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The Seasonal Color Analysis

Bezpłatny fragment - The Seasonal Color Analysis

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Author: Malwina Dunder

instagram: @malvinadunder


ballet: https://malvina.portfoliobox.net

Instagram: @malvinaisdancing

Make up artist & The Color Analysis Specialist: Małgorzata Dunder

facebook: @malgorzatadunderwizaz

instagram: @makeup. dunder

tel. +48 511 525 620

Pictures and graphics: Jacek Ożóg (Facebook: @Jacek Ożóg Fotograf, @studio58jacekozog, @MovieStudio58); Maciej Grochala (Facebook: @Maciej Grochala Photography); Malwina Dunder; Jacek Puwalski (cover design); designed by Prostooleh, Teksomolika, Bedneyimages, Freepik, Kaboompics, Senivpetro, sergeycauselove, stock-world-on, asier_relampagoestudio, mrsiraphol, v. ivash, tirachard, javi_indy, Layerace, Freestockcenter, Solominphoto, Pressfoto, Javi_Indy, Kjpargeter, Pressfot, luis_molinero, Kjpargeter, kstudio, senivpetro / Freepik

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Special thanks to Jacek Ożóg for the wonderful pictures and to the beautiful models: Patrycja, Kasia, Monika, Sandra i Agnieszka.


Malvina Dunder

I love the colors!

Makeup and the seasonal color analysis are my passions, also the way to express creativity.

I created various educational materials such as “Ballet makeup” where I share years of experience as a classical dancer (I graduated from ballet school) and “The wedding makeup and fashion” where I wrote down wedding beauty secrets, which I have learned by running my own wedding dresses company.

I also gained experience working for brands like Chanel and Guerlain, as well as Scandinavian web-shops and “Beauty Art” schools of makeup.

I have a beloved white rabbit at home, and I do not support companies testing on animals.

Travel and nature are the greatest inspirations for me. The golden sands of California, the northern lights in Iceland, the lavender field in Provence, the sunset in Bali always find reflection in my work.

Małgorzata Dunder is a makeup artist, stylist, passionate lecturer at “Beauty Art” Schools of makeup in Poland.

In over 20 years of work, she has trained thousands of makeup artists in Poland and around the world. She worked in Miami, taught in Dubai, trained students in Olivia Keenan School of Aesthetics in Ireland, cooperated with „Trisha Mcdonald Pumper U” — the company organizing beauty events. She has also collaborated with many photographers and people from the beauty industry in Poland and all over the world.

She has worked on many photo shoots, opera performances, fashion shows and various types of events, including charities.

She loves to give lectures in the field of makeup, fashion, color analysis, and many others.

Her mission is to emphasize the female beauty that each of us carries within, as well as sharing knowledge of how to achieve it.


There are no beautiful or ugly colors. There are only suitable or unsuitable for the individual type of beauty.

Thanks to the discovery of your color palette, it is possible to emphasize your beauty and feel comfortable in any situation. The right colors make the smile, eyes, and complexion shine with a beautiful glow.

There is a significant deficit of professionals who can perform a professional color analysis, not only in Europe but also in the world. There is much contradictory information on the Internet, which makes it easy to get lost in this issue, especially at the beginning of the path to this beautiful world of colors. What makes it even more challenging is the fact that it is tough to explain to the other person how to perceive colors and shades. It is a very individual matter because colors are sensory impressions such as music.

The analysis presented here is logical and straightforward. It is based on the four seasons of the year, and in my opinion, this system is the best one, as it is compatible with the rules and creations of nature. I learned it from Mrs. Beata Małachowska and my mother, Małgorzata Dunder, who are masters in this profession. Based on the four seasons analysis technique, I advise building a solid foundation for this fascinating knowledge and exceptional skill. This book is written for people who want to offer professional analysis and people who want to learn more about their type of beauty.

The purpose of color analysis

Color analysis is the observation of natural colors occurring in the eyes, skin, and hair of a person and highlighting them with the same color group.

This can be done with the help of equipment (e.g., a set of scarves), a technique that facilitates the analysis and the expert eye.

We divide colors into four groups: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and subtypes: light, medium, and strong.

The color analysis is based on what has been created by nature, and in fact, these principles are known by everyone. In spring, everything is born to live, and it turns warm. The grass is fresh and juicy, and we get an energy boost. After a few months of intense sun, the colors become faded, extinguished, and cooled. Morning dew and heather fields beautifully reflect the romantic mood of summer. In autumn, all of the leaves gain gold and warm colors. For centuries, it is considered the time of harvest and abundance, that can be reflected extravagantly. In winter, the weather cools down, and the landscape gets contrast. White and black colors are very elegant. In some places, you can see frozen red holly berries, which are clearly distinguished in the crystalline background.

One of the major advantages of this system is that it leaves a room for your individuality. Everyone is different, and there are not two identical people in the world, and yet there is an ideal order in the division of colors. Style, makeup, wardrobe for individual types of beauty is a concept that can be expanded according to our personality. I think that no one should instruct the other person how to look. However, you can advise those who need it, who feel lost or do not want to worry about it.

The color analysis is a guide to spread your wings.

The color analysis is about bringing out the natural glow, beauty, and vitality of a person. There are colors which do not match our natural type of beauty. Sometimes the shades of clothes may be a mismatch, which creates disharmony, for example, emphasizes redness on the face, dark circles under the eyes, unhealthy paleness. The natural color group highlights the advantages and eliminates the disharmony.

In the color analysis, we divide colors by:

— temperature: warm, cold

— value: light, dark

— chroma: pure (saturated), extinguished (unsaturated)

Millions of women around the world are constantly trying to find their style. They watch tv programs with beautiful actresses, browsing magazines to see what the latest trends are. They follow every “fashion week” and popular blogs and go on a shopping spree. The wardrobe is bursting at the seams, and they still have nothing to wear. Every month we are flooded with the news about what is fashionable this season and what is already “passé.” And still, you get the impression that every season stylish things are the same — Boho style in summer and Scottish checker in autumn.

Cosmetic and fashion industry needs to “drum the fashion up” otherwise it would not see a continuous increase in sales. Therefore, trying to catch up with it, you can lose your individuality.

If we don’t want to get insane in this mass of information, it is worth taking a look at yourself and your natural coloring to determine the type of our beauty, which will help us in:

— emphasizing the advantages

— minimizing any possible imperfections

— saving time, money and stress

— consciously creating our appearance depending on the occasion

— getting a sense of beauty and individuality

— selecting clothes that suit us and which do not

— having fun and getting inspired

— systematize the knowledge of which colors are good for us

It is worth being aware and tell our present and future clients that the color analysis service is a lifetime investment. It is the knowledge that you can always use. With age, the appearance changes, but the type of beauty always remains the same.

I think that every woman feels good to be aware of how to dress up and look impressive. It also gives peace of mind and confidence.

A valuable clue that we have received from Mother Nature is that style comes from the inside.

Keeping up to date with the latest fashion trends can do more bad than good things. Our natural colors should determine our style. The right colors emphasize the advantages and correct imperfections. Thanks to this, we can facilitate everyday life and feel beautiful and unique.

At this point, it is also worth mentioning people who are trying to look like someone else, for instance, like some celebrity. Usually, it ends badly, and this person seems more “dressed up” instead of being dressed. This is because instead of looking deeper into yourself, we look for advantages of someone else and try to copy them.

So it is best to, even for a moment, forget about the current trends of this season! Our individuality and colors will be a solid base, thanks to which we always have something to wear. After proper analysis, shopping will not be a problem, and creating your style will bring a lot of joy and benefits.

In general, color analysis dispels many doubts. If you are wondering why all this is, imagine that you are in an Oscar dress. Do you prefer to hear “you have such a beautiful dress” or “wow, you look beautiful”?

Style, minimalism & “capsule wardrobe”

The color analysis allows us to develop our unique style, and thus, we can create a perfect “capsule wardrobe.” The idea of “the wardrobe in a capsule” was born thanks to minimalists, tired of having a vast amount of clothes which are difficult to compose. The concept is about reducing the number of clothes, and choose the ones that highlight our beauty and figure, so we can mix everything, create different sets and everything will match. I think that we are flooded with impulses from all around to buy new clothes, accessories and generally all goods. It is really easy to get lost in the fashion world, especially without knowing your style. With the help of color analysis, it is much easier to create your style, buy wisely and, as a result, to spend less time and energy before leaving the house.

An example of a well-known minimalist is Bea Johnson, who runs her “zero waste home” blog. She lectures all over the world and promotes conscious and limited consumerism. She has 15 pieces of clothing, and makes 50 sets out of it, buys food products without plastic packaging, lives in a beautiful villa in California, frequently travels with her family and can pack in 10 minutes :-)

On my example, I can say that my wardrobe was enormous and filled with clothes that I liked, but I did not wear them. When something caught my eye, I used to buy it right away, when something inspired me in a fashion magazine or blog — I ran to the store instantly. These things looked beautiful in the closet :-) For many years, buying and possessing things (in the closet) made me very happy. I know this is called “shopaholism”… It all lasted until I began to travel frequently around the world. I realized that I desire to collect beautiful memories instead of striped blouses. I also felt great when I could quickly pack all my stuff in a small backpack and travel to Asia wherein a 40 Celsius degree heat I managed well with a 5 kg baggage. I also witnessed how many suitcases fell into the water from a boat, so I was even more satisfied with my belongings. The best thing is that I’ve never run out of anything! I like sport “casual” style, more feminine style for work and different occasions, in summer the romantic-boho style suits me best. I like different styles and clothes, e.g., extensive military parka, but I do not buy it because it’s not my style, it’s too “crude” for my figure and most of all, it does not express my personality, views or dreams about life on Earth without army and conflicts.

Of course, a massive amount of clothes is not a downside to everyone, and I do not mean that we all should wear minimalistic clothing! No, quite the opposite. My goal is to find the colors in which we look fresh and beautiful, and create a style that is comfortable and timeless, showing our nature from the best side. Being yourself under the strain of all current trends is a real challenge, but also a great joy. It often happens that we like someone very much and we want to look the same. However, in the fitting room (or at home in front of the mirror), we realize that something is wrong. Usually, the answer is simple — clothes do not represent our personality and type of beauty. We feel disguised, instead of being dressed.

I like and appreciate diversity, and the example of a person that I admire is Jenny Mustard, although I know that I would not feel myself in her unique style. She represents a typically Scandinavian and androgenic style. I would feel terrible copying her style, although I like to look at her YouTube channel and see that she is always 100% herself. Thanks to that she has achieved success.

In every season there are many trends and popular styles, such as nautical, feminine, pin-up, folk, ethnic, bohemian, sports, glam rock, goth, sophisticated, vintage, retro, urban and many more. Of course, it is best to trust your personality and dress up in line with it.

As mentioned before: the color analysis is a guide to spread your wings, not fit into a proper box. Everyone is unique, and it is best to emphasize our beauty instead of becoming a clone of someone else. That is why in this book a specific way of dressing is not imposed, but the only beneficial direction, which should be treated as an inspiration, not a strict guideline.

If we like a lot of different styles and it is hard to decide on this one, then it is worth referring to the color analysis, which suggests the most beneficial style for our type of beauty.

The best style for every type of beauty:

The spring — classic

The summer — romantic

The autumn — extravagant

The winter — elegant

The winter blooms wearing a simple white shirt like no other type of beauty. Dark hair, clear eyes, and simple style emphasize her natural traits. Color contrast will not overwhelm her. The spring and summer are more delicate than the autumn and winter so raven black or crystal white near the face will harm their beauty. Autumn is a warm and dark blaze of colors. It is incredible how women of this type of beauty look beautiful in a “mustard” sweater, which definitely cannot be said about the other types of beauty.

When we start to associate a particular style with a type of beauty, we can quickly begin to navigating ourselves better on this topic. The one thing to remember is a quite common misunderstanding that many people associate summer with bright, tropical colors. Let’s think this way: it is the middle of summer, it is hot, and the sun has been shining on the grass and other plants for months. What is happening? Everything becomes faded, and the colors are extinguished. So this is the essence of a summer type of beauty.

In the tropical countries, where the water is azure, and trees are covered with intensely pink or white and lemon monoi flowers, there are usually two seasons. Here we deal with four seasons. Summer is more like the Baltic Sea than the Caribbean, and heather fields rather than the paradise garden.

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