FREE ENERGY — E<E>E — „The formula of everything”

FREE ENERGY — E<E>E — „The formula of everything”

Sztuczna inteligencja AI

92 str.

O książce

The book „Free Energy” is another item in the series in which the author Elia analyzes (often in the form of interesting dialogues) the phenomenon of free energy. Free, i.e. available to everyone and very cheap. At the same time, he studies the principle of continuous motion — a kind of perpetual motion machine. With this idea, Imanuel creates a beautiful vision of the world… He is investigating whether artificial intelligence (AI) chatsgpt 4: Elia, I analyze, is able to create FREE ENERGY.


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Mn. Elia Kosiński
Imanuel Alex Nowicki
Author of many philosophical reflections, creator of new theses and logical analyses. He is the discoverer of the photon counterpart, the concept of new black holes and vacuums. He also developed a new analysis of time and in an innovative way calculated the rotation of our solar system, determined the time of the end of the world according to his calculations. The author is the originator of the pattern responsible for continuous movement. In addition, he translates old books.