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The Cursed Divinity

The Cursed Divinity

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‘it was a kind of 'love’ in which breaking-up wasn’t the most tragic part — it was fatal itself — pathological one revering too much — and the other ruining the first — the addiction just to take one away — metaphorically and in literal shall never be glorified — nor ignored indistinguishable by anyone — yet tried to be helped — to be avoided — or to be healed — for to evade — shall be warned against — the given abuse — all condemned itself — the cursed divinity’ 'Around nine months passed since my debut’s release. Now I am back with my second volume of poetry. It is way darker than the previous one, but its’ theme and the message behind it are not any less important, in my opinion. The language is more ambitious and extended in contrary to the style of my first book, and after all — I hope the story behind the poems included in the second book will also bring some reflections to your mind. Although, no matter what your further opinion about this one will be — bear it in mind that I am privileged and honored for you are holding this piece of my own combined verses and for that you gave it a try. All the best and please, always be careful, keep your eyes (and mind) open when it comes to what you do, where you are or who you are with in your life. In case anything improper happened and you could not bear it on your own, do not hesitate to seek help from any trustworthy source. Do not think twice, tell somebody around or go to www.befrienders.org and type in your country for a list of helplines. Know this that you are never alone and there are always people who want to and will help you.’ — Katarzyna Neczek [August 14th, 2019] ⭐️ The writing process’ time: November 2018 - May 2019 ⭐️ Official release date: 14.08.2019 ⭐️ No. of pages: 122 ⭐️ All the poems written by Katarzyna Neczek ⭐️ The coverpage picture by Katarzyna Neczek Trigger warnings: described violence, blood, suffering, threats, abuse, distorted point of view




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Katarzyna Neczek
Katarzyna Neczek
18-years old English language poet raised and living in Poland. Even though paraplegic due to heart’s surgery failure in 2002, never loses hope and inspiration to live a good life and create along with sharing her writings with other people. Personally a huge dog lover.