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Our professional proofreaders will correct
any mistakes and misprints in your book.
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Invite a proofreader
We engage only the best proofreaders to work with books.
They will correct any errors and compose all text elements in
the same way.
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We will correct
mistakes and misprints
in your book
We will calculate
the text volume
And the cost of service
Proofreading Pricing
The cost of proofreading is based on the amount of characters in your book. Our rate is €20 per 40,000 characters (including spaces). You can easily calculate the cost for your book by clicking the button below.
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Fast Turnaround
Usually proofreading takes at least 5 business days, but we can do it faster. Our managers will calculate an urgent order price by request.
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Flawless grammar
We ensure perfect grammar in your book
We will help you to get rid of all the grammar, spelling,
and punctuation errors in your book.
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We will be happy to help
if you have any questions!
Email us at support@ridero.eu
or call us at +44 20 33223189