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Bezpłatny fragment - Soon

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How incredibly desired it is from time to time to find an inflow of right thoughts without any explanation coming from above, from a bird’s eye view, with the wind whispering reassuringly „Go ahead! You can do it!”. How often it is so difficult to make a choice that may affect your further life. How sometimes hurtful it is not to have any perspective for changes. And how unbelievably scary it may be finally to go for them. What if your own actions will cause influence also on a direction of parallel destinies? Are you ready for such responsibility right here right now? After all, the same moment may never come again. Life does not like postponements. Somehow we have to keep up with it. And then, with all the paradox: under the impact of fear to be late, it is important not to rush.

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

I will fly to you at nights, sit down beside your bed and listen how you breathe. It does not matter that we exist in different worlds. Most significantly there is one heart for both of us.

(Dedicated to Alice)

*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***

Earth from above looks amazing. Big city lights, fields, roads, and all these belong to mankind. How much of everything is kept in hands of people, how much they know and discover, and yet how unbelievably a lot is left which they do not even suspect about.

“Come closer,” said Lu-1092 cheerfully sitting on a cloud. “Now I will introduce you to our sphere and parallel worlds.”

Just like all suenians, Lu was exactly eleven and a half inches tall. As much as all the rest celestial creatures of the first platform, Lu had conical body of azure color that looked like a drop. Suenians did not have conventional human limbs. Everything that they needed they could always do with their ears, which during inactive phase reminded small snail horns, but as soon as the application phase started, ears transformed into real bird wings growing twenty times bigger in size. Lu’s body had no hair. The wide upper part of his trunk contained three big shifty eyes that could look different directions at the same time. In addition to this, his eyes were able to relocate chaotically on the surface of slippery trunk. No other parts could be observed on bodies of suenians. Usually these celestial beings rarely talked. Entire communication process occurred only with the help of thoughts that were passed at a distance of speechless silence. All emotions could be expressed through their eyes. Basically, there were only two of them: joy and sadness. That was all that suenians needed for existence.

Lu-1092 paused allowing his flawless clone to sit down. At this celestial parallel, by the rights and obligations as much as by external features, there was a total reign of inviolable equality.

“I’m ready,” suddenly said If-1 attentively staring with his three eyes at the interlocutor. With a full weight of his identical body, the young apprentice fell heavily on a small adjacent cloud and prepared himself for listening.

“Then memorize,” mentally said Lu extending his ears at a full length and pointing them down. “This is the Earth. It’s an amazing world in which everything is so difficult, intricate, complex but at the same time merely wonderful. This land belongs to people. Do you see those creatures with funny bodies and different appearances? They are always on the run in a fuss and lateness, constantly busy with their tough affairs, problems and thoughts. In other words, they have no interest in us. Moreover, they do not even know about the existence of our sphere. The universe is built in such a way that people will never be able to hear or see what is happening here on the clouds, while we can safely observe them from above all the time. Do you get it?”

“Yeah,” pronounced young If-1 attentively examining the Earth.

“It’s good. Now the main point. What exactly we do?” Lu asked without any hope for a correct answer and shortly continued. “We are responsible for human dreams. Precisely dream demonstration will be your main and the only task. Now, if we move away a little further…” and as soon as Lu said it, suddenly the Earth below was shifted back as if by his command, showing the view of continents and oceans. “You can find the elongated island on the left. People call it Cuba. So right there in one of the local hospitals of Varadero at this very moment your fosterling is being born. Her name is Suzanne Gallet. Very soon she will finally release her first cry in the world below us. While she is awake… and people usually do it during the day… You can just watch her. But as soon as the baby feels fatigue and desire to fall asleep, your work officially starts.”

“And what should I do?” hurriedly asked If-1 being intrigued by the upcoming duties.

* Made by illustrator, Dariia Polyakova

“Show baby Suzanne her dreams.” Lu replied calmly feeling internal joy as it occurred every time when he had to tell the favorite part of his usual story. “Remember, from now on you are emotionally connected to your exhibit...that is how we call them. Now a strong invisible but palpable bond exists between you two. When little Suzanne is ready to dive into the world of dreams, you will feel it. And at that moment when it happens, the first thing that you need to do is to find the Office of Dreams.”

“Where is it?” interjected little If with the question.

“During day and night time, this is the biggest cloud of purple color, which is usually crowded with millions of suenians being in anticipation of impending challenges. The cloud is never detected at the same location but you will easily find it. On our platform it is difficult to get lost. Here everything is very simple. That is how we are designed and created. In general, once you feel Suzanne’s intention to fall asleep, you have to rush to the Office immediately. When you get to the needed cloud, telepathically you will be given a scenario, which is required to be shown to your exhibit. It can be anything, but most importantly, you must precisely stick to the script. Is it clear?”

“So far, yes.”

“Do not forget. This is very important.” Lu articulated too seriously, glaring at his apprentice. Suddenly his ears lengthened dramatically and changed the color to dark blue as a sign of particular attention.

“Suenians are not allowed to deviate from their tasks. If you are commanded to show Suzanne a dream about ponies, then that’s exactly what you have to demonstrate her. Not rabbits, turtles or elephants but precisely those things that have been ordered: beautiful, kind-looking and cute ponies. Never! Do you hear me? Never diverge from the script.”

“But what if…”

“Don’t even try to find out, I beg you!” a bit louder than usual exclaimed Lu-1092. “Nobody really knows what will happen, but I suspect that definitely something bad will occur. So please don’t tempt your fate.”

„Got it,” responded If. “Is that all that I should know?”

“Yes. Our mission in this world is small: show dream to a man and get back to the platform to wait for the next task.”

“How long should I do this?”

“Unfortunately, nobody knows,” sadly replied Lu, completely wrapping up his ears and hiding them from external eyes. “It’s a matter of luck…”

“What do you mean?!” If-1 cried instantly rising up, “Is it forever?”

“Maybe so,” for some time Lu closed his eyes trying lucidly to convey the following text to the recipient.

“You see, the universe has many worlds, perhaps even more than we know about. So far, there are three Parallels discovered by us. Our sphere is the most primitive, as you probably have already noticed. The next one is the Earth: so complex, but perfect in every way, it never stops to impress suenians. And finally the third parallel is Heavens above us, where by our theoretical knowledge human souls after death of their bodies relocate to. You need to understand that people are not eternal. Average duration of human life is very short. When death comes, it is believed that a human soul is redirected to Heavens, the parallel that is above us. They say that souls of suenians are also transitive. And though we have no proof, but our oldest suenian Od-11477 says that during his existence, many suenians just disappeared without any reason and explanation, and therefore, their souls shifted either down to the Earth or straightly up to Heavens omitting the second parallel. Od is confident that our world, in the same way as the Earth, is temporary. The main question is: where exactly are the souls of suenians sent to after staying here long enough? How our wise suenian states, the biggest part of suenian souls goes immediately to heaven but only few chosen of them get a chance to be reborn as a human being and relocate to the Earth. But it is a very high degree of achievement…”

“What do I need to do in order to get myself down first?” Being totally unable to keep his interest hidden any longer, little If-1 interrupted his lecturer.

“If only I had known, I would have been on the Earth already…” even more sadly said Lu.

“Is the Earth really so good?”

“Better than you can imagine. You should realize that each suenian sincerely wants to become a human. And you also will not be an exception. The human world is incredibly interesting. There are a lot of things still undiscovered and confusing, but this makes it even more intriguing. On the Earth, there are emotions and feelings that suenians are not familiar with. But most importantly, down there, dreams exist. After all what we do here is a demonstration of dreams, although we are never able to see them. We can not elapse into the world of fantasies. We do not know how to fall asleep and watch the scenes of unreality. I would have given a lot to get to the world of dreams at least once as a direct viewer. When you have to do the same thing for so long, there is always incredible desire to look at your work from another side. I would be so happy…”

For a moment Lu-1092 became quiet. He realized that sharing his the most cherished dream with If-1 made him a bit deviate from the major topic. Carefully scrutinizing the city Varadero, Lu understood that actually not much time for introductory lecture was left. Very soon the tiny and lovely Suzanne will come to the world below.

“How long have you been here?” asked again If-1 looking around where except for the clouds there were only clouds.

“Precisely 1092. That is what my name says. Now you have a coefficient 1. This means that you are in the first year of your existence in the world of Suenia. One year here equals to eleven and a half years on the Earth. It’s just for your information.”

“Wow! The entire thousand?!” exclaimed the newbie.

“Well, compared to Od-11477, it is almost nothing.” Lu hurried for justification.

“Now my exhibit is the thirteen-year old boy. Before him there was the Frenchman named Bernard, but he died on his eighty-fourth year of life.”

“Did you have only two exhibits?”

“Hm… There was also… Adina. But… she died eight hours after her birth.” Lu-1092 looked away from his interlocutor. He felt an excessive flood of sad memories.

“Listen, I have a question,” hastily pronounced If-1 sensing intensity of the moment, “why your wise suenian, this… hm… Od-… hm…”

“11477” quickly prompted Lu.

“Exactly. Thanks. So why is he still here? Why was not he sent already either to the Earth or to the Heavens, according to his own theory?”

“Regrettably, I have no answer to this question,” still with the same sad intonation said Lu, “Nobody knows who and when will leave the world of Suenia. Everyone is ordained with individual period and direction. The only thing that we could trace is the exact indicator which may be a sign of your future transition. The fact that our wise suenian noticed the following tendency: once a suenian gets the task according to which he has to show his exhibit a dream about our world, i.e. telling about the existence of Suenia and her inhabitants… As soon as this task is completed, such suenian disappears being transferred to some kind of another world. That’s why everyone dreams about getting this one specific scenario that will bring long-awaited changes.”

“But you still don’t know where exactly upon the task completion a soul goes to: the Heavens or the Earth?” asked If-1 with a slight enthusiasm in his intonation.

“No, we don’t.” Lu consented and his eyes brightened noticeably. “But there is always hope. Receiving this scenario brings at least minor possibility for changes, good or bad, it does not matter. Importantly, there will be changes. And without it, you may stay in Suenia for eternity, just like Od-11477.”

For some time a severe pause hang over suenians. They both kept silence flowing thoughtfully in their own reflections. Suddenly Lu-1092 cried loudly:

“Hooray! See, finally your Suzanne was born! Run as fast as you can to the Office of Dreams! Babies sleep a lot… Now it is time for you to show the little girl her first dream.”

If-1 immediately rushed over the celestial surface but suddenly he froze. With wide eyes open, abruptly he asked:

“But how?!”

“Any our move is made with the help of thoughts. Your natural instincts will assist you further. Hurry up!” The teacher jabbered his last instructions to the newbie and mentally blessed him for a successful completion of the first task. Big moment arrived.

Lu had no doubt that the little suenian would perfectly cope with his work. So the mentor decided not to monitor the subsequent actions of his student. Instead Lu-1092 paid his attention to his ward. Thirteen-year old Paul was a very kind and diligent child with an innate sense of justice. He was a good schoolboy who never had any problems with discipline. Parents loved him, teachers praised, but classmates sarcastically teased: „Paul is a nerd! Paul is a geek! Paul is a sissy!”. Baltic boy rarely paid attention to such remarks. However, sometimes even he unwittingly found himself puzzled with the question “Isn’t his constant diligence sometimes too excessive?”

That day Paul received two highest scores in History and English language, which was quite a usual event for his family. After school as always the boy went to the training and scored a goal in a friendly match of teams randomly created by his bold coach. Finishing up all homework, Paul had supper in a company of his godfather who lately without any specific reason started to visit their house quite often. Then the boy read a fairytale to his younger brother, brushed his teeth, got into bed and closed his eyes.

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