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Our professional proofreaders will correct
any mistakes and misprints in your book.

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We engage only the best proofreaders to work with books.
They will correct any errors and compose all text elements in
the same way.

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We will correct
mistakes and misprints
in your book

Proofreading Pricing

The cost of proofreading is based on the amount of characters in your book. Our rate is €20 per 40,000 characters (including spaces). You can easily calculate the cost for your book by clicking the button below.

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We will calculate
the text volume
And the cost of service
Fast Turnaround
Usually proofreading takes at least 5 business days, but we can do it faster. Our managers will calculate an urgent order price by request.
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Amazing makeup software,
excellent technical support,
all necessary instruments to promote the
book, well-drawn up contract
Александра Давыдова
I instantaneously liked
the Ridero’s technical support team.
They always found
the answer
to all my questions :)
Вячеслав Прах
Ridero is a model
of the future publishing business.
It is a platform "with a human face"
and not a set of soulless instruments.
Ridero employs people
who know and love books.
Александр Молчанов

We will be happy to help
if you have any questions!

Email us: support-en@ridero.ru