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Sex Positions for Couples

Bezpłatny fragment - Sex Positions for Couples

The Ultimate Illustrated Sex Guide. Increase Intimacy and Sexual Energy Between You and Your Partner

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In this book you will find a real source of sexual inspiration; you will understand how to get the best out of sexual intercourse with your partner, you will learn to appreciate the small details of sex; you can use this book as a starting point to be able to interpret sex in a more suggestive way and explore it in all its forms.

This is a real love manual that summarizes the positions for sex in all its forms and facets, from oral to anal intercourse, passing through the most classic positions and massages to the most demanding and extravagant ones. It will show you erotic alternatives that you have never thought of before, and will explain exactly how to put them into practice.

Reading and putting this manuscript into practice will be intriguing and fun and will allow you to fully experience your sexual relations in your life as a couple; it will help you find the passion that every couple desires and awaken the most hidden sexual desires.

The kamasutra, an ancient Indian text on human sexual behavior represents the most important work in the Sanskrit literature about love, in which love and eroticism are not conceived as a sort of sin to be avoided but rather seen as a divine union in which pleasure and well-being are part of life. The manual describes 64 sexual positions, in fact, Vatsyayana, its author, claims that there are eight ways of making love multiplied by eight sexual positions.

In the book that I am presenting to you, we will go beyond these positions and examine more complex techniques, more modern erotic practices and I will give you a representation of sex under every type of interpretation, from the most romantic to the hottest and most erotic ones.

Chapter 1: Couple’s Relationship

Authentic, deep, and empathic communication is the first step to take aimed at establishing an excellent balance within a couple; erotic attraction combined with desire can alternate with frustration and bad mood. They are conflicting emotions that naturally develop within each couple; by interpreting sex in various ways, this manual proposes you to overcome these negative emotions and focus on the positive ones, guaranteeing you and your partner better stability and an exciting sexual chemistry.

There are signs that from the very beginning of a relationship are unequivocal. A dynamic of desire is established whereby our behaviors are conditioned to let emerge a part more open to dialogue and encounter; the fire of love and erotic desire burn intensely, however, this flame risks extinguishing as time goes by, bringing out further differences and considerations regarding your partner, the quality of the story you lives and the objectives of your relationship.

There are vitally important elements on which the compatibility of the couple is based and can be interpreted from the first days of dating.

Kiss is the basic form of communication in a relationship. It takes on greater importance from the female point of view and some studies show how the brain can receive information about the partner from the very first one. When kissing, an exchange of stresses on a psychological level takes place through which our mind immediately perceives a feeling with the partner that is much deeper than what can be perceived with other gestures and words. Furthermore, kiss itself represents one of the bases of sexuality, especially for the female figure.

Smell plays an important role in the feeling towards the partner. It is immediately “registered” by our body and our brain can connect positive sensations to it. It is no coincidence that the smell reminds us of a person, a current or past partner with whom important moments have been shared, especially from an erotic or sexual point of view.

Gestures and looks are another fundamental element in couple’s affinity. Eyes know how to express concepts much more eloquently than words. They are our most important point of expression, through the gaze people can express their own mood or even better their desire which, in the same way, is captured by the partner’s eye.

Physical contacts, especially within the relationship, play a fundamental role. The personal space is reduced in a couple and begins to match that of the partner, physical contacts become frequent and inevitable. Often, even outside the sexual field, physical contact represents a real signal for the stability of a couple. A caress or a simple hug can foster the connection from an emotional point of view. Intimacy and trust transform physical sexual contact into a profound exchange based on pleasure.

Chapter 2: Sex

Sex represents a vital indicator in the life of a couple as it has to do with everyone’s most instinctive side. It is necessary to try to create a deep bond with your partner first on the sentimental sphere and then on the sexual one.

A deep bond on the sentimental sphere certainly helps improving the quality of the sexual sphere. Having interests and objectives on which to create a shared horizon represents an element capable of creating a strong bond.

Similarly, game plays a fundamental role in couple’s life and in sexuality; knowing how to laugh together and at yourself allows you to overcome difficulties and discover a deeper dimension with your partner.

Telling each other’s goals, desires, wills often helps strengthening the bond in a couple; compatibility thus increases, and a deep love passion arises.

2.1. Benefits

Besides physical enjoyment, sex brings countless benefits to your body physically, psychologically, and socially. Sexual activity contributes to eliminating many discomforts and improving personal life, provided, however, that it is performed frequently.

The main benefit that a person can get from sexual activity is the reduction of stress. After achieving orgasm, you can enjoy a perfect state of physical and mental relaxation. The state of personal satisfaction is so high that it lowers or clears the stress and anxiety, significantly decreasing the production of cortisol, known as the stress hormone.

Furthermore, some studies have shown how this condition of reduced stress can last over time if sexual activity is performed with a certain regularity.

Cardiovascular health benefits from sex, as its execution lowers blood pressure by activating its circulation with the aerobic exercise that is performed. During the foreplay phase and during arousal, the body releases testosterone and DHEA which work to protect the heart.

Weight loss and muscle tone are two other factors influenced by sexual activity. In 10 minutes of sex you burn about 50 calories, in 20 minutes about 200. Exercise is taking place and the body, as usual, is benefiting from it.

Some studies have shown that sex increases protection from certain types of cancer such as breast or prostate thanks to the increased secretion of DHEA and oxytocin for the prevention of the first and, thanks to frequent ejaculation for prevention of the second.

Practicing sex at least twice a week increases immunoglobulin A (igA) levels and consequently strengthens the immune system, protecting against seasonal diseases such as colds or flu.

The large amount of nitric oxide that is produced during intercourse improves peripheral circulation and the endorphins and oxytocin that are released become a useful ally to relieve pain, both of the gynecological type (such as premenstrual) and of the traumatic or muscular functioning as an analgesic.

By improving the secretion of water during orgasm, sex makes the skin appear more hydrated and, by stimulating blood circulation, it reduces the risk of the appearance of cellulite or the famous and feared orange peel skin in women.

By causing physical fatigue and releasing oxytocin and melatonin, the practice of sex also improves the quality of sleep in the long run.

A more thorough and lasting practice of foreplay can prevent vaginal dryness. In fact, once menopause occurs, a longer period of excitement is recommended to ensure that the vagina is lubricated as necessary.

Furthermore, for the female sphere, sex practiced consistently improves fertility by giving the woman (if she does not have regular cycles) more regularity in her menstrual cycles; in the male sphere, an increase in weekly ejaculations also increases the ability to fertilize.

The last benefits, on the other hand, concern the social and personal sphere.

Practicing sex increases self-esteem exponentially; an individual feels better both psychically and physically. By reducing anxiety and stress, it allows you to experience social relationships to the fullest and to relate better to other people. A person who practices sex constantly feels happier thanks above all to the release of endorphins that produce a marked improvement in mood.

Chapter 3: Foreplays

Foreplay in bed can also be more enjoyable than coitus itself.

This practice often avoided by men and much coveted by women should not be underestimated and is essential for arousal.

Our main sexual organ is the skin and its stimulation has very pleasant effects. Using caresses and kisses can stimulate the brain which produces dopamine, the molecule of arousal. The nipples become swollen and the vagina lubricates and widens, helping to increase sensitivity and prepare for future penetration. In the same way, for men, the production of the dopamine hormone increases, so anxiety and stress decrease and penile erection is favored.

During foreplay, in both partners, blood pressure and heartbeat increase, they sweat, and pheromones are released that amplify sexual arousal.

At this stage, you need to use your imagination and pay attention to your own feelings and your partner’s to increase arousal. The art of foreplay consists in ensuring that the erotic tension never decreases but continues to increase to reach penetration both full of desire and craving.

This practice also brings various benefits such as decreasing muscle tension, making partners more uninhibited and imaginative and prepares them to obtain a much more suggestive and exciting penetration.

The brushing of the lips is an immensely powerful aphrodisiac that can get an immediate effect and even more if combined with games of looks and smiles. The neck is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones, where, especially women, love to be stimulated with kisses, caresses and tongue games; ears contains many nerve endings which, if gently stimulated, can increase the pleasure of the moment.

As per woman, it is necessary to focus on the breasts and above all on the stimulation of the nipples which are rich in nerve endings and can make the partner go into raptures. The abdominals and the lower abdomen represent another hot area of the foreplay in which you are remarkably close to the sexual organ and the stimulation in this area can stimulate the imagination and increase desire.

A tip is to practice them with bare skin which will sharpen the sensations on both sides and will allow you to “feel” your partner on your skin as much as possible and expand the emotions that arise from the physical contact.

Chapter 4: Orgasm in Men and Women

Orgasm is the psycho-physical situation that leads the person to experience the highest expression of sexual and erotic pleasure.

In men, the orgasmic manifestations are much more evident as the achievement of ecstasy coincides with ejaculation while, in women, paravaginal contractions occur which in some cases also lead to female ejaculation.

The woman can enjoy a clitoral orgasm, easily reachable through oral or manual stimulation of the clitoris, or a vaginal orgasm that is obtained with penetration. These two orgasms can also occur simultaneously thanks to excellent stimulation, or the woman can experience multiple orgasms that follow one another without pauses with the continuous stimulation of the clitoris or vagina.

Unlike women, men, after orgasm, live in a period of refraction in which they cannot immediately reach a second orgasm but, on the contrary, can feel discomfort if further stimulated.

The male orgasm lasts from 3 to 10 seconds while for the woman, the duration can be extended up to 30 seconds. The time it takes to reach orgasm is also influenced by mental and relational factors such as the stability and duration of the relationship, the communication between the two partners, the image one has of oneself, past experiences, and physical attraction that one feels towards the partner.

Chapter 5: Missionary Positions

Missionary is one of the most underrated positions. It’s very intimate thanks to eye contact.

Slo-Mo Missionary

Missionary position doesn’t have to be boring! Just try to slow down… Make your moves slower than usually, and once you are in, pause and feel each other. You will see how this tip can change this ordinary position.

To do: The woman lies on her back when her partner lies facedown on top of her. The female partner embraces his buttocks with her legs and her hands can touch his back. The man on top can easily kiss her neck or lips for more intimate experience.

The Eagle

There are many variations of this position, but this is the most well-known. It is similar to the missionary, but allows for much deeper penetration which will surely satisfy your desire.

To do: The woman lies on her back, raises and spreads her legs, and presses her hips to the body. The partner approaches her and enters her, starting off with slow movements, with his hips spread apart but feet together. The woman’s legs are close to the male partner’s elbows, and she can touch his hips or buttocks.

Spread Eagle

To do: The woman lies on her back, legs are straight, raised up and driven apart. The man is on top of the female partner, between her legs, his arms are straight and exposing his palms forward, close to the woman’s shoulders. The man’s legs are bent in knees and driven apart.

The Anvil

This position is perfect because it allows deeper penetration and allows the penis to hit the G-spot.

To do: The woman lies on her back and pulls her legs to her breast, holding hips by hands. The man is on his knees using his arms as support. The woman puts her legs on the man’s neck and wraps them over his neck.


The Coital Alignment Technique, known colloquially as grinding the corn, is a sex position that focuses on clitoral stimulation. This position seems to be very simple, but the feelings will be absolutely different.

To do: The woman lies back with her legs together. The man is on top with his legs open. The man then uses his legs to move his entire body. If done correctly, this position will stimulate woman’s mons Venus.

Chapter 6: Woman on Top

Woman on top sex positions to try if you love riding your partner! This position will give women more control, from the speed and angle to the depth.


To do: The man lies down comfortably and the woman kneels on top. She takes the wheel. In cowgirl position woman sets the speed and man helps her by moving his hips to penetrate deeper and feel the pleasure. It’s a very popular position and partners can easily touch each other (man can easily caress her most sensitive zones — breasts and clitoris).

Reverse Cowgirl

This is a great variation on classic Cowgirl.

To do: The man lies on his back, with his legs straight, slightly driven apart. The woman sits on top of the male partner back to him, her legs are bent in knees. Again, she takes control of the pace and angle of thrusts. The man puts one hand on the woman’s waist and with the second one he fondles her breast.

Backwards Cowgirl

To do: The man sits with his legs straight and slightly driven apart, back is straight. The woman sits on top of her partner, her legs are bent in knees and lied along his buttocks. Woman’s hands are outstretched forward, she is located slightly below the knees of the man and makes support on them, her back is arched. The man caresses breasts of his woman during sex.

Squatting Cowgirl

This position allows you to go deep or deeper, you decide!

To do: The man lays his head on the pillow and stretches his legs in front of him. The woman rides the penis, staying on her haunches. For greater balance, she can put hands on the man’s chest, to make some support. The male partner holds his woman by the legs, but can also fondle her breasts or stroke her body.


To do: The man sits on a flat surface with his legs outstretched in front of him, with his hands backwards placed apart as support. The woman sits on top of the male partner back to him, her legs are compressed on top but slightly apart from the knees. She holds her male partner’s hips by arms.


To do: The man lies on his back, with his legs straight, slightly open. The woman lies on top of her partner so that his hip locates between her legs, slightly bent at the knees. Partners are maximally close, they can kiss without stopping, which will only increase their desire.


To do: The man sits and straightens his legs opening his knees. The woman sits on her male partner with her back and leans completely on him to position her breast between his knees and her legs are opened on sides. The man caresses the buttocks of his lady and moves them setting the rhythm.

Chapter 7: Sitting Positions


To do: The man sits down at his feet and leans back. The woman sits on him and leans forward, her legs are spread apart. She puts hands in front of her and uses them for support, the man puts his free hand on her buttocks and moves them to the rhythm of his movements.

Cowgirl on the chair

To do: You’re literally doing classic Cowgirl on a chair. The man sits on a chair with straight back and legs slightly spread apart. The woman sits on top of him with her face to her lover. She bends her legs so that her feet are on the man’s hips. With one hand, she grabs the back of a chair, the other is placed on her buttocks. The man takes her by the waist and helps to move up and down.


To do: The man sits in a chair in front of the table with legs slightly open. He leans his body to the back of the chair. The woman sits on the man back to him. Her legs are spread apart and placed on the sides of the chair. Her arms are bent at the elbows and lie on the tabletop. The body is leaned forward. The man takes the lady by the waist and rocks her back and forth.


To do: The man sits comfortably in an armchair with his legs bent and driven apart. The woman sits on him, facing the man, with her legs open as wide as possible.. She completely rests the upper part of her body on his knees. She slips her legs under her elbows and hanging them down. The female partner grabs her lover’s arms just above his elbows. With his hands, he supports her back to make sexual intercourse pretty, comfortable and safe. The man can help to move her body back and forth.

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