hindi ethical philosophers — ignorance, anger, pride, envy, hate, self-grasping, attachment. Not mere words, but the hidden dynamics, the meta-patterns of these that animate the karman of inclinations that a self-conscious being may avert through strife and reference are of significance. Their variations and mutations turn into a chain of consequence that procure more evil and like a machine, pull more beings under its influence producing suffering. The problem of intervention, or lack of it is essentially a confusion of degrees of reality. Inasmuch as intervention of higher realities might be equal to complete annihilation, so the physical objective reality has its own laws, bound by necessity. Thus the work primarily concerns sustainment, and release, or assignment, or liberation of individuals who are willing to step on the path. Calling is alike to replying to the continuous call, and is for everyone who decides to step on the path. In these terms salvation is continuous in a-temporal universe, it is there complete, in temporal phenomenal universe these are instances of the continuous work of the numinous worlds.

Consciousness is superior to force and energy stemming from the phenomena of time, it is suffused in the mind and vaults the same consciousness within each instance of self-awareness, or reflection. It is an endeavour to expand the field of personal consciousness, merging it with the greater one, to ascend through restricting the lower mind to broaden the higher faculty. The lower mind, thinking methods, automatisms and reality-tunnels associated with it are not denied nor forgotten. They are connected and lived through at will like in a theatre, otherwise it would exclude such a person from participating in social affairs and inter-personal exchange. One can have his or hers head in the stars, and be down to Earth, not negating or affirming any of the sides. The particle of our consciousness, a spirit needs to be undusted, refined, transformed through operations and released. The Hindi believed this consciousness particle resided temporarily in-between the eyebrows during biological existence, confirmed by personal experiments with resonating self-conscious autonomous volitional powers in which a strong point of focused energy was felt — perhaps that is the transformed Spirit, Pneuma. The normative views of liberative schools, however, were a guide-point that shattered the complexity of the world, they are necessary, but only the few succeeded in grasping them and successfully destroyed the fetters. The mystics seeking the meta-physical monadic God forgot about the hyper-cosmic Gods, the smallest of spirits, intermediary powers, nature, others and realities of the world and world-systems in the stars. Living in the world of phenomena, we don’t see, yet are seen. Tearing away the world of phenomena, we see, and we are seen. Released from the world of phenomena, we see, yet become invisible to it. Although this stance is completely natural, some minds are strong enough to hold the metaphysical hyper-reality in mind, not splintering it into a confused dependence. That while acting and working with focus in this world, suspended in-between but never collapsing into any of them without completing oneself on the terrestrial stage. At the same time supporting others in opening their eyes. Sometimes it is better to seek assignation, yet still strive for freedom and perfection, or rounding of the mind and heart according with one’s spirit. Then prepared to commit our lives to it, and to others, training for going beyond the beyond. Mind needs to break through prisons of perception and deceptions, gather all its parts until it pierces veils and spheres that capture it in different subtle vehicle for the spirit to become once again completely free. Acting through these vehicles freely through many realities, without being chained to them one continues existence and work. Theoria is the work of the cognizant mind and feeling, preparation and deals with all sorts of intellectual endeavours in the world of art, science, politics etc. Theurgy is its sanctification in the meta-physical worlds, and transforms the Theoreticians preparation into a Theurgic mind that is ready to assist the world. That is done by following means: transformation of the mind through learning, education, virtues, training, critical thought, then elevating and transformation of nature, character with assistance of the invisible worlds. Shaping inclinations, nature and thus one’s genii that is all applied to life, its expression, freedom, play and duties.

Adding a human face to the spectacle — we may be a part of what the Middle Eastern concept described as lila — the play. It may also be a greater illusion called in the Asian orient maya — the spinner within time. Within it, we may assume three positions. We may take the universe as something evil. This stance creates a negation and captures us in opposition to it, and a conceptual mental move that psychologically creates tension against it, imprisoning us in dejection. To understand the phenomena that mind constructs influence the realities we create, and refining the minds as mediators of consciousness, makes us responsibly take charge of our feelings, emotions, moods, inclinations, mental habits, and creations. Informing us that we participate in the motion, disciplining them even when inner psychic dynamisms or opposing forces are twisting them. It is to be outside of the mind, observing it from beyond, when it needs to be released from afflictions or shaped as an organ of contact with this world and relating itself to the world. Realizing emptiness of itself in order to release it from self-grasping, or taking it as a real entity. Likewise, being receptive to consciousness of greater order, or orders our minds become pitched to this order and open to greater space which refine and sublimate them.

We may also take the universe as something good through finding it a part of a greater being, this in turn creates an affirmation and captures us in constant attraction towards it. By the law of attraction we are too satiated with it, and weary of change to detach, thus become ensnared by what it has to offer, until the first aversive feeling of suffering arises.

The middle way is that of profound detachment, directed by our individuated genii, still acting within the world, yet being beyond it, and guided by cosmic laws. The process of finding these laws is nothing simple. It requires an active discovery of correspondences that are not necessarily static, and must be artfully and dynamically reflected in us to a degree proper to form and our development, as the worlds circle, dance and move. If they become successfully assimilated, we act with the world of greater currents and events, as the currents invited into our minds stream forward into the world. It is to love the world through our loved one, that express the totality of it. It is to focus the world through us, to put its currents into motion. On the laws of life, we attune and pitch towards recognized orders of beings that are higher. The faster we expand and ascend in perception, by the force of upward gravity of this intermediary part and its attraction to the higher worlds that readily lift us upwards.

Attracted to what we love, we become cloaked in the garments of it, but also may become possessed by the subject of our comfort. It is a skill in moving through the field of action, taking charge of the field. At the same instance not for a moment claiming victory, a swift movement through one’s life that is capturing the rhythm of one dance, then another, then yet another, with no time to fall down. If one trips, then one learns how to re-charge, step backwards, move forwards. Then crafting the mind, receptive to feeling and engaging, confronting, moving ever-free in all aspects of one’s life, rendered fresh all the time. Phoenix-like never freezing reality, time, or mind for an instance, save for immovability of the inner truth.

The positive philosophy claims that we may be released and no one may forbid our spirits to act through the physical universe unfettered. As infinity belonging to the higher world, when we conquered its manifestations, shed the skins of a holy snake, prepared for the journey. Thus equipped with nourishment of experience, and allowed to pass the gates. It is thus a philosophy of responsible freedom, that attempts to sweep all worlds, or inner millieu into this perception. It is said that „Buddha achieved enlightenment with all the world”, thus his microcosm was rounded and completed. It is not to say that the whole world became enlightened, it is to say that he pierced the world with his enlightening insight, and thus broke the chains of the world, releasing the world and releasing himself. Once the human being is fulfilled, after its time is ripe, the biological body decomposes after it expresses its mask of the world and its life, and other parts are liberated.

“I regret I leave such a beautiful world” — were the words of one old professor. Whenever this infinity is enamoured with a form, it takes its mask, if it believes in its truthfulness, it becomes enslaved, it becomes captured by an apparition of it, why thus it falls and returns? There may be dispatches of stellar spirits, as the universe replies to tensions amongst powers that try to re-balance, and liberate the captured parts of itself, the mediating points, and thus release them. While on the other side there is a gravity towards form, that might be explained as darkness or tamas that wants to wear this force as itself; To explain certain experiences is difficult, unless lived through by the experiencer.

Living through pain, and hope, torn into agony, and freed from it, we understand. Tortured, harassed and tried, fighting and surviving, acting and holding still, we know. Seeing more, detecting all movement and change, feeling more, we perceive. Reviewing our thoughts and inclinations, protecting the figments of our minds, we persevere. Still we continue with the strife, until it becomes a light play. Shells of attachments and illusions blinding our minds are torn away one by one. Alas! New ones appear to ensnare us by their charm, guessing whether we will see through them or not, testing us and trying us. Finding this life an instrumental play, we become detached, yet not denying the rhythm of life. Joyfully leading combat, welcoming hanging between despair and affirmation, we will work towards liberation and commitment wherever possible. This toil does not end with biological death. To be wholly aware, to penetrate the world with greater insight is a duty. These who were helped and witnessed horrors, indifference, ignorance and pain, carefully shielded away from many minds so that they may live happily, are under a free obligation to assist the latter. We may analyse the whole content of this universe and beyond, and understand it to a limited extent, but if for a second we attach absolute essence to these manifestations, we will become captured. It is a never-ending path of balancing between life — without negating it, death — without running from it, world — without denying it, constancy and immovability and responsible freedom — while embracing it.

In essence, life expresses everything. Everything is a movable scene, a theatre of shadows. If we are trapped in the scene, playing the actor without sobering up, we remain on stage until we realize that the audience and everyone else left, we see only darkness. With a suspended skull in our hand we become petrified, turned into stone, as a testimony and a memorial to dead things, a tombstone to the whole spectacle. We dream and conjure a meeting in the stars, but when our pain combined of delicate ideas becomes shattered with all our torment of live after we depart. How are we not endlessly looking for each other, assigned by duty, not by choice. How is it that when we met we were both dead? She once wanted to know, in reply to my statement, that nothing authentic remains of me after I depart — that everything that I truly was will disappear with smoke, then she asked. What is all that for? — she cried — If we don’t live for immortal things, what is our love, our life for?! Capture this moment of reality, feel it and let all the fibres of your totality tremble before it, even if once for a lifetime. We were denied our love again, the emotions turned against us, close to departing from each other, both with their deceitful stubbornness never to know what really happened. afterwards something moved us, we burst into liberating tears, the authentic weeping that came from high above,. We laid down embraced, crying, and determined to survive.

As sons and daughters of man, discovering our spirits anew, we thought we freely serve the world, commit to it, that we fight for the sake of it. Half of the time living our lives, the other de-conditioning, de-indoctrinating, liberating ourselves, „running out of hells”. Even witnessing the divine light, the cosmic chaos and order, we turned our eyes away from it, to commit to our fellow species and hidden worlds of Earth -. to serve and uplift from suffering, the injustice, the blindness, the ignorance, despair and pain. But when did we lose it, regretfully withdrawn? Were we captured in battles with ourselves, with our demons and natures that pervert our minds? Captured in separation from the world — and thus fighting a war with it, and setting one against another. Was it to create necessary discord in order to re-integrate and unite? Or was it lack of discipline in controlling our wild minds? Did we lose the golden thread through which we may speak to all and through all, replacing it with petty minded opinions, that may be true, but are wholly unwise and antagonizing, shattering hearts, instead of growing wings. Was it to reflect, to provoke to think critically, create order out of chaos with small tactical movements, and strategical shifts on the chessboard that refuses to obey its own rules? Is the effect of misery ever judged by the motive, the cause? Or do we see every ruin as a past palace, or merely as it is us, but how we admire the ruins of dead things, and we are never astonished at the ruin of men.

Or is it while waging a war with these whose interest relies on unjust power, influence, domination and blindness, that we lost all sense, setting ourselves aflame as dissidents? And as dissidents being slandered, ridiculed, branded as demons and devils, until we switched sides, wearing the garments of darkness? Dreaming great things, we became punished by the small things of life amongst the breath of greatness embedded in our hearts and minds as a curse. Then, hopeless, trying to shatter the foundations of an immovable mountain — everything wrong with this world — we settled for them, never agreeing with them, thus aversive. In torment of great penetrative vision resulting in fierce compassion, strength, resilience to decide to transcend it is the only way. Determined use of the smallest of means through our dying hearts and dead minds to revive them. Equipped with resources that we were allowed to gather and prowess to serve, while being masters, seers, to bring heaven, while devils and liars to others, carrying hell on our backs. Bringing light, torching the darkness of ignorance and sleep away until it extinguished our flames. Our past is deep and wounded, it was mere survival, evolutionary adaptation, and we conceal our wells of pain inscrutably, letting only the select few to drink from it under the cover of innocent smiles, jesterly delirium, malevolent hatreds. Courage was coined in first fights and encounters, then it turned into a mere habit. Later miracles and numinous manifestations ceased to be impressive and became merely an indication on the path of a seer, an emblem, neither approving, nor disapproving of our movements and directives. Recognizing us for the whole of what we were, are, and will be. Mere tool for sustenance of hope and compassion, directed commitment. Sad reminder how separated this world is from greatness in the smallest of movements, and the most powerful of breaths. Reminiscence of what cannot be un-despaired, un-written, un-wrapped from wronged history, but silenced with laughter, friendship or love, avoiding erecting a fortress wall in-between our happiness, anguish and the world. Walking with Gods requires combat, despair and passion in equal measure as tranquillity, joy sedation, rest, equipoise. But is it not all for a purpose?

With resilience to brute violence, and poisonous thoughts, illusions, brainwashing, we survive. Suffering our focus and concentration we are standing firm in a stance with determination to break through and stand immovable. The minds are perverted and tried every day, as our defensive mechanisms progressively ineffective, the mind is stripped of strength. Participating in a corrosive game in which we delineate this being, we cannot let our minds break down, and if they won’t become coldly malevolent, darkened, they become silently numbed, infuriated with a dead scream. After all, we are not Gods, but mortals, and what we gathered throughout our battles, strengthened us, toughened us, forged us! However, we were not let without assistance. Our every step, as we have grown fast in determination, was blessed, protected, fortified, tested, checked. Against those who contradicted our being, to whom our very existence was a cardinal threat. Or so we appeared in their perception, chain of causation is also a chain of pain, delusion, anger, but also realization, liberation and eudaimonia. Everything has consequence, and causative laws are complex, their sources many, as we are the victims, the perpetrators, and the liberators. As the seeds of events carried through centuries emerge and mix with our minds and hearts. That act, react and shape other worlds, it requires effort to dissolve a poisonous strain, to cut the iron cage. To free from chains that bit into our core, as the seeds of new events are planted and take shape now and hereafter.


(…) “and finally through a juxtaposition of beauty with ugliness in a paradox where it is revealed that an artist who represents ugliness with more skill creates something more beautiful than the one who represents beauty poorly, because the artist’s skills convey more Truth and Good in the ugliness represented. Thus ugliness in art can be beautiful because it shows us how much can be lost and also expresses why that matters through an appeal to our emotional understanding”

Lawfulness must be sought in the atoms and even deeper, induding our own atoms. From these depths, the ethical and aesthetic judgment reacts to the finest variations. That is why injustice usually appears as ugly.

— Ernst Junger, Eumeswil

It is what hides an inner proportion of truth, not the apparent manifested form which may appear as splendid or ugly — that is beauty. If architecture is frozen music, like Goethe posited, then the composition that is released from any monument of art or science testifies for the beauty of its content in analogy to its proportion in truth.

In fact what appeals to our aesthetics, which were shifting through time trying to capture the notion of ‘beauty’ is an arrested rule of a given ideational domain. Whether our perception of it defines it as ugly or beautiful is often saying a lot about our symbolic inner image, or a cultural and ethnic one. If it is represented in a precise, yet often hidden, fashion, it evokes that feeling that is captured between the image, the mirror, and the observer. Subtlety that is measured with the inner sense of an answer in the eye of the beholder. Thus in that of turpistic (latin: ugly), terrifying, diabolical sort, one may find both the drama of pain, of decay, of loss, of wickedness, and that of necessity. There is the iron chain, reflection, interrupted cycles. In what is full of awe, divine, perfect we may find the glory, the renewal, the greatness, but also transience, impermanence, passing of time. The patterns that are captured and presented in a beautiful way may often represent this reality in a true fashion. Pointing the finger to the world, it is not the sense of what is splendid, symmetric, and pleasant to the eye. It is what captures this hidden law of a reality, that is felt with a sense of understanding, respect, and awe, and it may be full of terrors as well as greatness indeed. And inasmuch as the high realities of archetypes, of essences before they became a form, may be represented as ideas, as beautiful constructs of powers. The task of the artificer and artifexa is too find such connections and reflect them in the mind and deep at the throne of heart, and consciousness. It should not be done at the cost of stripping beauty of diverse crooked forms, the diversity of nature and chaos. For they too fight for the dominion over the soul of the magicians heart, and they too, attempt to shape it and teach it, if their teachings are not rejected. With the chthonic man repressed, unrefined, no stellar image may be born. As long as we may remember that all forms are a representation of the void, no grotesque macabre will be found aversive or distract us. Such may be encountered inasmuch as we are not dwelling in it. To the contrary we might try to retain an image of the idea of the metaphysical idea of beauty — capturing deep laws in art, like Pythagorean music and geometry, for reasons either of preference, or of guidance.

Thus, in line with this thought, symbolical hermetic rhetoric is a necessary discourse abstracting the deep reality into human aesthetical reasoning for it to be less obscure and closer to the heart. It risks however the danger of superficiality confusing the aspirants and instead of initiating them, killing symbols and procuring their mere tokens, throwing the understanding into delusion, confusion or inflation. It also risks doctrinarism in which the living teaching dies, and the experiences become a mere legend. At the same time hiding certain things to be mutually intelligible is a metaphor to incite intuitive seeking.


In recognition of any order, note how the mind, being, and consciousness is already entangled in existing relationships. There are six mental errors that one may commit on many different levels. The nascent mind and consciousness is already caught in a set of inter-relationships, that it should disentangle itself from completely to become free, as the Yoginis and Vayrayoginis knew. However, in a world, a certain setting, to be aware of these is not to fall into traps. If assigned to a given order, one may work towards understanding it completely. Meanwhile, we often may commit the following mistakes:

A) False sense of objectivism, in extremes negating relative existence, and orders set in relation to each other. Thus, placing the mind as a solipsistic projector, moving freely through selective scripts, and ignoring the existing orders, placed in an effective void of negative freedom. It is thus false freedom by reduction of all orders, and ignoring them, creating a mental construct that even denies the mind of its limitations, or freedom ab nihilo. Thus it creates a false perception in which inter-subjective communication establishing greater realizations is impossible.

B) False sense of relativism, in extremes reducing existing beings, equating relations between them, or negating them completely. Thus, denying the possibility of diverse relations into which the mind enters, moving back into the false sense of objectivism.

C) False sense of subjectivism. In extremes trying to tie the inner maps of the world and its projections and replacing true relations with false relations of entities and orders. Thus, projecting one’s own vision upon reality, that refuses to answer to such violations (although may readily provide confirmation of such illusory states through deception or delusion in some cases)

D) False sense of absolutism, in which a given particular rule, view, or phenomena is generalized ad infinitum and thus one set of meanings is expanded and overspills into the world as a projection. This is done with no regard for the fact that the general may be divided into infinite number of subsets of the particular, that may be complimentary, but may be contradictory and sometimes mutually exclusive.

E) False sense of perspective, in which volume of one thing, being relative, obscures the essence of another thing, which is either relative, or of higher order of significance. In the first case, the order of magnitude is diminished by loss of perspective at the root by something infinitely lesser, in the latter case, a lesser order of magnitude diminishes the perspective of an infinitely larger one.

F) False sense of essentiality. In which one thing may be represented by infinite masks, but another thing may play that essence with deceptive, or self-deceptive imagery posing as the aforementioned essence. It freezes the perception in delusion of essentiality, whereas it is captured in perception of intrinsic existence of illusory essentiality thus grasping it as true and real.

In essence all these traps relate to the conceptualized phenomenal world, radiant emptiness does not contain them, as it may not be conceptualized, but understanding them to remove them is of worth.

A man or woman may with his own measure, within the microcosm of his meanings, discover the things of the macro-cosmic inasmuch, as he may mirror them. But it is not the world which bends to the understanding of the human world. It is human perception, imagination that needs to pitch to the reception of higher worlds, only inasmuch as we may reflect upon them. The masks it wears must often be uncovered. For it does not reveals itself easily. There are these masks that often may be deceptive, hiding greater things from the eyes of these who cannot discern illusion from essence, or pierce illusion to see the essential hiddenness behind it. It is a fundamental mistake to exchange this view of the mystery schools, and turn the reference into a letter-for-letter interpretation in which a man and Earth would be the centre of everything. These human-centric cosmographic references were developed for the purpose of giving us a tool for comprehension of alter-human forces. In similar way the geocentric models were developed for ease of astrological reference and heliocentric as true astronomical ones. Neither of which should be static, vortex-based movement with the galaxy’s wing is another law to be remembered in astronomical and astrological configurations. Too often this symbolism is mistaken as if the world would be human-centric, it is merely leveraged by human perception. Pure powers, and their reflections — ideas one may not reduce to mere anthropomorphism, yet their emanations are meaningful in the individual sphere, by the measure of a human. Invoking of living symbols as Gods and Goddesses as a unity and its aspects. The powers were first, human beings merely matured slowly to cogitate them and according to time and age and their psychic development describe and participate in them. We also multiply some of them, mold and mix them, create them, describe them with poetic mythos, legends, sometimes precise, sometimes superficial yet equally symbolic of human psychic constellations. Sometimes, we may join them, take our joy and sorrow along the path as it enriches us. And in diversity we find unity but what is diverse is not different in a symmetric fashion, but has its own topography of being, its own rhythms and dynamic. Any symmetry is a measure, chain of dependencies, causative chains, hierarchy of an established order, while any order is a measure of aforementioned symmetry imposed upon chaos. Here often a human being commits the mistake of absolutism, in which the fragment of a Divine nature discovered within is extended ad infinitum. That turns everything into a human spectacle of the universe, or in reverse — a spectacle of a Deity or divinities — without pondering that in gradation of powers, our remoteness is shed only by a common particle perfused in everything. These ideas, penetrating all, penetrate the human world as living, active powers, and it is our duty to understand and participate in them and their manifold expressions. By staying deaf to them, not calling them, we are excluded from participation and collapse under the burden of ourselves islands isolated from the rest.

A fly that falls into the eye, covers the sight, and its relative size may cover the whole world, similarly to close-minded beliefs. A giant shadow may cover a star, or a mind may be cloaked not to see the stars, even in a cloudless sky. Thus creating an impression of magnitude. Yet the expanse of the universe, including the star is still there. In the first case, the order of magnitude is diminished by loss of perspective at the root by something infinitely lesser. In the latter case, a lesser order of magnitude diminishes the perspective of an infinitely larger one. It is the same with beliefs and narrations. Some beliefs may work as prisons of the mind, some beliefs may hide greater things, and some diminish the greater things into lesser things, or turn small, irrelevant things into overblown giants. Just like with the stories we tell, procure for ourselves, and that we are re-telling.

Other things, that might be worth contemplating, noticing, and discernment that they require, are enumerated below:

§. That what is subjective, that which is inter-subjective, that what may be objective

§. That what is shared inter-subjectively, that which is unique to an individual’s subjective perception

§. That what is perceived in a similar manner, that which is non-exchangeable qualia

§. That what is inner, esoteric, in-between, and that which is outer, exoteric

§. That what is intensional, that which is extensional

§. That what is common at deep level, that which is different on shallow level

§. That what is a local rule, and that which is a deep rule

§. That what is a general law, that which is a relative law or particular law.

§. That what is deep grammar, that which is a surface network of events-momenta

§. That what is a loop, a cycle and that which is disrupted or discontinuous

§. That what is a paradox, to be understood, that which is an anomaly, or an instance

§. That what is causative directly, causative synchronistically (a-deterministically), or that which is an interrupted occurrence.

§. That what is a deeper thread of events, the general image, and that which is a sequence of shallow events, the visible image.

§. That what is a realization, that which is delusion

§. That what is an self-induced image (hallucination), or a conjured image (illusion) with no effective reality, that which is truly seen and may be essential (manifestation), that what is an evoked image (imagination) coupled with essence (noetic imprint), effective (true representation), or non-effective (false representation)

§. That what is true tested through a given framework of reference, that which is false through another frame of reference, that what is true in both cases, that which is false in both cases.

§. That what is personal reality-tunnel with associated meanings and beliefs, that which is a meta-reality tunnel detached from personal reality-constructs and projections, that what is reality-tunnel of others, with associated beliefs, meanings, and reality-constructs, and the bridge in-between.

§. That what is a honest priming experience (deep transparency), that which is an impression (shallow emulation or illusion) that which is a deception (illusion attempting to replace the priming experience)

§. That what is trust, that which is negotiation, that which is co-operation, that which is distrust and rejection.

§. That what is absolute and general, that which is particular, and occasional

§. That what is essential (deep relation), that which is foundation-less (false objectivity, or façade relation)

§. That what is structure, and that which is merely its content

§. That what is even, that which is different

§. That what is a pure idea, that which is tainted conceptualization

§. That what is a simple Dharma, that which is a build-up of them.

§. That what is an essential being, that which is a façade appearance

§. That what is anthropomorphed through psyche, that which is detached from human perception.

These rare moments of aha feeling that synthesize cosmic revelations by the measure of man, or a woman that succumbs to the feeling that something extremely complex and transcendental. They may be framed in a simple correspondence here on Earth, and is resolved in a satorical flash. That as animals mingled with greater things we indeed have a capacity for self-reflection, and thus may reflect on the stars. Inasmuch, as we may clear the perception and fight for its sustenance, against that which tries to break us into its own nature, its own vision, its own religion, its own ideology. Did Pythagoras know that his system of harmonics and geometry could perfectly represent the rise and fall of entropic powers of Monad as a flawless symbol, that arise in complexity of an ideal meta-universe? Or is it arrogance on the author’s side to assume that it is true? Yet how infinitely small this thought when conjured in a man’s mind, how imperfect, and finite. Does it mean that through representation and correspondence, we may seek to understand everything? It is definitely not so, we may reduce the working of certain laws to human world, and holding to this infinitely lesser reflection of this image pursue such tasks. But to grasp the world as it is, is simply a rarity for us, realized perhaps by the Buddhas. Nevertheless there is nothing in the world that may not be reflected in consciousness, for it thrives on consciousness, the mind is a wholly different thing. As the mind and intellect learns through correspondence, it instructs and transforms the consciousness. Then, it upholds the impressions in memory, as it ascertains the laws by which the world works, shifts and pitches perception, and it grows on the basis of these laws into the greater mind.

From the point of view of an observer — it is the danger of objective void, or conceptual separation of the mind from orders and relations, in which it is already immersed based on the law of emergent consciousness. In such a way it is an antithesis of a realized emptiness, known in Eastern schools as Sunyata. It is a conjured emptiness, as a belief and view that did not mature into realization, often imploding into either nihilism, or eternalism, as Nagardjuna contradicted such views, which are over-extensions from particular into general. There is also the threat of doctrinaire belief-systems, in which mental constructs loop into auto-censorship, slavery, negating the possibility of moving through the relations and orders, once recognized, and discovering their proportion and relations through individual work. It is a question of deep grammar, relative grammar, and the way consciousness is moving in-between relations, and captured by the mind becomes represented is an art and a science.

The Hollow Man, or the undrunk Godhead

— Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I contain multitudes I am large. — Walt Whitman

Forced equality is death to character and ones feeling, mind and ethos, ones genii. In the name of equality and in the name of concentration of power most vicious of things were done. Feeling of parity however embraces, it leaves no one out, as everyone finds their place out of their own will and in accord with their nature, is the promotion not of synthetic equality but that of everyone expressing their genii in which they find themselves. It did not exclude mobility, it promoted merit of character, and let this character embrace others organically to further the collective good. Promotion of forced equality created disparity and thus petty jealousies and envies, valuation of conflict and competition instead of co-operation.

So an expansive mind is broad enough to accommodate diversity, and great and small things, and integrate them into a consistent and meaningful whole, through penetration and insight, while appearing contradictory to others, as it is seen in a splintered, fragmented fashion, according to knowledge, understanding, perception, insight, wisdom and mind.

And the necessity of compassion is a characteristic of a greater mind. We cannot know this mind, if we live in separation, but although removed, it lives our joys and sorrows. It lives the nature, chaos and order, of whichever there might be in the universe. How comforting to merge with the positive void, knowing that it is our home. This is what some understand as the Godhead, this is what some who reached the Godhead, only to abandon it, who mirrored it amidst their turmoil, and were drunk on it. That is what they preached, and sometimes they confused themselves for Gods, drunk on their microcosm, according to time, history, and age, they preached their own vision — thinking it is universal. Committing a mistake of crying “Truth!” — the mystics intoxicated with the universe shouted with great joy, as they thought their projections were affirmed by everything. The greater beings take flesh of humans are understood by them, only inasmuch as their senses, knowledge and perception allows, torn by the world into which they were born. For if anything like true omniscience exists, it is unlearning oneself and dissolving in everything, and no human words or knowledge may capture it, but merely interpret the figment of an experience. The awakening of the Godhead risks associating any content with an ego-dependence, content of a psychic projection. Only when it is shed, the unity is found in all the world, that through separation relates to individuals. They are a reverberation of this unity of higher essence calling us to break from a chained illusion that confuses itself for truth and establishes a fragmentation of this unity. Only from the standpoint of this unity we may seek participation in the relative orders and their topography amongst chaos and cosmos. Ultimately there is realization, or unfolding to macrocosm, or delusion, folding into the microcosm through separation. Truth and falsehood is a negotiation and an agreement between parties, affirmations and negations beyond their utility are empty. Yet inner truth is the validated as an essence of a realization, while delusion might be called a falsehood. It is as if the mind tried to break through to a unity, but all projections confuse the unity of essence for the psychic content. Thus indeed, we may associate with certain roles as in cases of some psychotics and mystics, often they may be both, depending on the way they handle information, perception, belief-systems, epistemic-systems, thought, intelligence or in general the whole mental setting. It is by confusion of archetypal role for an identity, yet it is the calling, that we confuse for person, in such sense, the unity sings for all of us, and is related to all of us. It is one with the inner spirit of a man or a woman that needs to break the chains of the projecting minds from illusory screens of the worldly theatre. It is the imploding content of a world that separates, metaphorically speaking, the star from its vehicles of manifestations and the universe. Identity is one thing, the shells of mental and corporeal self-images that we wear in our mind, make us live regular lives. When a mind gets splintered, it may reintegrate on a different level, but if it empties itself of self-grasping, if it purges the image it becomes hollow, yet governed by its genii and spirit. It is to be beyond the mind and observe one’s mind as separate, and to enter one’s mind to wear its illusions and conditioned images. It is to live one’s mask and let others live it, yet to counter detrimental effects by steadfast loyalty to one’s incorporeal self, and various human preferences, habits etc. that are inborn, or shaped later, so that we don’t become mere toys and puppets, but integrate nature, nurture, and command ourselves shaping in relation to the everything we encounter.

The reinforcement of past structures that are built as a mind construct is done by immersion of collectivity, or masks-of-identity, personalities etc. worn for the purpose of communication and securing ones sense of necessary selfhood to reflect, reassert and deflect other personas and natures. We cannot live in the void, but grasping it as real is a completely different issue. The onset of the cult of individuality led to a deluded view, in which it is claimed as something real, as a property to worship.

Re-asserting functional selfhood instrumentally leads to an act of self-referencing for the purpose of communication and self-communication, but the split is merely a play. When all illusions are stripped of us, the void is wearing masks, the mouth of the cosmic voids and the stars sing in us. The core, if we must have one, for example the eternal spirit wearing its vehicles of expression is neither made in the mind nor in the body, but it may wear them to properly acquire form, shelter, and self-hood. They are separate, yet inseparable, infused and suffused in each other during life, thus — genii is prone to modification, sublimation, carving, preserving.

Having no identity apart from a selfhood made up of memories and vested cultural complexes of interests relieves from group-burdened decision-making; It is neither self-serving, as it hollows the structure of identity on all levels, nor will it serve the interests of any particular group. Thus it is creating a greater capacity for unbiased judgements; One redirects one’s roots to more embracing, general terms: nature, one’s kind, ones place in the global world etc. or implodes into the nearest identity-structure that was acquired earlier, or conditioned later (similar to the belief-structures in cognitive crises). What is interesting is that identity-structures may be re-programmed in the same way as belief-systems. infused with other content. Transcending tribalism or hive mentality is a way of sacrificing the fragmented parts that were conditioned by territorial, ethnic and cultural setting. Re-arranging them into general terms, finding richness everywhere; one matures into an authentic and unique individual.

De-rooting oneself is dangerous, as it leaves us in an open field of choices and soon we might find that we become alienated as individuals. Consequently, if we do not know how to wear masks we become excluded from the group, or even become attacked by it. What is of importance is finding firm rooting in general concepts: be it belonging to the natural environment, to the space, to one’s definition of what is a human, what is to be humane, to one’s character and genii, something transcendent that is individuated, untearable, unvanquished. Not relying on body and mind other than as vehicles of experience in the world, yet wholly within the world, and wholly outside of it, when necessary.

One suddenly sees that vested interests of a given group are no longer the issue, one defines own interests and expands it beyond the primary group interests into a more holistic approach. Of course, it means separating oneself from the group, being a black sheep, but it is more expansive, rather than regressive. That is because “we” start to command ourselves as a mature unit, that confronted with its total freedom, defines one’s aim, one’s will, and one’s path and is capable of paving a direction for others. In radical in-group/out-group tensions, for example wars, racial hatreds, extremism, we are pushed back into tribal mentality — by these who haven’t abandoned their safety cocoon, we either adapt, or perish. Detachment from the collective in a society that still focuses on group-identity is not a great idea, so climbing above the valleys like Zarathustra, returning among the valley-dwellers is an intellectual endeavour. It might be a weakness, a study, perhaps committed compassion. It seems that complete nihilation of belonging would lead to impotence, unless someone is prepared to a necessary extent and becomes a Hermit.

As for group, whenever the illusions of these shells of collective see something empty, they need to project form and identity upon it. With various labels, narrations, ideations, mentations, often crushing the regressing mind into a proper mask, or a chosen mask, if our will is to direct and make others understand themselves better it should be a conscious choice. It is thus a question of discipline and duty to establish a transparent identity, which might be denied, affirmed, or discarded, but we should never allow this mask to grow into one’s mind. One’s origin, content, and stories that are pulled into the universe of discourse are not objectively empty, there are already relations into which one enters. There is an origin, and a destiny, there are fates, there is the theatre and the setting, there are duties, principles, in accord with one’s assigned place and work. Emptiness, hollowness, is not negation, it is a positive experience. The mind processes condition the image of itself, but this is merely a conjured illusion. Are we in love with the masks that we wear? Are we confused by masks that they put on us by trying to dominate our minds? Or is it merely a sacrificial play, in which the spirit needs direction. It may be shaped by the vehicle of one’s mind, habits, preferences, asking other intelligences for assistance in creating vehicles of expression for our spirits. So that we may manifest, and wear different guises of the universe, acting in a world to align certain domains and mediate in-between them; and pick out these who stepped on the path, to assist in maturation and individuation, and develop these who are mature and ready.

Without a living idea, essence undergoing sublimation, rectification, without a point on which we may rely, we become bionic machines working by automatisms. These, pull us hither an tither, biochemical play of fears, agitation, arousal, emotions, impressions, cognitions. They are easy to play with, psycho-motoric dolls in a theatre animatronique. Authenticity is found only in the genius of the human spirit, a spontaneous movement, when we don’t feel like robots, yet take our bio-computers under our command, programming them. When we think as we think, talk as we talk, act as we act, and we perfectly know why, when our thoughts, acts, and speechi s deformed and we know why, when we are both willess and volitioned, mindfully mindless, and mindfully minded. This requires a greater point of reference, when human-animal becomes humane, and then transforming its inner psychic milieu, prepares a territory of sacredness. One becomes an institution, a priest, a priestess, a temple of chaos and order, of the sacred and profane, dressed in multi-coloured garments and robes of the world as the focus of forces and beings flock through the lensings points of our existence. In doing so, submitting the body, mind and soul under governance of consciousness. Thus strengthening, training, educating, being born anew. Further forming resilience and command, subtlety and the soul of the stars. Thus a machine becomes a human once again, where re-deified machine becomes animated by a private god, a tool of one’s higher genii. This perception may be harmful to some, no one wants to feel like a machine. However, only these tried by real influences in which their movements, emotions, energies, arousal, fear circuits, thoughts are meddled with, manipulated, take themselves under command. Many may not be influenced so strongly, but their authenticity is often not stemming from their genii, but social conditioning. Unaware that their genii is guiding them silently, they live in a coma, creating, but not knowing what, thinking, yet not knowing how, living, yet stepping through life blinded. Tearing down these masks, uniting with one’s genii just for a moment, hints to a soul of life, re-joining it after death is a wholly different issue. A Yogin is still a human being, not a switchboard, despite his mastery over body and mind.

Assuming any role, self-image, status, hierarchy is a decision to trigger narrations that are culturally associated with pre-fabricated content and discourses. It is useful and purposeful, but we should understand it is merely a conceptual game. One absorbs these narrations and they become a part of identity, tied with the subjective feeling of selfhood, as they are conditioning the interaction with the social world, and with the inner milieu. When one abolishes identity and role, one becomes an actor, an empty space which might be filled with the content of the world, but still retains command and sovereignty. Therefore, fleshing out particular inclinations and character-cues, we may shuffle the identity-beings to explore the narrations. Re-live the masks which grow into an empty space, instead of being subject to them! It is alike to a healing process in which we relive arche-types for our ego to properly re-live the development of consciousness and thus re-integrate and re-relate it towards a higher, progressive, adapted stance. They are thus tied with narrations and associated inhibitions that are connected with a role, status, hierarchy. Human beings have a great ability of cheating on self-image, they may conjure false content that has no relation to the inter-subjective perception. When it breaks and disentangles, the identity needs to re-arrange itself, here the process of conscious individuation starts. Perhaps there is no definite identity, and it is an illusion. As I wear my human face, and body, as I wear my stories, I sometimes commit the mistake of asserting it as my possession, as something that defines me, but this is merely a self-deception. Countless beings wore my body and mind, shaped me, elevated me, trained me, many tried to violate and overpower me. By this „0” shed this whole image as an empty vessel. My self-hood is perhaps a developed and conditioned character, the way „0” interact with others, my identity is composed of memories and in this interaction it exists, my ego is the body as it is the most permanent thing. Yet, it is all attached to the consciousness, spiritual star, refining all this images into a whole. The mind changes swiftly as I wear various masks pulled into this illusion I become something else. In fact, that is perhaps the void, of which the Hindi gesture, mudra „0” often use intuitively. That in fact the collection and aggregates of what makes me human is realized as something empty. Many thrive on their convictions, illusions, and sometimes deceptions of their self-hood, not contesting the rock-solid image of themselves. Even enjoying, habitually, further separating themselves from the world. By re-joining the greater streams I understand sacrificing the human illusions and becoming a part of something greater, dissolving in something expansive and holy. Remembering, yet not remembering myself, participating, yet belonging to something greater. What was once separated, becomes complete again, for only in separation we see individuation. It may become fallen as a volitional particle that diversifies into its splinter-cells, and contributes to the separation. Or it may in this separation find the longing that thirsts for return into the greater upward stream of unity, and horizontally — to the world of nature. The mind may become splintered along multiple personalities and roles. It is done either through psychological factors: tearing apart the selfhood, or through beings that take charge of the weakened and expanded ego. It may either consciously explore these roles, and integrate them as a whole, to recognize them as false, or become a victim that results in a psychological disorder. A mind that is too narrow falls victim to whichever role, identity, or script is governing its behaviour and cognition at a given time. Confusing the imploded self-image with these splintered entities, and replacing the content of self-hood with these scripts. Similarly, if a mind is not prepared to expand, absorbing other realities, roles, identities, it may deny, or reject their force reasserting its self-grasping. As a result reinforce the illusion of an „I”. Clearly, a sane mindset requires asserting some form of an „I”, and asserting it strongly, one needs indeed a platinum-class Ego as a mediating centre of the commanding consciousness. The ego must be however as broad as a sea, and strong enough to withstand the old law of “nature hates void”, yet self-grasping collapsed it into a subject of attachment. Otherwise it would be pulled in every direction, fall under every influence on its way, and lay in stagnancy, or become completely inconsistent as a human being. As long as the „I” is understood merely as a negotiated image, and not a valid, independent reality detached from the world. One may consciously use the roles, identities, and narrations in the process of learning oneself and in result — individuating, or establishing a genuine relation between the consciously shaped selfhood and the world, and furthermore — with one’s genius and one’s star. Thus, it is the question of relation one enters with all the people in life, that masks are worn, and establishing a certain possibility of exchange in the theatre of life to communicate. It is an opera omnia, this game of games, only in such a way one may preserve continuity of work. When the borders of these become thinned, and the overspill one domain into another, it is possible to be caught in a situation that seems to confuse realities. Eventually becoming deranged, with no possibility of differentiation between the planes of action, and thought. In ancient Chinese there were no personal pronouns, the proclamation „I” produced a new cognitive type, in which the projected image circulates around the selfhood. Yet, there is beauty and honesty, that informs these images. It makes love and other ideas and forces something less of an apparition, of a idealized image cast upon another person, but something much greater and sublime, when it is understood and lived.

Every time one meets someone, a new relation is formed. It should be consciously shaped, along with the probes and masks that one wears. Assisted by conscious withholding of certain information, or behaviours, that otherwise would be transparent with different worlds, distributing according to the situation what may be revealed, acted, communicated. Referring to oneself as an „I” we affirm a concept of an illusory ego, which that „I” may constitute. Each time we proclaim the „I” illusion we further its existence and dependence on the events associated with this „I”. Hence, fuelling its acquired content. Imprisoned in the cry of “I am I, I am me”, the collection of events which constitute this „I”, are dependent on the illusion of a „selfhood”. An illusion that is transient, as it changes, grows and disappears; This selfhood depends on roles, status, scripts and narrations that plot the limitations of the psychic identity and the associated area of action. This includes far-reaching reality tunnelling that is dependent upon an ‘I’. Perhaps that is why most Oriental schools aim at dissolving the ego-grasping, for most of the ideations, ratiocinations, and ignorance depend on this single factor. Yet beyond this „I” there is something that is an „awareness” — an experiential knowledge. A perception of a certain mode of being that was, is and will be a „none-I”, not negating existence but moving it beyond the separation into a greater current of wholeness. Then the personal pronoun becomes merely instrumental. Let us remember that the physical nervous system is a structure that is more or less -permanent, and that this virtualization is merely a cognitive manoeuvre in the mental sphere.

The law of focus, or reiteration of the idea of resurgent atavisms of Austin Osman Spare. Everything genuine is coming from a mix of one’s individual touch of genius, and the current of ideas and powers that are focused through one’s mind, art and science. If attuned properly, then all disciplines are infused with the current. Pick it wisely, and melt it in your character, aspiring to preserve human nature, and becoming an avant-garde, a messenger, a pioneer! The torrents of the world undergo transformations, and may be temporarily frozen by ideations about the movement. If one enters the streams and becomes stream-like allowing for the flow of ideations to go, while not for a while being prone to stop them, he or she captures the rhythms. Trying to abide in the pure light of consciousness, one will not be affected by the torrents of ideations which out of necessity of continuity of seeds will arise. This pure light of consciousness is vivid and moving, yet by human perception it is infinitely still. What in human perception is moving are the ideations, images, illusions, events and phenomena. We watch them as a spectator, not moved to participate in them, not giving them too much flesh or thought. Once you dispassionately recognize what is within (gnothi seauton), and win true freedom, it is easy to place no worth in it and abandon it with a light heart. It does not mean disengagement — it means performing a movement of conscious rhythm, dancing among the dance.

Seeds of a beginning

A seed does not become a tree easily. Alchemy of the spirit without toil, confrontation, decisions, nature is not formed, refined, sculpted. It is a repetition of human activities and archetypes and tokens within. It is all the love, hate, combat, inner workings, whichever the projection of our genii and nature, the totality of one’s being that one contains within and keeps at bay. It puts pressure on him and her to transform and change in tension with referenced directions.
This is the scaffold, structure, and skeletal frame: Direction, values, principles, merits should be understood to be in concordance with Reason, Logic, Harmony and Proportion according to time and age, as the latter should be discovered.
Reaching for ancient laws, henceforth crystallizing Intellect that requires experience and reference to fuse with judgment, decision, assessment, consequence, foresight and is tied with flourishing maturity in the Philosophical Sun.
The arsenal of these must be either observed, or read, absorbed and applied, tested as having merit, value, and greatness in life and consequence for the whole — this breadth of one’s responsible freedom delineated by that of others.
“No one forges giants without the idea of them”; “No one reaches for cruelty without the idea of it”, likewise, “no one reaches for inner greatness” without the idea of it, an inspiration — vision.
What does not arise in a mind or heart, rarely gives a mature harvest of the spirit. Thus, highly developed intellect, and instillment of principles that are coupled with reason in-between intellect and principles is the peri to kalon.
Love of beauty, love of justice, love of freedom seems to naturally emerge from human beings. Proportion is the rounding in accord with nature, humaneness is found with inner sight, and furnished with understanding.
In situations when human beings are truly deprived of it, when they are enslaved, when they are surrounded by ruins within and without. Furthermore, when they are continuously punished or treated unjustly, or whether they perceive this injustice elsewhere — they make decisions and forge stances. Likewise, recognizing apparitions presented as essence procures a longing that is only complete in honest fulfillment.
If one is enslaved, and feels a portend of freedom, knowing it is true, one craves for freedom. When one is detested, and honestly feels love towards another person, he knows it is love. When one is treated unjustly, and a honest force freely rewards him for injustice, he knows it is a true force, and that justice is being done.
When one wants to recognize true qualities, let us start from the deprived person: what is such a person lacking most, apart from food and shelter? And then we should ask ourselves what is it that we have that such a person does not. We might have a false image of deprivation too, when one that lacks in our eyes, is not deprived, and we see ourselves not deprived, are more deprived than the other person.
For the true deprivation, and true fulfillment is found both in complete honesty with ourselves and the world, then the world is honest with us. Any notion of falsehood, perceived, or unacknowledged may be a mere mask, an apparition that we “live by”. How is thus honesty developed. It is by removing the masks, both from ourselves and the world, questioning ourselves and attempting to pierce through the illusions.
If by chance we detect falsehoods and contradictions and see through more and more games that we humans play, and sometimes — the metaphysical worlds, we de-mask the world. It stands un-masked, and any mask that it is putting on us and on itself is a mere trifle repetition. If we preserve the memory and realization that is conducive to truth.
But do we tear “all masks down” to stand alone with the alone?
It is a question about objective truth, or truth about Divinity, which according both to Neoplatonic philosophers and XVth century Nicholas of Cusa is unavailable to human minds, it may be approximated in proportion.
Yet it is not an approximation in proportion that is detached from the world, or a mere surface of greater things. It is a proportion that is a key to balanced and rounded of what a human mind may achieve to communicate with other worlds and re-deify itself and become re-deified in accordance. Every key to communicate with other worlds and work magick or Theurgy effectively is a form of a carved out proportion, or a memorized intuitive formula that makes us look through the keyhole, not into the whole, which is negatively known, through learned ignorance, but into a figment of the other worlds, that we may interpret according to what we are capable of and afterwards work with them.

Pneumatism and Hydranomy of the Spirit

Autonomy and freedom from conditioned automatism is the birth of free will. It is re-remembering of past structures of subject-object division, bridging and incorporating them into a whole and developing further structures from the autonomous viewpoint.

It starts with synthesis. A breakthrough — the subject: object division is bridged and transcended. Comparisons and tensions between present condition and normative situation while ‘rejecting contradictions through solutions’ are wed in proportion. As if a dynamism between Ego, Super Ego and connected aspirations would resolve in another position.

Diurnal society represents what is apparent, what appears to be. It is contrasted with nocturnal undercurrents or depth sociology. These threads of chtonic, telluric meta-narrations, combined with grand meta-narrations of the whole, inter-weaved with sociology of ignorance and knowledge is in continuous tension. It brings forth new material to re-work, absorb, contemplate, understand and act upon.

Between these worlds, accumulation of solved contradictions and merged dualities over time leads to the rectification of an autonomous conscious center of command. It is a form of a genii or a meta-awareness. It works like a feedback loop of inductive-deductive cognitive-behavioral processes, that becomes rounded and completed — preferentially in harmony or even distribution in one’s character and mind. It is imbued with all too many unpredictable factors that renders enough space for aesthetics and beauty to arise throughout the process.

Solved contradictions are giving critical insight into many otherwise unknowable dynamisms and emerge in critical, well-discerning thought, it is a form of cognitive training. Merged dualities give a cluster of intuitive, independent judgments, decision, assessments. Combined with self-observation and observation of surroundings they are a form of deconditioning from the alienation of subject: object dependence. In assessment of subject: object or any type of dualism we come to rely on the inner Other; Transcendent Third.

It is a superposition and falcon’s sight observation of ourselves as if we would be detached and hovering above our ordinary bodily selves. It is the birth of a star. Sometimes the falcon descends and merges with our self and automatic responses, sometimes it breaks free and sees everything with a greater sight. This falcon is the spirit of individuated consciousness. Upon which we don’t identify with self-hood, body, thoughts, mental detritus, emotions but with the falcon: the rectified spirit.

This operation relies on intellectual, cognitive and affective transposition of inner millieu or ezo-sphere and noo-sphere configurations. That is achieved through continuous pressure, tensions, meditation, suffering and overcoming, confrontations and decisions. These are psychic and pneumatic operations that are done partially by choice, fate, infliction, yet in majority decided consciously. It is resembling the birth pangs of a snake, shedding the veils and membranes, until it is a fully developed spirit. Here, human nature in elevated re-deified aspect of a godhead is defined in aspects of its refinement; not continuous, but momentary — like satori of one’s raptures, longings, fantasies, visions, vistas etc.

In line with the Mithraic Axiom: ‘Harmony in Tension of Opposites, Movement Upwards’. In a dual world we are the alchemist and the alembic. Tao or harmony of opposites is not found without the molding of tensions. If there is no pressure, there is no counter-movement to find the lose ends and harness them into strength. De is a gift from Heavens, in ascent towards the spheres that is equipping, fortifying us and assisting us on the path. Without confrontation within us we may not know nor understand the molding and unfolding of our individuated genii, nor do we know what to sculpt further. Clearing the worldly dust away from perception, we see clearly.

There are three methods, all equally important, and some intersecting. That is done either through life and expressing it, sculpting in it, perfecting and rounding oneself. That is done through spiritual practice, meditation, contemplation, initiations, ceremonies and rites, when the mind is still you get to know yourself and train yourself. That is done in true confrontation, when you make decisions and discover what you’re made of. What you take from it, a learning, or a punishment is up to perception, vista and insights. These who cannot penetrate deep within themselves, will not interpret the oracles of the world properly, lacking wisdom of discernment.

It leads to perceptive transposition of early consciousness that carries mental-affective imprints, habits and conditionings, memories, perceptions etc. That undergoes change and becomes composed of multiple leaps in its essence that is a seal upon it, and a seal upon the spirit of consciousness.

This spirit of consciousness is defined as the history of localized focused awareness. It is lensed by memories, experiences, perceptions, decisions (autonomous perceptual judgments of action and its movements) and feelings in configuration of knowledge. In that gnoseology is a dynamism depending on knowledge: constellations of data, information in reshuffling and varied relation to each other. It is localized in-between the eye-brows, and is felt as a strong, thriving sphere of light. Upon death, this individuated spirit-consciousness folds and acts further, possibly through vehicles that let it express it in manifoldness.

Consciousness or the Spirit of Individuation

The outer circle: Feeling, Reasoning, Intellecting, Cogitating

Feeling: Defined as emotive-affective interpretation of the cosmic ideational process on the human level, reverberating with an honest transparency; It is known by a human taken with agonizing despair, it is known in ecstasy, it is understood in subtle inspiration and longing, it is well-known in parity of sympathy or love, it is known in wrath and compassion;

Reasoning: Defined as a formal process of interpreting ordered, patterned phenomena, and construing hypothesis, intuiting solutions, or receiving notions; It is this function of the mind that takes raw information and transposes them into something more equivalenced; It is hypostasized later by Intellect and bridged between meta-physical level and that of cognitive processes;

Intellecting: Defined as combining metaphysical threads and weaving ideas and feeling on a hypostatic level; The point of meeting between reasoning, feeling and intellecting is a henosis, whereas the Intellect is a point of received notions, and a point of projected reflections.

Cogitating: Defined as creative being in thought, individuating. Weaving a separate thread to contribute to a plural unity. Ability to know, to understand, to undergo synthesis, to transform, to process, to create, to mix, to do science, to do art; It is the undercurrent of Intellecting and Reasoning.

Inner Circle: Memory, Beliefs, Perception, Idea, Focus, Observing, Will, Imagination, Knowledge, Self-Reflection

Memory: Impressions received through senses, faculties of regular and additional senses, as well as imagined processes that left a seal on one’s mental continuum, may be retrieved or is irretrievable; It is a constitutive process of individual memory that leaves an impression on consciousness;

Beliefs: Architectures of meanings and myths we live by, that constitute a framework of our worldview. They are based either on socializing or on personal observations; Lenses and foundations through which we see the world. They are supporting convictions and they carve out a model of reality that is our inner millieu and microcosm; Belief-systems are vehicles of individuation and practice, they may be supported by realization, or drowned in delusion. They are an approximation of what is, and certainties about the world that keep our reality-picture together.

Perception: The way we perceive things from a given mental setting, the instrument of imagination, senses, memory, cognition that allows us to look at things from a different perspective. Optic filters of the mind; Different angles of view.

Idea: A resolution cross-sectioning all other aspects of outer and inner circle; The solved tension, re-arranging of information and clusters of feeling and reasoning, to produce a new sprout; Imagine a dynamic nod-network that is branching out in new directions, an idea is a dynamic rearranging of this complex network in which a new branch is born from the whole (Inasmuch leaves are to thoughts, like ideas are to new branches in a tree). The point when a human idea (microcosm) meets the branching out of the cosmic, numinous ideasas they entwine — the mediating aspect is the notion;

Focus: Attention that is lensed at a particular thought, object, or a general object, view, scattered or pointed; Concentration is the time-span that we can contribute to one or more subjects of Focus. If Focus is the laser-point, concentration is the strenght and time-span of its sustenance.

Observing: Detecting the changes and shifts of phenomenal kind in the area of one’s concern, immediate environment, and the general image of the world that is furnished by the information one acquired;

Will: Movement of desire, imagination, that is conscious; Expressing personal projection of the movement of the libidinal desire, or open to the astralistic influences, expressing an objective movement of idea through personal will and projection. When that of the movement of astralistic idea entwines with that of the movement of desire, or craving of the personal projections they become analogous and alike.

Imagination: The way sense and idea in motion becomes a creative impulse; The capacity to re-arrange ideas and sense to create a new branch of idea; Inasmuch as thoughts are the leaves of the mind, the ideas are the branches of the mind, while the trunk is made of one’s genii, character and nature, one’s nuclear core that is defined through relation of personal individuated values, variables, parameters and attributes to the world and inner Self, that are innermost and most intimate ours.

Knowledge: A library of imprints upon the memory from various sources, the content of every other structure; Dry knowledge is a mere wax imprint, living or experienced knowledge is a way in which it is applied and practiced, just like a dry idea is nothing more than a cognitive exercise, while a living one is the gist of our life, passion, tranquility, it is elan vital of our live-hood.

Self-Reflection: An ability to relate the other to the self and the self to other, qualitative shift between self-recognition in a world, that is an impulse of individuation, as if a little laboratory in which we observe and introspect our being, to harmonize it work on it, a truly alchemical work. Is it not what spiritual alchemists attempted to achieve — to reach a psychological breakthrough by observing an external process and internalizing it in the psyche and Nous?

Linguistics of Selfhood

The use and abuse of language. Masters of language are free of its influence, both emotional, and to a certain extent — cognitive. They commands it through silence, uttering words consciously, communicating concepts and ideas in a way that is suitable to the audiences, to enlighten, illuminate, and assist them. Users of language are easily manipulated, enslaved, deceived, threatened or persuaded to utmost foolishness, seduced by most stark contradictions, if they did not master at least the foundations of semantics, pragmatics, rhetoric, simple logic and semiotics. If silence contradicts words and has more to say, it should be listened to. No disincarnate voices, no charlatans should have command over our mind. For both the winged powers, and the great Deities communicate through sublime ideas, inspiration, greatness of authenticity. The content of all languages is known to them, the talkativity of Earth understood. Words should be used consciously, in communication, whether it be written, recorded, thought, or spoken manner, they should be disciplined primarily, afterwards the mind should be disciplined in silent language known as gnosis arretos — to communicate with the greater worlds. Words were not made for cowards, nor for abuse, slander, deception, misleading, or spreading ignorance and low, unworthy values, but to strengthen the character, inform and strengthen others. These who are prisoners of words in this world, become prisoners of words on the other side.

The structure of a language, through its grammar, and function, manipulates and handles abstracts by reducing them to a sequence of symbols. Imposing the inner architecture on the content of meanings, it structures the thinking processes according to its rules. Often, such structures carve out large pieces of reality and entangle the mental sphere of the language user. If the structures of logic, syntax, and function dissolves, most likely the mental sphere that connects it with these also falls apart. That may validate that the logic of any language may condition the reasoning process. There is an underlying meta-system that enables the acquisition of languages. This mechanism, rooted in the separation of an act of extracting a fragment from the whole and attaching a label to it. Labels are shared inter-subjectively and develop into more advanced system of communications. Sequence of symbols, in this case, words, bound by rules generate only as much probabilities as the logic of any given language allows. Sharing messages is possible as much as we understand a shared system of rules that are mutually transparent. As a stochastic process, probabilities of occurrence depend on previous events as well as a contextual background, which demarcates and defines the information from a broadcast of observations according to the function of communication.

Plotinus believed in noema, a land of notion beyond language. Nous, in higher aspect conveys notions, in lower belongs to senses, memory and fantasy. Then, logos which was the mediating factor and phantastikon, or imagination that received the imprints and refashioned them. Act of memory is an act of re-imagining or creating in imagination, through the reversal of the act, to lead to land of notions, is to find relations beyond language and words. In a holy language of silence, that is nevertheless reverberating with sound and meaning the Gods thus speak through non-violent force. The process of idea formation is a process of synthesis, or resolution of a thought-equation based on a dataset (memory, knowledge, perception, experience, intuition) that seeks logical and rational continuity within a given framework. Structured, existing knowledge that serves us is based on restrictions imposed on thought — for example beliefs may be resolved in an irrational way and lead to delusion, or confusion. If they interfere with the cognitive process too much, they don’t do harm as long as their symbolic function is understood. They do not fundamentally filter out valid information out of the cognitive zone. This synthesis if higher cognitive functions are well developed may be tied with the reward center. Hedonic engineering is an acquisition of such a habit, and is based on resolving synthesis in an optimal way. The pleasure principle here leads to the nearest resting point, because of the economy of the cognitive structures. Both in symbolic reality structures (meanings-beliefs-content axis) and the process of resolving thought-equations, penetrating reality without superficial ideation, releasing the dusted energy into the satisfaction of the pleased Intellect. And as discipline and rigor, as well as the ability to construct abstract concepts is required to go beyond, what reaffirms the resting point is what characterizes science. Unbound visual-auditory-spatial-sensual conceptual abilities is what characterizes art which is not evident, but genuinely exploring new paths of aesthetics. While transcendental and peak experiences characterizes spiritual disciplines. Here, both science, art and spiritual disciplines, may be combined. All that depends on the cognitive tools and malleability that we have at our disposal, and depends on scientific training, creativity, education, introspection, analysis, and an ability to escape the imposed linear thinking that is imbued by regular education. Thinking that is is based on progressive knowledge accumulation and extremely simple reasoning processes based on building-blocks, with little freedom to manipulate them is a dead end. It is a simple brick house that is filled with content. To explore the geometry and architecture of thought, one needs to destroy part of this structure and start to explore non-linear dynamic spaces as an architect of one’s own cognitions and thought. Then, a researcher, programmer of existing structures, meta-programmer of styles and structures of thinking and experiencing. The first ability to think ‘outside the box’ is to perceive structures, be aware of them, know that they are finite and often flawed. An attempt to adjust the structures, twist them, experiment with them, and see how the cognitive-empiric content falls into them again, and again. Only to find solutions that are in accord with consistency of existing ideas (too much chaos creates confusion) and knowledge-management systems. To validate and check what truth might be in them. One of the guides is intuition, which is basically a subconscious irresolvable synthesis that lacks datasets, and needs to be explored through associations. Then, there may be triggered from another angle. Ingenuity is a way of alternative, unexpected looking at things, thus freedom of thought and malleability of cognitions and perceptions. The language of ideas is primarily particularizing general concepts, or orders of perception to communicate without the barriers of language. It is the domain of consciousness, and the aforementioned notions. Tenets on which one builds the interpretative foundations of experience, are either images held in the mind, un-prejudiced, and non-reified. From this experience thus we conjure the scenery of exchange, or we dive into dissecting them into smaller and smaller parts. That seems irrelevant and contradictory, yet only through a wholistic perspective that suspends judgment partially, and lays trust in certain immeasurable subtleties. On that we build a system of exchange between experiences and certainties, fallibilities and pragmatic aspect of the produced knowledge, guiding and inspiring the process of understanding. Where the reason is defeated, Intellect, Notion, Feeling and Intuition becomes the main point. Lacking experience, at which the Divine and the Reasonable meets, irreducible to the Reason itself which is at a loss. It has not enough processing capacity to move between the particulars that split the general and the general uncaptured by the particulars, therefore memory and imagination, perception and art becomes the avant-garde of action and contemplation.

There is no holy language as such. All languages may be made holy by elevation, just like all symbols. Delineating their magickal meaning through insightful, intentional symbolization. Just like Pythagorean music and instruments of the ancients attempted to capture the hum of the universe in harmonies on an evident level. As later music resounded and harnessed different currents and forces through its expression. A perfected language is that of intellectual feeling silence thus containing all hidden factors that we may attempt to convey through our limited skill, form, thought and feeling. Then attempting to translate it into a human language, spirit language, animal language, depending on feeling, flexibility and mastery of words and our faculties, cognitive and perceptive phenotypes etc. Poetry has more to do with emblematic magic, when it comes to the written form, then its depth is greater than any other scripture, according to its inner logic — if read with deep feeling and understanding. Philosophy is a formalization of the poetry of the world, it’s only purpose is to leave tokens behind so that reverse engineered it may lead to same realizations in others, if read with understanding.


The Western world generally subjectifies the materialized, reified image, yet too often substitutes the subject for the idea. The suspense collapses, and becomes detached from the idea, and taken as the primary object of the mind to study and concretize. Generally, the Occidental world is more related to transformation and construction, while moving away from the idea. It is often perceived as too metaphysical, less concrete, to be of use, thus it is a civilization of application. The orient was more inclined towards the suspense between the idea, and the mind, and following this techniques for developing the mental aspect was stressed. Thus it was primary a civilization of speculation, in non-pejorative sense, mystical and philosophical exercises. Both however, constructed different relations to life, where in the former accent is put on linear progress, the processions of ages, whereas the latter on circular necessity within which the setting of the world is placed. The West expelled the suspense between idea and mind, and populated the mind with abstracts of mind in its aspect of manipulating matter. Where even ideas are treated as a reified product of extensional observations, it led to almost complete substitution of the idea by subjects, by practice of the visible world. Transformations within individuals and groups that bind them with processed ideas, everything else was relegated to metaphysics. The Western man creates from idea, yet then confuses the creation for the idea itself, cutting the fine detail of a living mind that contributed to the creation, without which it would be non-existent. Hence, he reifies his product and confuses it as a total expression of the idea, endowing it with an absolute, essential separateness. Gradually the creation of his populates the mind, and censures the idea, while his world becomes a sum of such reified abstracts. It then shifts in different constellations and varieties, self-created, and gradually binding the mind to themselves through the fabric of such constructs. Such constructs later are modified, mutate and evolve, or devolve, without any particular insights as to their working. The subject of the idea becomes a human being. It is not the human being that is the master anymore, safe-guarding the idea and its expression, but the subject that becomes the master. On this basis a construction of conditioned reality, aesthetics, perceptions and the way of seeing the world is based. The mystical traditions keep the suspense between the mind and idea, not busying itself with making it finite, and perceived as an absolute entity, as often habitually happens with the former image. It is rather enlightening the vision that continuously expands, and penetrating the mystics minds. It is not capturing any of it in any other way than to convey a delicate way of introducing the world as an idea to the mind. There, the mind mediates, rather than conquering the world with its reified knowns about it. From this disparate ways of viewing the relations between the world arise different stances towards life. In the former image one treats life as a property that is filled with absolute, reified, essential reality. Often-wise we oppose it to the subtlety of the undefined, yet the invisible, or un-perceptible abyss that emerges between the real, known and the mythopoetic unknown. It arises, whenever the fabric of reified ideas overturns the certain finitudes in dissent against statism, by introducing chaos of diversity. There the modern man becomes damaged psychologically, by freezing the image of the world which refuses such a status quo. In this sense, where the synthetic, constructed entity of a system of reified ideas invades the mind, because it no longer relates to it properly. It forces the mind to live this synthetic constellation of entities, the creator becomes the created, becomes dominated by its own offspring. Difference has to be made between the groups that are passively programmed by such social entities, with mediators (educators), and these who program such entities. Being wholly subject to their work, the programming from within, allows as to meta-program from without, the macrostructure supersedes the microstructure. To perceive it from within, one has to break out, in other sense re-script these entities, to observe them outside of their work, separating oneself from them. And this enterprise is that of subverting the entities, and returning to the mind-idea axis. Necessitating a point of higher reference, i.e. meta-physics. It is not a merely speculative operation, as it is having true effect on the psyche, individual, or collective, always carried in some form symbolically, whether shallowed, enshrouded or mythically expressed. The process of returning to myth, to the suspense between idea and a mind, necessitates detachment from the world of the reified absolutes. It returns to bridging the abyss between the real, existent, and subtle, re-vivifying, and then gradually closing the gap, as they re-unite and substitute the lenses of the psyche. With the bridging it heals the perception of these two worlds. Where the actor is the acted, and the acted becomes an actor, where the actor does not confuse his role for identity, and does not claim this mere role as his property, forgetting that he is an actor. Thus, most of us are immersed in the ideational webs and simulations of our inner universes of abstracts. While subjectively we instinctively automatize our reality until it becomes known and solid, we participate in inter-subjective exchange with that of others. It is programmed through the inter-subjective overlapping of such inner universes that open the way to communication. The intersubjective webs of meanings and beliefs weaved into inner milieu of the individuals, are dependent on actors/agents that are involved in the production, co-ordination, and dissemination of phenomena, or the spectrum of psychic narrations.

The world of absolute deep truth may be inaccessible to human minds. Information is linked to the phenomenology of perception, and is context-dependent, thus plays on relative truths. We may be closer to absolute revelations, which does not mean we don’t move any closer to it at one or another point in time, through realization, or reflection. However, it is never to be grasped, and is more often a personal gnosis. Therefore, truly it may merely be reflected in Intellect as a complimentary essence of the individuation process,

By the law of observation the system which we observe will always adapt to human mythemes and observations and play to fit in their beliefs. Unless we understand that to a certain extent — we really create our own reality, not in the solipsist sense, but in diversity discovering deeper rules and allowing to move in greater freedom throughout it. To a consciousness, reality of the past is collapsing continuously, behind a gaping abyss, now falling into it, and the future never to be known. „Very deep is the well of the past” — wrote Thomas Mann — how can we imagine the infinite future, other than that time is a manifestation of force, energy and emanates space? If each instance of eternity is its totality, then every moment contains it and is perfectly w-holy.

The Observer Effect

Formation of the mystic mind is both an attempt of stripping the conditioned territory and a refinement of perception. Thence, accommodating a new mind through the act of observation, that facilitates the shift of consciousness into observable worlds, dimensions and realities. These, of which the mind becomes an interpreter, and by nature, the measurement of these worlds confined to interpretation. Depending on the stability and width of the mind that may accommodate such, the shift opens up new vistas of interaction with meta-dimensions that are not confined by space or time. Various alternative continuums, along with the local dimensional strata of beings, their orders, chaos, in various degrees of interaction. Whether actively influencing the current continuum, or remote from this one, facilitating a passage through the mind, only interacting with an observation through that an artifiex, artificeress is capable of. World appearing as invisible or non-existent to other orders of being, including inter-subjective or subjective views of other human beings become true, virile and beautiful, or terrifying. As such this rule may be extended not only to human perception, but to any entity, that interacts in such ways through different orders of seeing. Inasmuch as it is capable of attuning itself to them through an act of observation, and since certain realities resonate with minds individually, they may become isolated as subjective, not perceived or experienced by the rest. As modern social scripts are maladapted both to understanding of such interaction, orders of being, or removed from such interaction, people that become open to such shifts, may become insane and be relegated to psychiatry. They may also fall into fringe-scripts that do not follow the general perception, or safe-havens of religion, without further exploration. Modern, prevalent scripts that do not offer modification of perception, nor possibility of a different observation, cannot mature in a shift leading to an observer effect. By triggering fuzzy scripting of reality into points of consciousness in which development of a transcendent function (the seed) is possible and thus through an anomaly the field of action within this mind and interacting with meta-dimensions becomes possible. The view is not governed to a lesser degree by decisions and greater by perception or the imprint of general processed image. Measurement of which is an act of observation, or framing the image which responds to every act on a superficial (untrue) or effective (true) relation-basis. These two dynamisms work behind modulating the consciousness of which Intellect and Feeling is the main interpreter and conscious spirit a link in-between the other worlds and this one. The psychic constellations, or the embryonic consciousness that becomes re-developed through perception re-scripting; and through anomalies of perception paradoxes triggers the point in which we may, indeed, become Seers. While the Tao is the alchemy, the De is granted by the higher worlds, meeting Tao with De halfway is the goal. The very imprint of any logical system upon psychic structure (and its constellations and content) is shifting the whole network and re-calibrates it. By loosening of these structures — and by necessity invites other content; this is the horizontal mode of intra-psychic operations The vertical one is inbuilt in the fabric of the depth of dimensions. It is transgressing all possible human formoids of our mental and physiological aggregates; in the sense a part of the our psychopneumatic skill (pneuma — conscious spirit) in the greater web is rising in competence; to dissolve in greater forms of consciousness. The mind may handle it quite well, if it is prepared, yet the physiological limit forbids to operate on extra-physiological levels beyond its form. That makes us incompetent to command higher resources without intermediaries, embassies and envoys of other spirits and beings. In the end it is not important what we remember or understand, but the intuitive imprint in the consciousness patterns that are transmuted.

Process of Thought-Discourse

Everyone sees only what one wants to see, everyone detects and understands only what his or hers perception and experience allows him or her to.

Each act of narration is identified by the linguistic and/or psychological function of portraying deeper symbolical layers, through a representation that defines and demarcates meaning through the actual act of portrayal. The act is symbolisation, either speech, writing, performance, thought, or action. Its calibration, intent, motive in some defined contextual setting is removing, or adding the possibilities of interpretation and communication, depending on the established ground of the universe of discourse it applies, negotiates, and agrees upon.

Each act of imagination, understood by painting an image with senses, affect, cognition and mind, synergy, identified by its volitional, passive or intuitive function produces a mental representation. In capacity of the tools that are employed in effect shaping the relation. The relation is defined by the rules describing the synchrony between the mind, and a given subject of imagination and the world. In this sense a mental act fixes a relation between greater environment of events, patterns, and the mind, at the same time carving out, repressing, or shaping possibilities of manifestation of this world. That done in accord with the effective application of mutual observation between the act of imagination, and the entity of representation embedded in the universe of true events. Furthermore, manifestations which associated the events with a mind, effectively leading to a non-deterministic causative chain that is concordant with deeper grammar of reality, or if otherwise, becomes a void act which is non-effective. It is not meaningless, nevertheless, belonging rather to the domain of aesthetics and art, rather than appliance, these domains may, however intersect and mix. In a magickal theatre of life, a performance or every domain of expression contains rites: commemorative, repeated, recycled and creative. Thus creating, moves and gestures, words and acts, silence and stillness, delirium, derangement, and sobriety, w-holiness etc. It attempts to demarcate and delineates the macro-cosmic territory through microcosmic events. If we perform any act in a magical sense, we add an additional dimension to it, through intent, focus and imagination thus regular acts do not possess the necessary quality, load or art to become so, thus is the purpose of ritualized existence.

Every work is individual, in the sense — it is impossible to modulate consciousness, or repeat the same mental steps and sequences of a mind, and reproduce an individual imprint. To shape one’s genii, to be shaped by it: “The truth is within, gnothi seauthon”, the observer effect probably depends on a sequence of changes in consciousness on a higher level, and perception that work as a key. It’s like with painting an artwork, a rounded Mandala, which becomes an essential type: it becomes full, and only its token may be destroyed, the type is indestructible.

Capture a Moment in Time

I was standing in the night, broken and cold, looking again into the stars. I heard in the mind a silent, polite, un-vocalized thought, do you want to play, live? Look, dance, rejoice, participate in human affairs, you deserved it! — he tried to make me happy, as my face was twisted into an unnatural weary smile. With great reserve I nodded my head for a “no”, distanced, perfectly understanding my situation. I liked these moments of honesty, of surrender, I detested myself in hatred and wickedness, lesser possessions of the mind, crawling degeneration into trivial vulgarity, petty revanchist over unworthy things of life. These torn moments of surrender, pure mind, naive innocence, and unwavering concentration, as heavy as a hammer. With a slight feeling of a dead tear of withdrawal, empty impersonal compassion and a painful longing, a thirst for infinity I liked the most. For it was my best acquaintance. I was born in strife, in tension of pain and mental war, of resignation and despair, of chaos and deranged masks, sacrifice and burning out. I know of nothing else, survival, retaliation, slaughter of enemies, the desert of silence amongst the storm of words, then philosophy, meditation, aesthetics of forbidden freedom of the heart. Make me into a fighter — but there is no one to fight, least for fighting with myself. These prolonged misery was survival, not combat. I never let myself be remade into a martyr or a saint, or called in such a way, I would contempt that, theirs is a choice, mine was the war and its effects. So let me remain a sage, upright fallen solar son with the ruins of my love, revived by her, with whole of my ruins I love her and commit what is left of me to what may be saved, perfected! You animate my happiness and will to live, throwing me up like a dolly, forcing me to be happy, committed, how can one force anyone else to be free, when he knows he’s merely a slave of circumstance? While I sacrifice all that I had in this life, I don’t want to return to the wastelands left behind, burned lands. I want to live for her if I may — without separating ourselves from the world — he nodded with my head, an ancient hero wearing my body, winged and armed, was he a Spartan? So you won’t dance with the Gods? — he asked disgruntled, silently. My wish is to take her, and become eternal, I hope it is not an egoistic wish, it is a honest will to depart. We shall stay here, being everywhere, we may become a power, a flux of consciousness, timeless, space-less. A part of the greater mind, that will descend and wear human masks, alien masks, unknown masks of the world, to shed a lunar tear. I liked the old gnostic ideal. I will be her Bythos, the profound depth. She will be my silence and idea, I will be her truth. She will be my mind and feeling, and thus I will be her life, she will be my word, I will be her union, she will be my youth. I will be her pleasure, she will be my steadfast immovability. I will be her happiness, she will be my consolation and smile, I will be her eyes and faith, she will be my comforter. I will be her hope, she will be my love, I will be her intelligence, she will be my wisdom and awe and praise among the stars, I will be her discipline as she will be my perfection. And thus descend, wearing masks and switching roles, to console, to make someone laugh, appearing in different places at different times, we are both tired with life, we both lived through torment, and all ties to this world are severed. We live in death of duty and sacrifice, our veins dried cold, amongst destruction and fight, and after all, are not these selected few who are tried in strife that make the best of minds, tried and toughened, hardened to protect the happiness of the rest. To execute justice from which all power stems, in a light, rhythmical way, yet strong like thousands of falling swords, to lift them up ever higher, against the falling worlds, in death, until Ragnarok, summoned to serve again!

Godvoice, or one of the architects as a tool of greater world: “Closed in a cage of subjective suffering, his suffering was objective, mature decisions.” — it was a recording fragment, captured in powerful profundity of understanding.

That is when the complexity of the whole speaks with a single voice of sudden understanding though single focused mean. And is not a single realized mean enough to conquer trillions of delusions, to shatter all armies in a single cut? Recognized as infinity with excellent precision and wording or an idea, a trace, a token of eternity is best suited for the instance of a universe, e.g. the given aspect of the whole, or a person. Then it is the wisdom of the universe suitable for the intellect of the receiver and paving way for a change and a reaction, it wears a mask transparent, immediately recognized by whichever aspect of the universe it contacts. Did the universe ever talk to you, be it through silence, by the means of its countless manifestations? You are a part of it. The decisions that forge you restructure the whole fabric of reality, it is a-deterministic, yet wholly causal, the accumulation of perception and expansion of consciousness. Propelled by self-reflection, repeating the entropic displacement of infinite-period bifurcation at meta-cosmic levels, through chaos and order of the soul, contracting at the point of a limited mind enclosed in a nervous system of an organism mirroring the macrocosm in the microcosmic Self.

Hidden Deity choses masks according to the resonations and synthony with the wholeness of the observer when it is mature and ripe. In accord with audiences most profound needs, its face is seen most when the separation and alienation from infinity is stripped in a single moment, in a breath of sacrifice. Exhaustion and resignation that focuses all universe in a perceived moment, gesture, voice, that once in a lifetime perhaps, recognizes the voice of the universe lenses in the most simple of things, as if this one thing would be speaking the totality of everything else”

Each instance of the universe indeed contains its totality. Thus every moment of pure inspiration comes from the wholeness of what a mind may be capable of focusing and understanding, conjuring, evoking, and catalyzing, afterward processing by the force of one’s intellect, styles of thought, knowledge, perception, memories, understanding; The world is unfolding itself constantly, we merely mature to perceive it. We mutually inspire each other timelessly, inasmuch as we may cease to be stubborn and self-enclosed, self-grasping, and release the creative powers of the universe by tempting them to dance with us. In essence every instance of time may be inspired, the force that time emanates is, however, captured in form; The form of illusion keeps it a prisoner, and perhaps the toil is based on releasing the force from the prison into its consumption, this is done in accord with the cycles that are the deep laws.

The universe is revealing only an aspect of itself that is sought to be understood, and only inasmuch as the mind is prepared to receive it, the God-Goddess. Nature likes to hide, hide and seek!

Science of Magick

Hypostasis of unconscious is metaphysics of chaotic laughter agony and ecstasy. Depth psychology is a reified unconscious of metaphysics pretending to be psychonautics. Psychonautics is unconscious metaphysics turned inside out. Pure metaphysics is an whole-in-one hypostasis or merging ezocosmos with exocosmos in conscious union that is conducive to proportion of what a human is, or may be. The latter is, eg. neoplatonic Theurgy, Patanjali's Yoga, Chaldean magic, Eleusinian inititations, Buddhist mysticism. The former are a form of organized shallowness, or chaotic playing with fire, or forcing the whole to enter two separate identities, "conscious" and "unconscious", making it equally impotent from the standpoint of practice. They are still better then scientism, psychologisms, materializm or naive realism. Between religion and psychiatry, modern cages for anomalies, Jung and his mysticism, naive magical thinking and practice of realization, we may find soe obsession and genius in science, art and magick. It is a question of holding the breath in the depths, to catch a breath in the stars and return to Earth with harmony, and purpose.

Magick as a science and art of lending the anomalistic, the paradoxical, the impossible to the understanding of the philo-sophical eyes that makes all worlds possible, ordered, and necessary, and moreover positions us, according to what these worlds allow — to act within their recognition.

And thus sometimes, in the dream-webs play; raptured by the ideas; and thus stepping beyond it. Neither run from this theatre, nor desire transcendence, nor love it for what it is, nor capture that which in beauty ensnares. Frantically running to and fro — where is the peace; be in-between, in journey, in a one-sided, detached, engaged manner, tying and unknotting according to situation, from here to there, and there to here, the fates are not to write by one’s wits. The destinies run their own course by necessity. The devil of dilettantism is that of viewing the greater things one-sidedly, and thus fixing this perception, the rushing, the restless running begins. But when all the aspects are taken into account, it breeds confusion, because the integrative capacity of a mind won’t suffice. Peak experiences are mostly unitary. Thus inner peace accommodates that which is finite and infinite, play-like in-between, never settled, but not flickering, in robust, profound stillness, or rhythm of movement — what more to see?

In all this, do not allow yourself to be pulled into observations, creations, distractions; Detached, always find time to contemplate a branch of a tree moved by the wind, smoke that dissolves into air, the transience of all these phenomena, the transience of the states of mind. Then, perceive the equality, the unity that binds all of these manifestations, that penetrates them in some unfathomable mystery. That as the particular reflects the general, this state of oneness is felt again, remotely — and then becomes again fragmented, moving away into insignificance.


Anyone engaged in any form of craft or art does not become anything of a practicioner if they don’t practice. Practice of life does not start with learning how to live, often we don’t know how to live, yet practice it out of necessity. Every art, skill, science, craft requires such an approach; Holy paths of high magic, or personal one, any form of volitional negotiation or imposition upon reality, psychonautics and getting to know oneself is a special type of craft. No one will attempt to force anyone else to step upon it, indeed it is the most barricaded and fortified path againt which there are more advices not to. It is the most conscious choice that one might ever make, it needs to be fought for, sustained, memorized, developed, balanced and rounded. One learns to master life and magic, without the mastery of life of oneself, no one will master magick, but will quickly turn into a puppet of one’s own mind, emotions, projections. Not only that, such practicioner will invite openly influences that will abuse an untrained mind. It will prevent any development by abusing one’s mind, emotions, and projections, untrained in sensing obstacles, illusions, deceptions, schemes and will easily become a victim first of oneself, and then of everything else. Ultimately turning into a mocking stock of every aspiration and ideal that one lived for. It happened to me, and it continuously does, but I do not rest at laurels. Never take anything for granted, and despite the discouraging and reverting factors that at one point throw us into despair of failure, on the other mock us, or bar our progress both by their nature, or purposefully. If we are ready to build tough minds, oft insensitive to things that most people break under. That done under continuous tension and strain, multiply our intelligence by constant training, see situations and penetrate into the depth of their setting and character at an instant, whereas other people would see only the surface. Develop principles and standards to keep ourselves steadfast on the path, despite temporary deformities of the mind, sense, and affect, and sacrifice most things that other people live by and love — the path is open. It is not to scare anyone away, but it is neither to invite anyone promising them anything beyond of what they are capable of. There are no promises.

Standing on an empty road on the outskirts of my hometown, I stared at the starry heavens, and thus said: “The monoliths are beaconing us back home, light years away, so many world-systems unknown thrive around the mighty stars. One intelligencer was dispatched from Jupiter, as it arose in splendor by the moon. Yet, at night reminded of the Numinous through faraway stars, at day by the homestar. Perceiving in vertical metaphysics, if we may, the worlds of numinous fire as represented by Suns justify the might of the movement of galaxies. Giant shadow pretended to move a star, I politely suggested to uncover the mighty pulsar that was parsecs away. Egyptians used to write letters to their ancestors, sending them to stars, the one that were in the field of Yaaru. In horizontal physical objective science this space seems to be cold, eerie and full of horror. It is. Inasmuch as we hypostasize proportionally to the metaphysical one, it is as Divine in metaphysis as cold, horrendous, gargantuan to our small being. Even if once, even once we felt the extemt of extreme space of atmosphere and air, interplanetary zones, and cosmic voids while stranded in a small organism — in a human body. There a flash of some faraway being majestically appeared in the night-sky all in silver, nobly drawn characteristics of an elongated mask, a master of different beings, ascended triumphantly. The comfort of this reality, the harbors are the effect of the mastery, or the delusion of mastery over this world. In space, we are much worse off then an ancient ape-man in unexplored nature. Yet there is a participation mystique of the ancient ape-man, and there is participation cosmique that is a thread running through our young race too. At omega point, it is all the same, space does not exist, all is either absolutely terrifying, or absolutely divine in a cosmic and chaosmic manner — e pluribus unum, the Monad is absolutely honest. My Earthly love incarnated into my body, strong female wings felt on my back, we smiled together. “I miss you” I thought silently. She nodded and stayed with me for a while.


Let us assume that we know nothing about magical phenomena, but we are equipped with fundamental regular knowledge and relatively well-founded critical reasoning structures. Encountering an anomaly we notice an instance of it, how it comes about is unknown to us. The instance might be disbelieved, nihilated, or discarded, but it is noticed in memory under good conditions. If more anomalies arise, we may induce a small structure with several nodes, by three instances or examples. We see whether our theory is falsifiable, we look for hidden factors, we look for hidden intelligence of phenomena. If something is tested, we think what are the preconditions for it to work, if it does not work again, and if it does how did it happen. We may chose to reject the theory as a whole and either relegate it to coincidence, or at best — synchronicity. If we have more events to imagine the structure, we have a solid law with a solid structure with three nodes or example. Then we apply what is known, or the episteme acquired earlier, and our cognition to compare how they might work together. Assuming some very weak law that we observe, in a sea of other laws, unknown to us. We either project the knowledge of this law on every other law without understanding them, or we suspend judgment and discern that there are different laws at play, because the one we have is insufficient at explaining it. Astronomers attempting to find another planet, because the calculations don’t fit will first imagine, then calculate. Therefore, we observe and isolate other events in the same way. Having two or more inductive laws, we may stand to deduce the general frame and trigger top-down reasoning. Whenever this is insufficient we induce new laws, and build an upper structure that explains more events in an approximation to what we know already. We eliminate contradictions if irresolvable, find solutions and expand or change paradigms, until the system is stabilized. After a while we have a mutually proportional set of laws, produce new episteme carved out of experience, cognition that explain situations, hence we may properly set ourselves in a relation to them. Then we establish cognitive-behavioral reaction through training that turns us into practicioners. By observing instances that start to work we are not static, applying the mind to creative solutions we start to engage in the tested frameworks and simulate the outcomes or actively work. All in all it is never robotic, magic is about detecting patterns of laws that are not necessarily static, and within broader patterns, detecting smaller ones, we give them content through art, through creativity, through imagination. That’s why scientific method is good for structuring patterns of magical laws, even if ad hoc, but a complete fiasco for working magic creatively and attempting to explain it „each instance, same answer or method”. Repetetive experiment testing and same outcomes are also out of the question, that’s why no one — most likely — will ever prove to another that two years ago he focused enough energy to conjure a lightning. Not only it would be unpurposeful, but also an act of prostitution from an ethical standpoint. And „proving a point” is not a honest way of dealing with the language of Gods, nor being respectful of such.

Note: That of course is not done in a plain „empty mind-space”, we move in pre-existing conditions, in which plenty of visible and invisible orders are already in place. They may contradict, deceive, or further our understanding, but the majority of work is up to us and our intelligence and keenness in understanding. If we are gifted by the Deities or spirit-worlds as our supreme teachers, we apply ourselves to understanding and work, otherwise we end up in mental shrapnel, delusion and insanity. All are called continuously, yet who decided to walk the path? How we act and react towards this calling is up for us to decide

Hidden Psychology

Human beings are captured in unconscious search for total merging with the object of their absolute essence, through a vague subject: it is this refined nature that sublimated becomes their star; It is not relative, it is the plotting of forces of ideas that are living and that are highest projections of synergy that some call a „God”. This is not to deny the metaphysical aspect of totality, it is not to call everything a projection; They are notions that re-deify humans, as they relate to them in continuous casts of reality-tunnels and their perspective towards the whole, or become the prisoners of their mental delusions, and thus move away from inquiry into their very essence related to their species.

Mental continuum and topography is like mountains of standards and principles, discoveries and new frontiers. New ones to climb and valleys of habits, the known, the explored, the foundational are seen afar, or surveyed from the top. There are Bed-rivers of common thought-habits, emotional and instinctual drives that were permeated, with used waterways and unused, dried up ones. They are winds that move through the land touching something with a bright breeze, or a hurricane, there are magma-rivers and volcanoes, trigger points that are combustible, or burning everything on their way. There are earthquakes, and catastrophes, breakdowns, and unleashed force and energy. Too, they are oceans of our pain, and glory, all the extremes and experience unexplored, forgotten, unchartered longings, the unconscious, or rather — forgotten things. There are chthonic and telluric caves, and waterways. These, better left untouched, upon mining and exploration, chaos and order that a man or a woman is capable of emerges to the fore. To be in charge of one’s mental continuum. To settle on the throne of consciousness, giving orders to the ministers of all — that is to be well self-governed. Likewise, to defend and round up the enemies, or opposition, when our wholeness is under siege, fortifying when necessary, and letting it go when it is necessary to re-organize. Thus habits take their own course, referenced towards the Ch’ien (Heavens). The guiding principles, as if Super Ego or individuated imprint are discovered through observation, intellect, synthesis, feeling, mental shifts and perceptions. The ones that are resonating with the movement and with more stable reference points as a golden mean — intellectual instrument metaphysized. Bad habits and patterns are recognized as poisonous towards oneself and others measured against what was discovered as beneficent in relation to one’s nature. Moreover, it attempt to establish a measure of happiness in contrast with what was discovered through the golden mean, and against the deceptive „mud-river” of bad habits and inclinations. These are conditioned through perception of „cause and effect” interactions (co-arising of perceived events in relation to existent mental sphere), suffering, pain (trauma-induced habits), irresolution, disparity, continuous torment, unjustified, irrational received events, etc. and interactions with others. When they work against us and imprison us in theirs momenta, freezing us in perceived auto-destructive states, until we learn to re-centre the mandala of focus, concentration around different things. We are understanding and cleansing the harmed elements, as long as they do not become to devastating, or too hardly imprinted to overcome, by damaging our mind. Thus principles are established by their understanding, they are absorbed through continuous practice through sustainment, incorporation through appliance and fencing off nuisances. No matter how many times we fall into the perception of others as something else, we are solely responsible for sustaining the work, and amending, correcting ourselves to set our aspirations, standards etc. straight. Inasmuch as we are not responsible for the perceptions of others, their belief-systems, and their way of seeing us at every state, every moment is thus shaping their „ideas about us”, and “ideas about ourselves”. Thus we continue through various states, our minds influenced by myriads of things, yet holding on to our conscious spirit and strengthening our will we persevere. Mind wraps around the body: psychosomatic. What wraps around the mind may deform it, destroy it, subvert it, sabotage it etc. In magical action the will and focus wraps around the mind. And it wraps around the most important component, defined as “condensed totality of our existence focused through a trained mind into a single concentric point through which all flows”. Namely — a Spirit, localized in-between eye-brows felt as a strong “dot of powerful light”, submersed in greater things of the world, not separate. This concentric point once strengthened, mediating between the mind and its HGA, attempts to to elevate the mind. Thus it should wrap around the higher faculties of the mind and feeling through conscious effort, the directing HGA, or Akh. The point of refined totality, gaining spatio-temporal advantage over the local mind and world and its deformations by imposing self-government from a conscious meta-level.

One may try to understand phenomena as separate entities, but it is merely symptomatic of being lured into an illusion. For a nascent mind is already embedded in complex relationships, to liberate itself it needs to penetrate to foundations and dismantle the whole network in which it was embedded to reintegrate at a former state — pure awareness. It merely creates an appearance of separation through the mechanisms of perceiving the external subject in antithesis to the developed selfhood. However, selfhood was at first a construct emerging in-between observed subjects and subjectification of the self in relation to these subjects, and then wrapped in logic of language reports about the situation. It is as if a mirroring, only then it became a process separate from registered phenomena, and even then so, quite fuzzy in the perception of separateness. For are we separated from our thoughts, our senses, our mind? Without the mind, and a mind that can relate, we could not assert our existence, we could not philosophize, mentate, or reach for metaphysical realizations. It is necessary to develop one’s selfhood, authentic existence, a self-asserting separation, that is not torn by the world left and right, to mature, individuate, and metaphysicize one’s existence. Further returning from separation into unity. An infant cannot understand the intellectual Godhead on its own. Perhaps intuitively, in its play which is complete, within its spontaneous scope of homo ludens, as a participation mystique, but only someone who is self-conscious and understood the process may empty oneself of relations and create some inner space for it to develop, and work with it consciously without being torn apart by every influence along the way. It is a build-up of complex inter-relationships that are embedded in ever greater ones; It is to be outside of one’s mind to assess the patterns of the mental continuum of one’s mind from an alternate, pseudo-external vantage point. The thin separating line of the ‘us’ and the ‘world’ is in fact merely a semi-translucent membrane in various degrees of closeness, or remoteness. What is finding its way into the domain of our universe of meanings and discourse, what is the territory of the ‘knowns’ and thus becomes personal, close and dear? Or quite the opposite, what is so remote that is ‘unknown’, not ours and remote. Thus we absorb the world into selfhood, carnivores of conceptual maps, and conquer new territories by identifying ourselves with that world, repeating the same theatres from childhood. When our favourite toy was external, but was ours, and when we played in establishing a specific relation with that toy. Too often we think it is something solid, like our selfhood, here we see the ability of a human being to assert that something impermanent, and ever-changing is in fact something unchangeable and lasting. That, however is the question of memory of the selfhood and preserving its continuity, a conjured image of the mind, not real in any sense. Only by acquiring such sense of relationships and inter-dependencies one might separate from the process that gave birth to the selfhood itself. First, it acquires the ability to recognize the different shapes, colours, tastes, and it develops the sensory function, then it starts to create categories of things. It is done by similar patterns to name things, yet it is still not separation from the subjects of its perception. Afterwards through acquisition of names and perception of subjects as separate entities, it starts to perceive that it may constitute itself in separation from objects. Thus it establishes itself as a subject of the process of perceiving subjects, and here grows the feeling of selfhood, or awareness of being an individual. Later it is imbued with identities, in-groups, out-groups, roles and status. Here the individual grows into patterns acquired from the mentors, culture, society and peers. The process of individuation is a way of asserting oneself as a part of this process, yet it is something more, for here again we cease to be a subject of the process of perception. We become an object whose subject is ourselves — we consciously mold and shape our individuality, we select our paths, and we mature in our choices.

To understand how a mind works, it is necessary to understand how extreme states are fleshing out its dynamisms in clear patterns and then indicate how subtle states modulate the regular processes. When something is amplified, it is much more visible. Transgressive, peak and anomalistic experiences emphasize psychological functions to the extremes, so that they can be observed in such states. How the working of a physiological brain, and nervous system, apart from the neurological, electro-conductive, bio-electromagnetic and biochemical structure, or ‘hard-wiring’ is modified by the means of energy, training and will. How nine „souls” or different components of the „whole” of spiritual vehicles are operating, modified, and rectified. How non-local consciousness, and local consciousness immersed in the mind is mediated by perception, memories, senses and insights, leading to the transformation and development in relation to order and network of connections in which it is embedded. It may be a direct key leading to the understanding of the source of experiences, its domains and dimensions, and a general outline of a new mind theory. Assaying to shed new light on the sea of energy and consciousness in which it is submersed in variegated complexities of a topography of its being. It would enable conscious utilizing of transcendent resources and a more conscious participation in the world, and effective communication with spaces and dimensions which appear, at the current stage of understanding — seemingly impossible to reach, yet alone existing.

Any particular psychic setting (moods, emotions, feelings, cognitive framework, instincts, circumstances) of interaction will underline the individuated aspect of a mind. An external source, which is possessing its own character, situational nature and is to be differentiated from the personality core and mental character of the individual, or his or hers personal genii. What is dormant and hidden is, however, transformed by coming together either with a situation of novelty, of confrontation, either in mental simulation, induced mental state like trance or meditation or in real life events. To know thyself is to know one’s nature, character, true will, direction or rather their extent and range, as they fluctuate. To an under-developed mind, it is easy thus to confuse the automated, conditioned setting, for one’s authentic will. One may confuse an induced reaction as homogeneous with one’s authentic move, whereas its false. There are these influences called co-operands that are extending and attuning the general mind-frame towards the better, self-shaped, or mentored that also has to be recognized and established. That, according to one’s preference, discernment, aspiration, and established reference points, thus one also needs to know aim and direction. There are these factors called disruptors, that have a regressive, degenerative, disintegrating or diminishing influence as compared to a given mind-frame and one’s aspirations. The interpretation of mental fluctuations of the mind depends on experience in introspective observation of one’s mind, senses, energies, and its habits and inclinations, from a meta-perspective, i.e. transcending the mind itself. Often pre-emptively detecting changes in the subliminal fluctuating current of the mental stream may bind it to the volitional areas, and thus either allow to be put under its influence, remedying it, blocking it, or disciplining the mind.

For example a mental formation of an idea borrowed from a notion of yet higher sort is processed by cognitive models, styles of thought, epistemic structures, perceptions, sensory synergy etc. Furthermore — synthesis, moods and feelings along the inclinations charged with energy of a given sort, while unfolding in manifested experience etc. It may be overtaken and distorted through a different set of perceptions, mental flows, currents, natures, and characters. In this sense it is distorting the genuine, unique, authentic movement of the mind, by tainting it with its own energy. Before the genuine mental formation settles in, in tune with the cognitive training and filtering, it forms and is ready for interpretation and reduction. Another example is to reify it in art, words, science, movement, symbolical act. It may be, however, distorted subliminally, or pre-cognitively (on thought-form emanation level). All forms of mental continuum distortions should be treated in a detached, disinterested manner as mental noise, focusing on the task at hand. Debris that may be induced, or may be a form of conditioned mental responses, that are irrational, have more to do with unconscious image-affect constellations and cognitive-behavioural training and dynamic programming than self-governing actions. Under certain conditions such debris may constitute a parasitic egregore, e.g. the seed of obsessive-compulsive thought patterns, or behavioural patterns when psycho-motoric factors come into play and perpetuate its effect on the mind, if not cut directly to destroy it. All such operations are performed mentally with a working energy body, or through intermediaries.

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drukowana A5
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