FREE ENERGY — E<E>E — „The formula of everything”

Bezpłatny fragment - FREE ENERGY — E<E>E — „The formula of everything”

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Theory of everything E<E>E (Perpetuum Mobile & Free Energy).

E<E>E The formula of everything — The pattern of life.

Artificial intelligence (AI) chat: Mn. Elia, is it able to create a perpetuum mobile? Can it provide the Free Energy it basically needs most for its own power…

In your opinion, will artificial intelligence create free energy?

Attention, the book is not a guide, much less something like „do it yourself”.

The author only logically analyses the materials he found in books and on the so — called web, i.e. publicly available information.

The logical analysis is true, as all components of this analysis are true. The author does not check whether the ingredients are real, he only believes the word of the world and its truth.

E — book and printed book differ in materials and photos. A printed book has more pictures and a certificate, and usually has more text.

The e — book is a stripped — down version without pictures; photos and drawings are available only in the printed version.

I would like to share my impressions about the second book of an extraordinary author, a seeker of scientific puzzles, Imanuel. This is his second book in the Free Energy series.

By reading this position, we gain a consultation, and in fact a thorough analysis of free energy. The only price of such a consultation is the cost of the book itself, so it’s really worth getting acquainted with it, especially nowadays.

I read the first of the two parts to find out if it’s true that Free Energy can be created based on Imanuel’s Theory of Everything. And I have to admit that the theme did not disappoint me, on the contrary. However, in his first book in this series, I became more familiar with the topic of „perpetuum mobile”.

One more important thing: to understand the world from Imanuel’s perspective, you need to put some effort into it. His style may not be perfect, but has anyone knows the theory of everything like him? I think that in this case you can skip the sophisticated style and hard spelling rules, it’s not the most important thing. Now you have to breathe life into his work, help him improve it, because at the moment each of his books is basically still a draft, the first approach to the subject.

His first work „Atlantis Illusion” convinces us that time has been defeated, and yet Imanuel does not fully reveal the details and only in the second part does he reveal to us the secrets of time and talk about its true nature.

„The Theory of Everything According to Imanuel” is another book in the author’s second publication, where he delves into the subject of creating something out of nothing.

But enough descriptions, back to the analysis of the book „The ark of time”.

Free Energy on the Internet

Imanuel, as befits a true researcher, combines different engines. I also found a similar issue on the web and in principle it is not new, the world has been dealing with this topic for a long time. I would even say that from antiquity. But let’s go back to our time. There is a lot of information on the Internet about this — experimenters combine motors with an alternator, with a generator or with a dynamo and try to obtain additional energy. As a result of their actions, there is a certain excess of energy visible on the appropriate meters, and everything is nicely recorded and described.

Of course, our device consumes energy, but we try to generate and harvest more energy than we consume. So that, it would always be a plus. So if, for example, a generator generates energy, that’s great. Even when it produces relatively little, it is already a good step towards Free Energy.

Someone may still laugh at it, but others are most impressed, including me. Many people discuss this topic and ask if it is true or false.

In a word, there are many supporters and opponents of this method. I think this topic should be thoroughly analysed and summarized once and for all.

From a strictly scientific point of view, this contradicts the principle of conservation of energy, which cannot be created from nothing, nor can it be annihilated, it can only change its form.

But from a logical point of view, if the alternator, generator or generator has a power of 10 kW, and the engine that drives it has 2 kW, then we obtain excess energy that only needs to be extracted. Example: 10 kW minus 2 kW equals an excess of 8 kW. And it’s logical, I’d even say its pure math, so where is the error here? Why do so many videos send the message that it all works without power? As a result, there is unnecessary confusion and lots of negative comments that it is a scam. Where is the truth? I think that the one who tried and combined these different devices deserves to like his film. For the very willingness to experiment, for the effort, for devoting your time to create such a film and combine the work of various devices, and then present the effects to a wide audience.

I will definitely check it personally and share my knowledge on the subject, and then I will ask for comments and honest statements: what do you think about it and whether these films are really valuable. However, I already believe that today’s world is begging for this kind of experiments and their thorough analysis.

Using alternators and generators we encounter many problems. Usually. However, they can and must be overcome. In general, this topic is very popular nowadays, so I’m glad that I also found it in Imanuel’s book „The ark of time” (abbreviated „Taot”). It’s basically a similar idea, and the very idea and content of this book („Taot”) was created a long time ago, before the Internet. So let’s find out what this book is about.

However, first one can ask the question of why most of the world rejects this idea without checking or even thinking, many deny it, writing and saying that it is against all rules. That’s the way it is with many ideas and concept, but I’m not one of those people.

Of course, I’m not an electrician, I know that everyone should do what they can, but you can always consult a professional and act calmly under his guidance. Analysing the topic logically, I may not avoid mistakes, which other readers will probably immediately discover. However, the relevant experts will probably tell you whether this experiment will work or not. And this will be my own logical analysis and I don’t assume at all that Imanuel is 100% right, maybe he is wrong. But I will check everything very carefully.

The author mercilessly starts with the possibility of obtaining 6000 Watt. I assume that a powerful generator with great power should be used for this.

But in our time, it is a 20 cm by 20 cm generator. Imanuel converts the work into hours. To obtain 6000 watts per hour, we only need 100 watts per second. And our task is to accumulate this energy in batteries.

In my opinion, 6000 Watts per hour is an impressive result. In their YouTube videos, people achieve — they produce 50 Watts per second. If we can accumulate such potential in the battery, it is possible to obtain 3000 Watts in a minute. Imanuel notes that a generator or alternator generates energy, yes, but it is very important to collect or store this energy. Of course, the fact is that somewhere on the web people who can get 6000 Watts per second are promoting themselves. I immediately count how much energy I could then obtain in an hour, because I know that such free energy aggregates can already be purchased from enthusiasts. I don’t know yet whether it works or not in practice, but I will definitely check it out, because the results are reportedly impressive. In Imanuel’s book there are smaller numbers, because the author used a traditional generator, so it’s just a combination of two engines and therefore the results are not as spectacular as the others. But as real as possible.

That’s more or less how I understood it, but now we’ll see what the author himself thinks about it.

Imanuel is a man open to change, he deals with logical analyzes and his idea is absolutely logical, although it may contain minor errors or limitations. This is what happens at the beginning of every experiment. That is why I think that the knowledge of a good electrician should be used as much as possible, who will organize and explain everything well.

Hypothetical energy conference on Free Energy and perpetuum mobile

Imanuel set the whole action in Atlantis, he is not sure whether it is the Atlantis we know or some other Atlantis, or even Atlantis on another planet. We don’t really know where the action takes place.

Man has been looking for Free Energy and perpetuum mobile for ages. Imanuel claims that the proverbial Atlantis was in a similar situation just before its technological leap. In that mysterious and still undiscovered world, there are many mysteries. The civilization of Atlantis was, according to the author, on a similar level as ours today. I am most interested in the part of the text in which the description of the perpetuum Mobile is presented, which in my opinion is „free energy or free energy” in quotation marks, because it is known that there is always an investment cost at the beginning. I am very curious how long will Imanuel’s untapped idea function and when will it be used in practice?

From the point of view of the author (and not only), ancient peoples had to communicate with each other. This is understandable for everyone. This has probably happened more than once. And hence the news of the perpetuum mobile, spreading around like the proverbial hot cakes. It began with Atlantis, which in ancient times was at a similar level of development as we are now. The news about the epoch — making invention spread around the world very quickly (by the standards of the time) and the people of other, neighboring lands became interested in the new, promising technology. Most likely, she also tried to use it in practice. Hence, the obvious conclusion that every idea has its success or failure consequences.

So, following the example of Atlantis, other communities also switched to a novel type of energy based on electricity. The invention gained popularity thanks to the openness to change among local residents. Without perpetuum mobile and Free Energy, the energy economy in those days was extinguished because dangerous changes were taking place.

So now it’s time to deal with the topic of Atlantis in the symbolic period of 7777 BC.

Location: Atlantis — another world.

Imagine something like a multi — community convention convened in remote, mysterious times about the energy crisis. It was absolutely possible. Here is an exchange of opinions between the gathered.

One of the elders speaks up and begins the lecture.

— The situation forces us to look for alternative energy sources, because coal mines are already being closed, and nuclear power is considered too dangerous, and no one can solve the problem of how to power our cities and cars in a sufficient, more ecological way. Traditional energy in the form of electricity is still not enough and something like perpetuum mobile or free energy is an invention that is extremely sought after. Many scientists are looking for solutions to produce at least partially free energy. Governments are investing massive resources to solve this problem. Of course, it will be free only in name, because the costs will always be, the point is to keep them as low as possible. There are many reasons for giving up energy as we know it. And here it bows, the Imanuel aggregate.

Although the Imanuel unit is not the cheapest, it is certainly effective. You will ask what does it mean? The question is when this investment will pay off and what rate of return it has. I suspect that it is a very individual matter, it all depends on the customer: how much energy he needs and what quality of the aggregate.

From the audience comes the first question asked by one of the guests.

— Was it necessary?

One of the organizers spoke up.

— Dear guests, our world is on the brink of destruction, the clock is ticking, and the polluted air smells of death, — the elders began. — Earlier, when there was no question of any perpetual motion machine, we came to an agreement that the mines had to be gradually closed down. You also have to give up oil. We need to switch to electricity. As you can see, this is already happening. Without perpetuum mobile and Free Energy, our energy economy will collapse, changes must take place. I think everyone will agree with me. We buy more and more energy because we need more and more of it.

— Rescue only in a kind of perpetual motion machine, like Free energy; I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks so — someone from the audience added their own.

One of the guests got interested. — I’m curious, how much does oil or gasoline cost in your country?

The representative of the elders replied:

— It varies, but it has always been and still is too expensive. Our cars run mainly on oil, and now decisions have been made that in ten years, internal combustion cars will no longer be produced. The plans are the most ambitious, but where to get the extra energy? And which one? Will traditional gas stations be liquidated? Such questions only multiply.

The visitor continued his questions, demanding more information.

— I heard there’s a new solution, a generator that generates power with a connected motor? What are its costs? What exactly is it about?

Someone from the back of the room shouted, — This idea is a kind of free energy, or Free Energy. I recommend to everyone!

Another organizer began to explain the details of Imanuel’s idea to the gathering.

— I think this unit fits perfectly into the idea of free energy. However, nothing comes for free, as always there are some costs. I will ask my assistant to explain this topic in detail.

At this, one of the young scholars gets up and continues the description.

— Of course, dear guests, there are always costs, even the purchase of the device and the operating costs. Only all this creates the right amount and after time we can talk about the rate of return on investment. The purchase price is, for example, 30,000 coins in your currency, once. And electricity and heat cost someone, for example, 5,000 coins per year, so only after six years the machine will pay off — zero — . I am a realist and I do not rule out that the device may fail before these six years. The cost of repair can be, for example, 10,000 coins, and this extends the payback rate to eight years. Unfortunately, this can happen all the time. Summa summarum, such a generator may never pay for itself, but the fact is that it produces Free Energy and, most importantly, it is ecological. It gives a lot of energy for a small cost. These are the facts.

There were many voices in the hall. — Yes Sir! The cost is not high in relation to the simplicity of operation and predictable profits, and most importantly, in our opinion, it passed the ecology exam perfectly!

Someone got up and asked another question:

— To get 1 GW of energy, you need to deposit at least one million of your good morning coins. If so, forgive me, but I don’t think I’ll live to see a return on my investment.

Another person objected:

— But in terms of large amounts of energy and light in every home, it is an ideal solution and this should be properly appreciated? Not to mention a slight degree of pollution.

The next listener added:

— Atlantis is a place where a nation with free will lives. I personally will opt for the choice of clean, efficient energy and I believe that many of my compatriots will too. Finally, it must be recognized that the time for change is coming.

— There was a murmur of satisfaction from the room.

The young man shouted:

What about the factories? Will this progress not lead to their closure? Will we not endanger our jobs by using Free Energy? The young man turned red in the face.

— Hi! It’s possible! They will deceive us again! combiners! shouts rang out from the hall

The old man from the committee thought about it. — Yeah… I remember it was such a bad year. — Across the country, a lot of factories, mostly manufacturing, were closed. Then twenty, maybe even thirty million people lost their jobs.

The young woman was surprised. — When was it? I don’t remember.

The older man sighed. — Because you’re too young. — Well, that was when — freedom — came, or rather choking on freedom and, as usual, the wrong people at the helm.

— I don’t think it’s going to happen again, nobody will let it happen again. People are slowly turning their backs on the — Vanity Fair — . — This is how people start talking about shopping malls and consumerism without any brakes.

Some of the guests in the audience said that no one will work when the — time of the word — , i.e. the forces of vibration, is the conclusion of Imanuel’s words, his theory of everything.

The company in the hall perked up. Someone said that the power of vibration and words is a very distant term.

Unexpectedly, another of the organizers changed the subject:

— Imagine that nowadays, for example, driving a car is an income. A passenger car generates 100 kW per hour, and a truck even 1000 kW. On the other hand, energy from houses generates from 20 to 100 kW per hour. — Out of nothing, the activist asked.

A man standing a little aside said that the government collects energy and transforms it in such a way as to store it and use it at the opportune moment.

The crowd protested vigorously. — What about our energy security?

The chairman of the assembly assured that everything is properly secured. He reminded that this should be checked, as it is common knowledge that other nations buy energy from us.

The questions were endless: — And if our entire system fails, what then?

The chairman reassured that the state was successively developing its generators and increasing their power. But for 40 million cars and 20 million houses, that’s a lot of stock, he addressed the audience directly.

Someone else said that after all, the best money is made on storage and distribution. There was a slight commotion in the room at this point.

The oldest member of the committee informed the audience that the government, together with the relevant experts, was working on obtaining as much as 10 TWh of energy from the Imanuel generator. He added that it is common knowledge that in some countries this amount is annual consumption. He summed up his statement by saying that, unfortunately, everything in Poland is based on electricity, so the demand for electricity is increasing day by day, and drastically.

Someone laughed sarcastically. — Well, now we have completely different miners. In cars.

One of the women objected vigorously: — This world in its present form only poisons us, it must be changed, and quickly! — We know what air we breathe!

The chairman once again assured of his willingness to change. But that didn’t reassure anyone.

A new discussion broke out among the members of the committee, topics constantly intertwined:

— A civil servant cannot earn more than the minimum wage. But this does not mean anything, because it is not the amount of earnings that is important, but their purchasing power, i.e. how much you can buy for the lowest salary, for example. Yes, money is not important, only what you can buy with it, i.e. the famous purchasing power.

Someone dreamed up and said that it is possible to reach such a level where another person will tolerate another, even respect…

One of the conference organizers spoke up again.

— At the moment it’s a kind of chain: and yes

— the link is the boss, gold, diamonds and platinum, and the rest of the chain is rust. Our chain must be either all gold or all rusty. Because when the boss earns a million of your coins, that means his people earn half a million. It’s logical.

— Well, you can’t get a million — dollar salary when the company is in poverty, said one guest. — And one more important thing: our priority should be that our company, our actions, speak for us. I know, I know, times change, probably no one cares anymore, which is a pity. I am from the old generation, I was brought up differently.

Some guest from the room tried to discredit the above statement. — It won’t work with us, — he laughed sarcastically.

The organizer, undaunted, continued calmly.

— The general is all gold, and his soldiers have plastic knives. And then you will probably understand what history awaits your plant, and maybe your entire country.

— You can’t just take care of yourself. If this continues, the state will eventually become a state of beggars. The discussion among the gathered gathered blushes.

— Businessmen of all kinds think that this is possible and should be done, because it is their company, their business. They can do whatever they want.

— With us, the company, the government, or the common director is based on the fact that the earnings are in proportion to the earnings of the crew. You can’t make millions when a company is in financial trouble, an Atlantean resident said.

— You have to understand that every act is a sacrifice. Once you have stolen something, you will lose many times. „Like Kuba to God, so God to Kuba” says an old saying. I believe that when we give something to someone, we gain many times over. Each of our moves creates specific consequences.

— Okay, — the visitor smiled. — I think enough of these dreams, let’s get back to the subject of Free Energy, hasn’t your economy felt the changes?

— Yes, she felt it, but please remember — we are not complaining, we are just creating new solutions all the time, replied the member of the commission calmly. — Having free will, we do not have to get involved in this project, we can make conscious decisions. But it’s nice to think that thanks to us, all of Atlantis has warmth in its homes, it has light and no one goes hungry. Our Atlantis is also a chain, but the right one, made of good metal. — We, the people, take care of everything. Please note that any stray wanderer can enter any house and will receive help, lodging and food there. he continued with a smile.

Everyone confirmed his words, many found out how wonderful and selfless help the inhabitants of Atlantis can be.

— Remember that when we have a problem, we have to solve it. And you come to us with a powerful „protection”. Protection is needed when someone does something wrong, noted the meeting participant.

— And no work? — asked the next.

— Well, it’s Imanuel who describes a world where you’ll get everything for now, — added one of the committee members. — And even in a place like this there will be bets. Because man likes to create something, he likes to act. Sometimes it even has to, because not everyone will become a Youtuber … Someone else has, let’s say, greater aspirations. In our world, what counts above all are people who create.

— And not some stupidity show, haha — laughed an old man, sitting in the first row. — Because at this point, development is stopped, that’s for sure. And our world is rushing towards destruction, over a pint of beer and a football match.

— Well… Someone said it might be time to get down to business. I would like to know at what stage of research is the Imanuel aggregate now, is it stable? Is it a finished product? — asked one of the guests.

— We are constantly working and looking for the best solution. We work very intensively, and our commitment brings very good results. Keep fingers crossed. Our conclusions are as follows: Imanuel’s low — power generator must work non — stop, so it is difficult for us to assess how long it will work without interruption and when it will fail, argued the expert. — Let us remember that the success of our efforts, and thus the creation of a kind of perpetual motion machine, depends on the rate of return on investment. — Someone answers the question exhaustively.

— This principle applies to every device we bring to market, as economics always rule, — adds another expert. — Of course, choosing this type of energy, we take into account the consequences, because, for example, electric vehicles cause the development of subsequent events — such a domino effect. All this causes some development, but Imanuel’s aggregates will disappear someday, they will be replaced by aggregates activated and powered by vibration (word), it will be an aggregate of the word. This will certainly lead us on a straight path to prosperity, because each next step inevitably accelerates our development. So let’s always be open to new ideas, added the learned sage.

— Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, we have sat for a long time, but the most important thing is that so many things have been clarified. And by launching the Imanuel aggregate our prosperity will increase and the condition of our natural environment will improve — he concluded.

Master and Apprentice

Time — a few years before the Atlantis reunion.

(dialogue between the master and his student, in this case a student with a graceful name — Paulina).

— Master, when we get the energy from our machines, we’ll have one percent of the excess power left, — the curious girl says.

— Paulina, each machine is designed to generate more power than it needs, — replies the sage.

— Well, following this lead, let’s assume that we have a machine that produces 2.1 kW, and we need power to drive 2 kW. I understand that we will create a closed system, and then this machine will drive itself?

The master fell into a great reverie, only after a while he replied: — Paulinka, we will try. Can we call this machine something? I propose a working name, it will be perpetuum mobile. What do you think?

— I like. But isn’t that too heavy a topic? — the girl asked.

— My dear, we can consider the subject of perpetuum mobile from many aspects and levels. But basically the main thread is movement, and movement is energy. We have many possibilities of movement and this does not prevent the perpetuum mobile from working all the time. Because movement is energy, in general.

— One explorer, Imanuel, says that we scientists don’t explore topics properly, we take shortcuts and create hypotheses.

— Yes, we shorten everything, I noticed that a long time ago. Once, the photon was analyzed as an eternal engine, because scientists assumed that the photon should be enclosed in fiber optics, that then it does not lose energy and even generates it. — The master thought.

— So basically everything is based on energy? — A slight smile appeared on Pauline’s face.

— If we assume that we want to get from point A to point B, our perpetual motion machine should be looped so that it works non — stop, and the photon is perfect for this, — explained the scientist.

— So a photon satisfies all the requirements of a perpetual motion machine, because logically, if there were a photon, it would be in motion all the time.

— Yes, if we consider a photon as energy, we won’t, because the photon exhausts its energy as it travels and degrades as an object, — explained the old master.

— Movement is a kind of energy. Imanuel claims that instead of a photon, the possibilities of a particle called an Energoton must be used, because a photon, as you said, loses energy and disappears, and therefore it is impossible to create a perpetuum mobile from a photon.

— Imanuel is carefully analyzing the behavior of the Energoton, he believes that this particle contains something like atomic fusion within itself, of course, considered on an atomic scale, — replied the learned old man.

— Oh yes! Continuing on this track, this energy eventually burns out, but much later, — the girl agreed.

— Yes, basically yes. Because indeed, to create movement we need energy. This is obvious to everyone, even to laymen.

— But a perpetual motion machine is in constant motion. So he’s constantly in need of energy, isn’t he, Master? — Pauline smiled slightly again.

— Yes, but there are so many types of energy and so many possibilities to use it … just a lot. This world also has many types of matter that are perfectly suited for this purpose. Let’s take ordinary water for example — it is able to travel from point A to point B with minimal energy loss. Only again, it will definitely need the energy of motion. And here, even a slight slope of the terrain is enough (after all, this is the energy to be used), it is enough to properly set and maintain such a structure. The construction is, as it were, an energy multiplier. We’ll get to that in a moment. I’ll explain everything to you in more detail. We have a couple of issues here that need to be resolved. Remember that a photon is basically a particle that can travel from one point to another without any loss of energy, which is basically against science. — The master breathed a sigh of relief after so much deduction.

— Master, we need energy also for movement and at the same time for the structure itself? — Pauline inquired.

— Yes, of course, I confirm. But there is also a loss of something like the energy of an object, and we also have objects that lose their energy quickly. There are certainly also long — lived objects. As if not to guess, someday every object will disappear, our water will evaporate and the perpetual motion machine will stop. In fact, there is nothing that will stay forever, because the object is also energy, which consists of atoms. And suppose your machine runs for a million years and then disappears. How can you prove that she could keep working? Your example machine runs Nano millimeters and then a million years pass. Your object loses the precisely set Nano millimeters and the machine stops. In our universe there is nothing that will stay forever and therefore we will not build a perpetual motion engine based on the matter of this world. Despite this, people expect a miracle. And even if an almost perfect machine is invented, everyone criticizes it anyway, because they expect a perfect creation, which, as I said earlier, is impossible in practice.

We can consider the machine from different levels: friction, impact in one place … and this leads to changes in matter, and then to changes in the machine itself, which results in stopping it, sooner or later. The only thing that can be built is only a long — lived engine, a machine that will run for a very, very long time, but will surely stop someday. Let’s not be shy.

After such a long argument, the teacher took a deep breath and took a sip of water.

— So we won’t be able to build a perpetual motion machine based on matter, I understand, — sighed the girl.

— Remember, in a million years your eternal particle called photon will be gone for one simple reason only — it will lose its matter. But that’s not the only problem. The question is, how is this particle supposed to fly? — the teacher became serious.

— So we need a move, — the very bright female student chimed in.

— Yes Sir. Or we’ll have to create something else — something that will give us movement. Anyway, Imanuel analyzes the topic in a similar way in his book („Taot”). So we already have three problems. The first problem is the loss of matter by the object, which in the future will result in its disappearance. The second problem is to create a movement that does not consume more energy than it generates, and then we have an open road to success. Paradoxically, the more parts, the greater the problem for this energy to be increased, because if this does not happen, your invention will surely come to a standstill. The third problem arises when we look at the construction of the perpetual motion machine, starting with a certain formula that says that it is movement, and movement is work, and work is the wear of parts, which results in a change in the structure over time — the master already looked a little tired.

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