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The Cursed Divinity

Bezpłatny fragment - The Cursed Divinity

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Know this that you are never alone and there are always people who want to and will help you.

„Boring Lovesongs”

the man was never interested

in the romantic cinema

dancing to the violin

and organizing picnics by the seaside



yet his words

and his own

declarations of love

were the most interesting rituals

tearing up her eyes

way more

than the old violin song

that man

her own enigma

„Honey Beer”

he was the one

to teach her how to drink

and when shopping in the store

she chose a honey beer

he chuckled at her

yet she explained

she wanted it to be bittersweet

just the way he was

the type of his demeanor

as well

„Mellowing Whispers”

before a sultry

rough night

lying in wait for them

each time he had been

denuding her

from the extravagant lingerie

and endowing her swan neck

with a recurrent kiss

it has always been

transparent for her

that every solo peck

committed using his lips

would be preceded by a mild whisper

balmily mumbled into her ear

about how unscathed she should feel

with his arms

framing her waist

with his phrases

evincing her name

— the labyrinth of inconvenient lies

undesignated yet

accompanied by the harshness of the aim

„Delightfulness Overload”

at the very first gathering

her esteemed mother

already went head over heels

with how he would dissolve any cloud cover

— the mechanism he intimated

to tend her bosom offspring hankering

it was the genus of a son

she had set her heart on to obtain

with his enunciative words of wonder

more sugar-coated than

her renowned cheesecake

she baked again for them

once the two sojourned betwixt the saunter

and her baby gem to glint

cheering intensifies

from a chrysalis

to a prismatic butterfly

as she does

her little girl

for the first time with a man

smitten by

„The Inky Black Inception”

stroking his hair

and putting a kiss on his forehead

each morning before he left

hadn’t been thought and hadn’t been considered

the sharpest nails in the coffin

still yet back then

the entrance to the warren

she stands before its gates

she is unaware and she is innocent

and he is the one she wants to follow

and according to the girl only with him the page

of her lifetime’s history can be written down

she wouldn’t even dare imagine the blackest of inks

bursting, ebbing, staining all the next ones in that manual

her fondness will give more

than just a common pen

and will give him the master key


to open the wicket

and madly take her by the hand

to soon start his master show

without having it held by the end of

„The Wicked Semblance Mastery”

the girl’s father patting him on the shoulder

and her momma kissing the guy’s forehead too

such sincere signs

probably the most solemn

for accepting her one

there goes the evil and two-faced contentment

and that his oftentimes reprised promise

to always hold her tight to his chest

to turn the miss into the missus

and how proud was the boy’s stare

and how fulfillingly fed was his ego

approval and pride — everyone’s delight

the comfort for the next few sweet whiles

before the gifted rose turning unfortunate

would unveil and evince the piercing blade

of the shrouded thorn to everyone

showing around — to sightsee some kind

of the extensive hell on Earth

the entrance to the maze of sundry shadows

with the guide man as a fool and a rogue to leave

as they desiderate for to break through and exit

fallacious his dastardly masquerade

„Ephemeral Cloud Nine”

the couple seeming so ordinary

with their feelings on cloud nine

and their parents over the moon

— such a love story divine

yet dare I ask — who to expect how it will vary?

and who — who to foresee how it will turn out anon?

such terrestrial paradise

the seventh heaven earthbound

interrupted by the devil also sublunary

for now it’s all shrouded deep inside

but just a matter of time when it gets external

like all of them ordinary

yet so minacious

he is crawling closer and closer by

and it’s so woebegone to announce

it’s so dolorous to have it pronounced


all their notions for the future

all the elatedness

when the faculty of sight turned to such utopia

is imperiled by

a wily dystopia

aiming to overlap

„Promises From Hell”

he was faithful when it came to her

and his relations with other women

the quality of his fidelity

— unfeigned unquestionably

but when it came to the way

he looked at truths and lies

his vows and promises once made

and those kept ones

it was a one big question

one big doubt


she did decide

to seek all the answers needed

his own reply

„Will To Redeem”

as she threw her shreds of altercation at him

promptly out of her mouth

they both realized — nay inductions

these sentences had been replicated divers of times

‘…I just want to have us rescued’

quoth the female

de novo the prelude to her mental agony

with crystal yet dreary tears welling up in her eyes

it was only him present

during the gruelling debate;

her monologue to enjoin;

her pleading summary

and he responded with having had no clue

so how could you have it by any chance?

but would anybody really venture to say

with crossing one’s particularly continuous heart

that she was demanding a luxury

even though she anyhow professed

to have been howling and weeping

did plain and sob

for the boy consisting of an exquisite gold

'the heart-throb worth a king’s ransom withal'

as she had a certitude about

through all the time with a chiming clock?

„The Tightening Void”

the couple wasn’t consentaneous

as from his side that usual empty gaze

only silence remained

as the answer she had needed so desperate

and once it will be another his hush

and twice will come her disconsolateness

and once it will be something like a soothing rain

the relieving docility — the cordiality untold from him

and twice it will be the innocent girl’s bane

the smell of scourge and the taste of torment

and once it will be his shout or a motion

and twice it will be her leniency so immediate

and once it will be his whisper of love

and twice will she repeat her own

focused on and entwined with his hoaxical saccharinity

criss-cross — the chequer so tight — arduous to unravel

such onerous web toilsome to unknot

no use in mentioning any external space while there

yet the internal lacuna at the time — not to refell

and once it will be any his interchangeable move

and twice will be her own

.  .  .  ?

„Bearing The Cross”

‘every couple has to go

through the same;

all people in love sometimes

do fight and complain’

that was what she said

what she thought

after another arguments

had turned against her lucid hopes

for them

to reconcile

to finally go on

once again

with such sensation

she tragically chooses to bear

his own cross

all the time tilting at windmills

for his implicit salvation

despite the rues are lacked;

not desired is his potential urge for to reconstruct;

his 'perhaps still possible' metamorphosis

is wilfully being kept out of sight

all the misdeeds

he wouldn't adjust

„Inimical Bliss Of The Ignorance”

that woman discerned

somewhere inside

he was the constituent of

something furtive she was still yet to decipher

it was so visceral

and even when sometimes

it was driving her crazy

he kept on remaining and prevailing

as silent as the grave

with every next gaze gone exchanged

with every move he made

it was becoming

plain sailing to stand

undemanding to desist the fright

at least for a few moments more back then

the carousel of feelings and thoughts

goes round and round

and the mobility is smooth

as long as there is enough of soothingness

to calm the anxiety

and hide the truth

„The Truth About Drawbacks”


of a human

having ones


some of them are

one hundred percent fine

to be totally accepted

yet some of them

cannot be treated like


but what shall be obvious:

none of them

shall ever do harm

shall ever seriously affect you


such mist of feelings

and honeyed talks

still rudimentarily shushed is

every cry

the dense haze dances before her sight

„Jewellery Of Chains And Thorns”

each 'magnanimously' gifted petal corolla

— just a mutated thorn

and each 'generously' shelled out necklace or bracelet

conspiratorially ripened into a Janus-faced chain

— out of them the youthful man thoroughly involved

was crafting and manufacturing

the crown for his queen

for he used to claim her to be one permanently

hearken to me as I speak

her illusive diadem doesn’t equal your aureole

and the chains no matter how crystally polished

they always start to squeeze and cause blood

as foremost

you coronate the girl’s heartbreak developed

but little do you know

such tiara unfolded might lead to the gore

and no — not this time

don’t you venture to disdain nor dare shut your eyes

it’s not a fatuous joke

yet you’d better ne’er steer her to the punchline

of what you are doing

heaven forfend —

'what have you done'

„Mephitic Loveliness: What You Shall Remember”

even the most

beautiful toxin

of the most

delicious taste

is still toxic itself

„New Year’s Hopes”

the only wish of her

for to happen

to come true

in the fresh oncoming year

were fireworks

such thunderous

colorful and bright

just like those in the sky

of the very first January’s night

„(Never)Ending Fireworks”

that prodigious power

those variegated tinctures

and that dazzling refulgence

emblems of her unfaltering hopes

for her precious one to descry

and conjoin to have shared

fireworks he always esteemed

yet espied her way

in their fair feelings exchange

the reciprocity of effort

mutual indeed

the endeavor for to always uplift

without misgivings supervened

without chaos applied

such an idyllic sphere of joy

and that persistent — doubtless

seeking for a spent together

in alliance

heartening — yet in sooth

forever just 'tomorrow' — ne’er 'today'

„The Almighty One”

denominating her his fragile angel

cleping a little dove so frail

with the urgent aegis of guardianship

for the 'tool inamorata' to derive from him

she had seen him portrayed

as an overprotective man

with that glacé confabulation and an eagle eye

so idiosyncratically cautious

yet with an also adoring stare

like all of a sudden fulfilled the icy emptiness

all of that for nothing else

but to admire

and be abundantly proud

'to have him nigh — the lucky one'

and speaking of his 'interesting' possession

of such a peculiar set of features

the kind of her desired truth — at least temporally

but with the time she was able to deduce

the gist beneath the flickering winks of those his eyes

what he had been capable of

what he had needed them mostly for

the half-truths' darker halves                lurking in a lucent camouflage

„The Violent Pace”

he had been reviewing himself a gentleman

to always escort her only through the paths

where their areas

had been supposed to be 'safe'

but there came a precipitated turn of action

an unexpected twist of fate

so orderless and perilous

when the 'gentlemen' had to get in fight

for the first time before her eyes

„The Path To Menace”

skipping a heartbeat and having her blood run cold

managed she to vamoose

from shotguns' launched reverberation

the triggers pulled expectorating lead

as even their trail orated to have been shielded

was intemperately set in the sunless conflagration

the master danger

the maximal risk

compared to treading

on the promptly cracking glacier

yet that time the element was different

these were embers

and she was trudging through barefoot

and not only that meticulous day

but since the onset — since the genesis

and they weren’t only underneath

they were also being thrown at

for that she was sometimes even bound to agree

— her further approval even though

nefariously spellbound and out of guilt

disastrously had a meaning

he was complacent to wield

„The Ostensible Relief”

only when finally back in his arms

she felt like a human being the most alive

only then

her unforeseen and afeared shouts went quiet

for the upcoming evanescent span of time

only then

all the activated infernos around

seemed to originate the will to expire

it had always been glimpsed the same way

no matter the course of events

but what will happen next just right here and now?

the ostensible relief — its systematic reconstruction

into the accruing unawareness's reconnaissance

the geysers still asleep — to awaken pronto

the volcanoes' range — for all of them to erupt

the avalanches — the army of rising frosty stalagmites

the floods of tears — their ginormous devouring tides

please, take my hand and confide in me

for there are always refuges aligned

where the relief sempiternal is

revolutionized into definite bliss

and cardinal serenity to love and live

„Livid Blue”

thanking God

for their deliverance

and her desperate urge

to embosom her sweetheart safe and sound

was succeeded

by when all the indignation lit

her beguiling eyes

and let the pearly lakes of tears

stream down her cheeks

blushing erubescent

the lacrimae’s freshet unanticipated

like subterranean waters did blow out

the forceful and zingy waterfalls

once as the blade they do glow

she was simply livid


asking 'what was that supposed to mean?'

and heading back to where they used to live

scared of every midget shadow on their way

though still unaware

of his own crepuscular self

of nothing being about

to factually look the same anymore

„Latest Way To Elucidate!”

here comes the elucidation

of the things gone

'outta his control'

here comes another revelation

of his words of honor

a yet another pretty declaration of love

yet with an even 'prettier' one

due to the promised protection

and everything being as it used to be

— everything being allegedly 'alright'

— request to stay instead of for to run

„Deceptive Are Appearances”

the lady so youthful frowned

and bit with her teeth white as snow

her glossy lips the taste of once strawberry

now embittered

for his strategies for to comfort with a tender kiss:

all of them one by one — indignantly dismissed

and yet through shaking voice

the female lover’s admission was crystal clear

it wasn’t the man she had met once

it wasn’t the life she had planned

neither of those was her choice made

once upon a time

does all the attachment transpire

to suddenly have been

and to always be in vain?

are all the blandishments

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