Stanzas from an Empire

Bezpłatny fragment - Stanzas from an Empire

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Stanzas from an Empire

Dedicated to Providence, past masters and mistresses, may their genius flourish and teach from beyond.

To my grandfather, who taught me as a small boy how to be a man.

Dear Readers,

The Book of Changes and other authoritative works from various cultures and long-gone civilizations have helped me get through times of madness and confusion of senses and mind. I would like to share my experience with you and leave comments and interpretations based on this hypophetic task. My main reference was the following edition:

The I Ching or Book of Changes
The Richard Wilhelm Translation rendered into English by Cary F. Baynes. Foreword by C. G. Jung
Preface to the Third Edition by Hellmut Wilhelm
© 1950, 1967, renewed 1977 edition

If we are among the old, we should dare to speak to them. People often have more in common than we think. Giants who created the foundations of great systems of thought, philosophy, virtues, social, political, mystical or religious systems — they were only and above all men

Every book is written by a thinking man or woman, it is an avant-garde of his mind, carrying the flags of the blood of their life. The book is not a man in itself, it is a reduction of his intellectual and spiritual potential, but it allows us to dive into the depth of the complexity of another sentient mind. When we find commonalities, we can reflect on them and identify with them, recreate and reconstruct them to understand what the ancients were trying to convey, and to carry the torch of enlightenment into the modern world

I draw from my personal experience, gathered during an intense magical psychosis, from years of pain and sacrifice, from greater horrors and agonies, and from lighter moments of happiness and relief. My mind was a peculiar laboratory of humanity. So, by collecting experiences, observing and interacting with other people and trying to understand them better in their subjectivity and intersubjectivity, I thought that I would see more from the flying height of a dragon. Therefore, in my own eyes, I was an emperor and a beggar, a star child and a defeated mortal in a whole spectrum of personalities changing like masks and images in a kaleidoscope — each of them I lived out fully, to the last breath, as if an actor were growing into his role, both in crazy, light movements and in heavy, serious profundity

As a cosmographer trying to move through the social „contract”, exploring the inner millieu of meanings without falling apart, reaching for the sky — this is a titanic act!

I have reinterpreted most of the selected stanzas to relate to the temple of humanity and my personal reflections to gain dominion over myself, the throne of consciousness, the self as heart and soul, people and ministers are our organism, our senses, our thoughts. These terms are interchangeable in the social sense, but I have focused on the way of the sage rather than the hero, the ruler of men. It is a l’etat c’est moi of a lost empire deep in my old thoughts

Sincerely, 7.223—7.233


The metaphor of the chorus, with the key and melody set by the whole — drowning out the discordant voices or influencing them for the better — and with individuals now and again offering solos that resonate with the harmony of the whole, is evidently suited not only to the gathering bu also to the relationship between past and present. The ‘common culture’ against which the poet, for example, defines himself both sets limits that are freely acknowledged and finds preservation in his work. Just so, the “partnership” of dialogue enjoys a reciprocal relationship with “modest restraint,” on the one hand encouraging and rewarding it, on the other governed and preserved by it. Both the “partnership” and the individual are well served.

Macrobius, Ambrosius Theodosius, and Robert A. Kastner. 2011. Saturnalia. 1, 1. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard Univ. Press, Introduction, XLIII

Vincula non attingunt rationem, intellectum et mentem, nisi quae iocunda sunt, bona et vera, nempe perfectiva.

Omnis enim falsitas, ignorantia, improbitas et iniustitia sunt extra rationem, intellectum et mentem, non in ratione, intellectu et mente.

Do not attain reason, intellect and thinking, for the sake of nothing that is not splendid, good and truhful, nothing that is perfect, for all falsity, ignorance, and injustice is incompatible with the notions of intellect, memory, reason, intellect and thinking.

— Giordano Bruno, Theses De Magia, LIV


It is the creative spirit, the starry vaults, beyond the sum of the power of all the stars, the power of all the orders of the galaxies, superior to anything imaginable, worlds of infinite power, pure light, pure beauty, pure power, invincible and initiating. It is perfectly consistent and self-evident, without flaw in auto-phaneia, without rupture, powerful and infinitely mighty, it represents its unbroken, untainted, complete, and holy power. The starry heavens signify and signify at the same time, they are a type and a sign, they represent, they symbolize, and they are both traces and essences. The force opens the gates of space and time. Time is a force of the first degree that emerges from the force, and so space opens. Duration is the strength of the force, or its potency. Here the young race of men is trying to create a cosmography that relates to heaven and reflects the order on earth, as well as expressing the cosmic impulse of the creative heaven in its entirety. The individualized man and woman are devoted to the creative forces of heaven, Chuang Tzu and the „companion of heaven”, moving in harmony with the rhythm, gathering greatness to move lightly through the world, all in perfect serenity, completely obvious, without obstacles.

Perseverance is as the water shapes the rock, as the bird flies, inexhaustible perseverance of the creative powers of heaven. Everything evolves for the right man and woman at the right time, through effort and perseverance, they gather, evolve, knot and dissolve in harmony, all in accord with expression, they find a way to live by being in harmony with the creative forces of heaven, whenever they are hurt, ignorant, deluded, off target, disharmonious, out of tune, the eternal source of heaven does not stop. It is the people who stop expressing their spirit by falling under the dominion of appearances.

Sublimity and subtlety, the power within is like a blade, it is never drawn and is mild and serene, it is generous, but it demonstrates through weighted wisdom and strength determined to return to itself, the jade dagger is a ceremonial artifact, and it represents devotion to tradition and heaven, it never symbolizes strife, it is the purity of its balance and a focused determination, subtlety is impartial and just, well discriminating and measuring, consulting the heavens to reflect them on earth, trying to understand the heavens and the laws of heaven and earth, and in agreement and harmony and changes, adjust accordingly. All ideas, understood as divine motive forces, contained before the Creative Force initiates movements by force, lead to their multiplicity in their phenomenal variety. Perfect ideas come down from the Creative Heavens. Through divine proportions stemming from perfection the forces and ideas are delineated by form, thus a Cosmos — or an order.

All unworldly time promotes the man and woman of heaven, for they are in unison, they are called and answer”, „they call and receive”, numinous infinity calls down into the world of time and space, the world of change may be at odds with the man and woman of heaven, yet they do not give up perseverance, renewal, refinement, continuity. A continuous potency of the realization of harmony, expanding the sphere of harmony and rounded off in harmony with every instance of being through multiple changes and renewals.

Love should be understood as „human feeling”, perhaps as „humanity” — love follows humanity and is an obvious term — which is difficult to define. Confucius avoided defining humanity, perhaps it is something like recognizing or approaching the divine nature, but it is still quite ambiguous.

In tradition, hierarchy of agreement, free people agreeing on a hierarchy of merit, service, religious, social order, piety with social mobility, since people are not equal in their characteristics — the differences lead to hierarchies based on justice, when no one is really excluded, no one, all are included (in ancient times there were no such exclusionary features as „racism” or „exclusionary religions”) and one is in harmony with one’s position on the „earthly theater”, while at the same time people and their merits and abilities change, they are allowed to rise and fall in the social ranks. Plato’s „Republic” was implemented with great success in China during the Tang period. Justice is regulative, in essence it is the distribution of power based on profound laws; — as the power of ideas, it is a reactive way to restore harmony when injustice — disharmony — occurs.

By observing the law of causality, one sees events arise in time and thus penetrates their laws, sometimes like a fool (eye of joy) Cassandra (eye of hamartia), sometimes like a prophet (eye of vision), sometimes like a sage (eye of wisdom), sometimes like a saint (eye of consolation), sometimes like a hawk (Eye of Foresight), sometimes like a lion (Eye of Action), sometimes like a dragon (Eye of Depth), sometimes like a broken-hearted man (Eye with a Tear), sometimes like a chameleon (Eye of Change), sometimes like a pig (Eye of Gain)

All inferior and uncouth things, inconsistent with the reflections of the celestial law, hover like a hawk high in the air, and, having been seen, embody the observations in man or woman, in spite of the obstacles which seek to fix them in irrelevant things, and so radiate them in speech, action, deed, thought, attitude, perseverance, whenever possible-the effort to fix the movements of the mind by a reference or coordinate system; inferior or degrading is to develop bad habits, including mental ones. Therefore, it is important to correct oneself and make changes when one fails.

The limiting responsibility of the mind surrenders more to focus and concentration, when the activity is well-formed, a diamond-like clarity emerges

Someone who is touched by the dragon’s lightning is awakened to action like a hero or a sage, as if he receives the power and shapes it. The inner truth is always more important than scattering it to the winds through unconscious, thoughtless activities. It is the fundamental power which can be easily compromised by exposure, keep it! Unfortunate external movements should never affect the inner serenity. The constancy of an action, an event fades and becomes powerless when it is groundless and is constantly renewed when it is part of the expression of power and laws. What appears to be constant in the eyes of people is only an illusion, the movement of the starry sky is followed without consideration.

Acquiring something prematurely, when one is neither prepared to handle it, could lead to a misfortune, nor are the circumstances present to make the event possible

Destiny is to be discovered by the True Will; the latter is to be sought to coincide with the expressive powers of Heaven. The Will of the One is one, it is the movement of the Divine Ideas, the expressions are different in the world of man and woman, according to individuation and discovered destiny one becomes a master in the field of his inner work

Be warned, if one loses one’s inner composure and reason and allows oneself to be drawn into the machinations of others or into uncouth, vulgar, base, and low things, one will stand out negatively according to the standard of judgement of others and thus be despised. What appears to be pride to others can often be protective instinct. Adopt a humble and soft external attitude so that you will not be judged as arrogant but stay the course and carry it through with strength. Ambition is the force that goes beyond one’s strength and measure, whether meant well or badly, and damages the structure of one’s aspirations, works and deeds. When we soar too high, we fall to the ground and into the ruins of our works

Both ways are firm and right, according to the measure and correct estimation of times and changes. A failed wise man deserves the derision of the hells, but should rehabilitate himself if he does not lack strength, a true one is perfectly one with the sky, a companion

If you ignore the interdependence, the community, you build a mental tower over it, although you are a prisoner of yourself, you separate and fall into evil things: delusion, ignorance, anger, you begin to loathe your friends, the community, other species

Earth is dedicated to heaven in terms of the order of creative superiority. Deviation from this proportion and analogy inevitably leads to disharmony and disorder, both at the individual and societal levels. Yet this order must be created within the Buddhist creed of „I alone am worshipped in heaven”. The self finds its way, which at first is an arrogant statement, but contains a pervasive truth, namely that the one who follows the way is the way itself, in harmony with the way of the greater whole. The emperor sat on the throne of his consciousness, gathered his senses, mind, heart and soul, and thus directed the affairs of his self in harmony with Heaven. He is the sole ruler — over himself, over himself and over all social arrangements that emerge from human beings and order, renew and promote heavenly expression. When an emperor is drawn into political bickering, partisanship, and distractions, compromising his inner self and truth, his steadfastness and perseverance on the path, Heaven withdraws and he becomes just a man on a fictitious throne, commanding people left and right without any sense. Chuang Tzu was fit to be an emperor but refused the crown so as not to compromise himself. The Confucian choice is to establish order and connect with the world, laying the foundation for the next generations. Self-sacrifice is based on an assessment of one’s inner self and one’s abilities. Many who wanted to „rule benevolently” disregarded their strength, which turned into petty weakness, and they were defeated. And how can we be better than those who were before, when our weaknesses speak against such self-sacrifice. Mahayana Buddhism holds that one is judged by the „net effects of one’s actions” and not by one’s intentions, because according to the rules of causality, one sets in motion karmic strands and ideational threads that take root in hearts, souls, and minds that are interconnected and interdependent, and the more the world is globalized and interdependent, the more severe the consequences are, individually and socially. As in complex societies, they regulate the flow of minds and hearts, or rather, they give direction, if they can rely on a charismatic authority that is not itself misguided, deluded, ignorant, greedy, and petty.

The cosmic order is mutually complementary, disharmonious orders — man-made — for example, on Earth have no relation to it, or the appearance — these orders lie in the diversity of possibilities, they obey certain laws of change, although from the perspective of permanence they appear to be completely wrong, that is, a valuation stands against a valuation reference, as in — the „fallen times” — from the perspective of the spirit, are the „prosperous times” from the perspective of abundance, the „corrupt, immoral, failed”, which are reproached to the ancients, are the „only thing we see and consider normal” in the business-as-usual of modernity, the „up has no relation to the down” from the perspective of the one who perceived the up, and the earth is a catastrophe, but „there are still free spirits who fight” from the perspective of restoration and construction and order in silence, the „surrogate and the lie” from the perspective of the pure idea, is the „true form of things” from the perspective of habit, the world is upside down from the perspective of the seer, it is in right shape and form according to the ignorant one

Dualism shows itself in the perception that separates, in the perception of unity that does not exist, the latter „hovers over the land”, the former „is drawn into it”. Most dangerous are the „dualities within dualities” or the splitting of the negative into two negatives or the positive into two positives, they split the harmony of a man and a woman and rip open the wound and cut it deeper, or rather — the conceptualization, if we conceptualize „right and wrong” too much, the right can be given concepts that turn it into two wrong, and vice versa. If we conceptualize the „good” as a set of doctrines and beliefs that undermine the good in discord and disharmony, then the idea of good is merely a name that justifies all forms of wrong and evil, as is evil, which becomes a name that may be firm and right but is branded as evil when it could be good.

When a man or woman loses proportion and becomes puffed up, he or she harms first himself and then the earth. Without the proper hierarchy, inequality, envy, arrogance, ignorance, and delusion arise and spread through this puffing up, forgetting that they have their place.

Phenomenal space is the sphere of action of the numinous and noumenal creative powers of heaven and the action of bringing itself back to unity. The idea is denoted by resemblance, depending on the cultural context these are finite reflections, but they are signs of analogy. It is taken for granted by the naked eye, nature likes to hide, it reveals its aspects in the way of the biologists, the saints, the philosophers, the occultists, the aesthetes

Good judgment is a matter of experience, but also of reflection, contemplation, insight, a basic sense of reference and right and wrong

Determined perseverance is a matter of discipline, discipline is not severity but overcoming emotions and demotivating factors in the pursuit of what is appropriate to the time and situation, one does not recklessly enforce one’s position but between nature, genuine impulse, sincerity, honesty, and willing support. Of course, there may be disagreements, dealing with people is fraught with such, but you maintain your composure through inner strength and truth.

One must be aware of decay by having a constant reference to what is right to control it in time or to undo what has been spoiled by effort without fixing the movement in the spoiled decay, degeneration, change is phoenix like, so should be the wise man, he has his inner nature unmoved but is subject to transitions and changeability.

Thus, the wise man should both be like heaven and embrace things like nature, an aspect of a great fatherly, motherly spirit. It is not a matter of blindness to wrongdoing, but of an insightful, wise approach.

Surround the things you already have, do not expand the sphere further. Exposed works risk the ambitious ruin of unfinished works. Fame passes and is a by-product of a person’s achievement. To strive for or cherish fame is like trying to worship a breeze in the air. The gardener is satisfied with his orchard, but he does not puff himself up or boast about it; he smiles contentedly and is natural and sincere about his works.

It may be that someone loses his or her temper and holds on to the strings of recognition, when in fact he or she has done nothing worthy of such, and so self-gratification leads to corruption.

By the effects of their actions they should be invisible and keep themselves from claiming any credit for their actions, not even cherishing them within, they come and go like accomplished works, they appear and disappear and should not be admonished further, attachment to one’s own hidden works and deeds bring beings above the inflation of the earth principle, credit goes to the heavens, humility is thus a way of non-attachment and genuine, courageous, solid movement.

The strong tries to restore order, the inflated principle maintains its hard-won position, conflict ensues.

Good habits should be strengthened and guided as soon as they are recognized as beneficial. Likewise, that which is recognized as counterproductive should be branded and eliminated as soon as it appears, and like thieves, chased away

Just as the bark of the tree testifies to its strength and experience, so the blade of grass is a sharp, astute, purposeful determination that returns to itself in storms and fierce winds and rainstorms, yet is firmly rooted; it is swift, light, yet strong. Through the tension of unison, common things emerge in harmony. It is a much greater distinction to attain mastery with little means, without support, than through privileged training, in the Greek tragedies „those tested by heaven are the favored”, unbroken perseverance in overcoming is worthy, the blade of grass overcomes the storm. One can form a great man or woman from a ponderous, chaotic, unformed clay of a character, depending on the will of the latter to form and round and perfect himself, and on the inspirations of the gods, masters, mistresses and Agathos Daimones. Restraint does not mean being inwardly static. The stillness of the mind is ripe for movement.

The value of comitas (brotherly, sisterly friendship) from Via Romana, friendship in good humor is of great importance, loss of friends is dangerous to developing character, isolation and alienation breeds contempt and arrogance or despair and depression, unless restrained by quiet strength — only in maturity can one return to seclusion, when one can „be alone in the company of heaven”, one is never left alone in honesty, when one recognizes the sign of invisible society. It is better to withdraw and be reserved than to befriend the wrong people. The latter must not influence a strong character — they can be carried away to their advantage under their influence if the strong character „talks in many ways” without resisting — but to a weak character in training they threaten practice and can pull the young person under their influence if he turns to the bad.

Ordo ab Chao is a renewal towards Concord, the ability is based on finding strategic points of the whole and changing them as well, so that the house of cards falls naturally, but is immediately swept into another reformed structure, it is not brought down, but falls into a new form. The chaos is perceived and there is no one to turn to, the fog that surrounds us seems impenetrable, everywhere an abyss, it is a frightening sight, but it is as if dark clouds cover our seeing and feeling, the clarity of vision is thus trained, often these are tried by such mental and emotional situations and the insight emerges and becomes fixed, further difficulties may arise with misfortunes, the mind’s vision may be temporarily perverted, twisted, but it has this superior insight ready to pierce the dark stormy clouds and live. The threads and flashes of events at first appear like a chaotic spider’s web — in time individual threads emerge, then you see the structure, and order emerges from chaos, you know how to move through the dangerous terrain, you know when to stop, and then — how to pull the silver threads.

Since much misfortune often befalls us, we commit thefts and plot and deceive, we generalize and perceive even a friendly person we do not know as an anonymous potential enemy, which instills extra caution, but we miss the opportunity to find a friendly companion, restraint is a good thing, open trust is unwise, but the misfortune that develops into paranoia and distrust overshadows the true situation. One does not accept help that binds us to anonymous sources, one must rely on one’s judgment and see through situations thoroughly in order to trust, if such trust would occur, if help is given from anonymous sources, we are dependent on the other and his whims, and therefore fall into a trap like a curious fox, a foolish man who follows others can be taken advantage of and relies on obscure connections, behaves like a young girl who falls in love with a stronger man, similarly — a woman with dignity will not run after things that shine.

Those who twist things will have all the ways and means to catch one and prevent his or her actions. Among those who hinder progress and expression, extraordinary caution is necessary in order to have integrity, consistency and transparency even under the barrage of lies and slanders, because if one drowns in the lies and distortions, one remains honest, transparent and integral towards heaven, Leonardo da Vinci „Those whose minds are fixed on a star are not hurt by lies and slanders

So many heroes defeated in youthful despair, the clay is mighty, may it be formed rather than degenerate

Unlimited questioning does not develop, it flattens and spoils, therefore one must be controlled

Silence is often the word of truth; it is much better than speech if an ambiguous situation would develop from a single word.

Without maturation, you lose yourself and dissolve torn by the movements of another. You drift towards fantasies that are not mature, solidified and focused enough, empty bubbles that narrow the focus and scatter true goals, here and now you are through and through and do what develops further has a seed in the now.

If he learns, he will be experienced and know what it means, if he perishes or breaks, he will have a reason to regret.

This is as self-evident as it is neglected nowadays, like any obvious law, which in its simplicity becomes a „forgotten knowledge”, but the actions and events that work against it seem to somehow hide these things from the human mind. The seasons accompany the cyclicality and change in nature, the cosmos is an order that functions according to its own law of cyclicality and change. The right reference is both the ability to fix points of stillness, to discover them, reflect on them and incorporate them, and to move around change and chance, dynamically readjusting the framework of one’s actions. The times dissolve according to their natural laws, arm yourself with sincerity and overcome them with character: the events exhaust themselves naturally, if you were involved in a true or perceived injustice, arm yourself with patience and silence — overcome the misfortunes with a shield of antidotes, whether you are treated justly or unjustly, if you cannot act, you remain strong and blameless, ignore provocations and have a superiority of nature and character.

Sincerity is transparency in one’s actions, in and towards the creative, nothing hidden from the laws and movements of the cosmos „one does not contradict the universe. Certainty that comes from a sense of purpose. They only cause excitement and distraction and are a danger to any business. To do this, one must penetrate within, gnothi seauton, the process of self-knowledge is through contemplation, introspection, confrontation, decision, contrast, the pulse and impulse between one’s individual nature and the tension within, how it is resolved when it meets the tension outside, how it is harmonized, to know one’s nature, one observes the web movements of one’s intentions, motives, deeds. Often illusions and self-deceptions may show themselves as the way, but they are untrodden. Without the source and impulse within or the foundation, one wastes one’s energies and begins one’s path halfway through a river without building a bridge.

Persevere in joyful kindness even when there is nothing to be joyful about. We should prepare ourselves in waiting, not lagging, but advancing the practice of rounding off, in good times we work, in bad times we work and overcome, in happiness we do not give up clarity of thought, in misfortune we do not give in to turmoil. Defending oneself against slanders that one cannot eradicate is futile, one waits and remains strong in character, in the end the character and strength is greater, and the defense can be accommodated, the lies are eradicated, those who have their minds fixed on the goal are not harmed by lies and slanders.

Exposed weakness invites exploitation by predators or being forced to obey the will of inferior people. Rarely does one encounter a helping hand in a circled position in the wilderness or between the actions of enemies; when perceived as an enemy, one does not allow oneself to become weak, one would not forgive him, but continues to be crushed, it is more difficult to regain strength from a weak position than from a balanced one.

In the most dangerous situations, remain cold-blooded and clear, sharpen your senses, and concentrate.

This should always be done, wasting time without preparation is pointless — when the battle comes, we will be carried away by its force.

The strong man and woman of the creative thread themselves on the edge of the abyss, they should be vigilant. The weavers of the net of illusions force a discordant way through. Inner determination and understanding of entanglements lead to calmness and strength.

It is better to stop without ambition and sacrifice the drive, or to contain it and let it mature. If you are not among men or cannot find an equal counsellor, but are in solitude, the superior is a deity, the means is oracle, meditation, incantation, it requires intelligence and experience to discern and properly control oneself. The movements of the enemy must be predicted before they happen, and we must be prepared in advance for all eventualities.

In argumentation, „agreeing with someone” leads to open antagonism, people have their cherished beliefs which are the basis of their livelihood, contradicting them provokes hostility, let us remember not to be drawn into conflict by arguments or belief systems even if they affect our own, otherwise we lose our open-mindedness and loftiness and in the long run become rude hardliners, among civilized people civilized conversation is possible, otherwise it is a waste of time.

The mediator who, by virtue of his charismatic authority and status, can bring the conflict to a just end.

If everything is in order, the conflict is resolved. Omnia mea mecum porto, everything acquired in honesty is yours, everything superficial comes and goes by itself. Self-correction, self-improvement, commanding yourself. That which is not permanent, but only occasional, should not be admonished

Authority derives from soldiers” loyalty and transparent handling of wise orders. A Roman general was saluted because he represented the pride of the sun, and so his soldiers saluted by covering their eyes as if they were outshone by the commanding authority. His efficiency is based on the fingertip awareness of everything on the battlefield.

The top is a representative, as if a leader encompasses everything he or she leads.

Hesitant people must consider the genuineness of the proposition. Once they agree, their intention is even stronger because it has clarity.

Basically, if someone knows his competence, he acts, if he lacks reasons, he should not undertake such things, otherwise he will become a charlatan and mislead people, it is better to develop in solitude for some characters without teaching or leading the vocation, much favor can be gained in the first case if you know your reasons, much harm can be done in the second case.

Alienated and estranged communities break apart and move further and further away from each other until they perish.

You can talk to people from many walks of life, but with restraint and with caution, so as not to reveal too much, it is better to ask and listen than to be asked and heard.

When thoughts, actions and words are in disorder and do not fit together, as in madness, irresponsibility, or ignorance, and when they do not act in accordance with one’s clarity and intention, they are the seed of unhappiness, they open threads that bring great misfortune, contempt, infidelity, ridicule and humiliation.

So it’s the little obstacles that matter nonetheless, and if you pay too much attention to them, they can steer our work in the wrong direction, if you pay too little attention to them, we do not properly understand their nature and properly focus on a breakthrough

Harsh measures increase resistance. In fact, the obstacle does not become stronger, but we tense up inside because we focus too much on the obstacle.

Therefore, it is important to properly assess, evaluate and judge the situation as it is, with reference points that are not too static, but strong and at the same time malleable enough to adapt to the circumstances — that is, with the wisdom, knowledge, and experience that we must help us in our decisions.

Never freeze when you have done wrong, and mend yourself without guilt, without anyone but yourself commanding your correction. Since the aberration of the concept of „sin” has polluted many minds, as well as the „guilt” that is a hidden thread of a virus that runs through some societies, it is enough to be responsible for your freedom and guide yourself with good behavior, strengthen it, errors may cross our path, if we have common sense, we will correct ourselves of our own will.

It is better to learn from the mistakes of others than to run into them yourself. However, when you make a mistake, you remember it better if you correctly assess the possible future events of a similar nature.

How often unimportant things can absorb our attention. For example, when we look at the starry sky, we do not think about a small quarrel, when we perceive the image of the world, we are not distracted by a material object or something much more insignificant — it is only a small annoyance.

Social behavior refers in devotion to its structure and also and above all by „continuous complementary embrace” of many threads that refer both to the creative that has in mind the earth as the low and the starry sky as the high, are the foundations that are created for traditions, Organization or religion are merely approximations to observed, discovered, founded and matured proportions and a reflected reflection through self-reflection deep within and observation of the world of events and phenomena outside and reforms indicated by change of attitudes.

The order is considered natural, and everyone has his due position, no inequality arises, „classless societies breed classless people” — other author and „contempt and envy of superiority over mediocrity” — other author, which also leads to the fact that if the elites themselves are classless, they are not based on social respect and thus are no better than their subordinates and often much worse.

Differences in minds, hearts and natures are evident in the world of nature, but this should not bring scorn or contempt or false pride and arrogance, all should be accommodated and as in Confucian China — with changes allowing mobility, enforced equality is often fatal to natures and characters, justice should govern the fairness of the distribution of rank.

He who chases after abstracts and appendages, exchanging his life for things that are not worth it, loses all serenity and blinds himself with hopeless excitement over things that are empty in their essence, or binds himself in relationships and contracts that make him a slave, a subject to the will of another.

Measuring simple patterns and deciding on a point of reference in simplicity creates profound order.

The doctrine of “simultaneous engagement” as in Buddhist meditation — one meditates on the emptiness of all phenomena simultaneously and is active” — likewise “one holds the larger picture, the illusion of phenomena, the changes, the reference, and so acts, or pauses”.

There is a thread of humanity that runs through all people, high and low.

Prudence in seclusion, when one foresees the ruin of things and therefore strategically decides to retreat, is worth more than plunging oneself and others into darkness. Decisions made at the throne of our heart in silence and contemplation are not invisible to the creative.

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