drukowana A5
Adventures of Redhead.

Adventures of Redhead.

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drukowana A5
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O książce

This book is about adventure and willingness to discover foreign cultures as well as the inner self. Little Redhead is visiting various faraway lands. In each, she meets fortune-telling creatures. They help her understand the complexity of the world, friendship and love. Redhead is a lecturing book filled with short educational stories for intermediate learners of the English language. Lose yourself in the stories of the little red-haired traveler and her friend Tofik.


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Klaudia Matera
Klaudia is an untamed adventurer who fiercely loves savage journeys throughout the unknown. Not only she seeks it but always finds it. Klaudia is a traveler, translator, English tutor and passionate writer. She loves the cultures of the Middle East and always learns as much as possible about literally everything. This hungry-for-knowledge woman visits at least 7 countries per year. Up to this date, she has visited more than 27 faraway lands. Her beloved destination is Kenia as well as its people. One day you find her in the middle of the desert, crossing untamed dunes while the other time you meet her in the center of New York.
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