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What you need to know about Wieliczka…

Bezpłatny fragment - What you need to know about Wieliczka…

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Questions part one

1. Was there the first fast food in the world in Wieliczka?

Yes. Until 1565, the mine’s kitchen on the surface provided free meals for employees and merchants.

2. did the well-known administrator of the Wieliczka mine, Johann Borlach, refute the idea of perpetual motion?

Yes. In the 18th century, he discovered Ernst Elias Bessler, called Oryreus. In 1715, he tested this invention and discovered that it was driven by man.

3. Is Wieliczka’s mine the oldest state-owned company?

It is one of the oldest state-owned companies in the world. It has been operating continuously since the Middle Ages.

4. Have there ever been earthquakes in Wieliczka?

Earthquakes took place here in the 18th century and caused serious damage.

5. Are there any active volcanoes in Wieliczka?

No. But there were such millions of years ago, when a salt deposit was formed.

6. Did foreigners live in Wieliczka in ancient times?

Yes. Germans, Jews, Italians and many others. They were the administrators of the salt deposit and employees of various levels for centuries.

7. What languages were spoken in the Wieliczka mine?

Over the centuries, it was Polish, German, Latin …

8. Did the ancestors of today’s French people live in Wieliczka?

The Celts lived in Wieliczka at the turn of the second and first century AD. They developed salt brewing.

9. How many trunks of wood were used to secure the Żeleźnik chamber?

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