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Practical Conversations in English

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Among friends and strangers

Dialogue 1: Conversation between strangers

— Hi! How are you? What`s your name?

— Hello. I`m great. My name is John. Nice to meet you. And you? What`s your name?

— My name is Andrew. Nice to meet you, too. How old are you?

— I`m 24 years old. And you? How old are you?

— I’m older than you, but only two years. I am 26 years old.

— And where are you from?

— Well, I’m from Canada, from Quebec.

— I’m from the USA. I thought you were French. And what are you doing in Poland?

— Well, I’ve come to work. I wanted to leave my country to work in Europe and I saw that in Poland there are good opportunities to get a job. And you?

— Well, I lived in Spain, but I decided to come to Poland because I have a relative who lives here, and since I liked this country and I saw a great potential in it, I decided to stay. And yes, I am studying and working at the same time.

— Wow! Working and studying at the same time… That is not easy at all.

— No, it’s not easy, but I trust that everything will turn out well.

— That’s a great attitude.

— How long have you been here?

— Well, this is my second month in Poland. I imagine you have been here longer.

— Well, I’ve been here for a year and a couple of months.

— Very interesting. Well, I really like talking to you. If you want, we can give each other phone numbers and we can stay in touch.

— Sure. Write it down: 783924561.

— Perfect, I’ll write you later.

— Great. I`ll wait for your message.

— Take care.

— You too.

Dialogue 2: Conversation between friends

— Hi! How are you? Long time no see.

— Very well, thanks. And you? How is it going?

— Well, thanks. A lot of work, to tell the truth. You know… I started working here two months ago. I work for an appliance company and actually I feel good there. My boss is not so bad, the atmosphere is excellent and the salary is also very good. And you? How are things going with you?

— Well, I live here. Maybe not exactly here but a-ten-minute walk from here. I’m happy for you and your new job, really. That means we have to celebrate it.

— Well, of course, like in the old days. If you want, we can go out some day to eat something and go for drinks afterward. Preferably on Saturday because on weekdays I help my wife to take care of our daughter.

— Oh yeah! Your daughter. How is your daughter? She is already big, isn`t she?

— Yes! She is 7 years old. She will start her school in a month.

— Wow! Already 7 years old. Time flies indeed. I remember her when she was three. She was very small then. So, let’s stay in touch so that we can meet on some Saturday. By the way, would it be possible for you to meet this Saturday at 6:00 p.m.?

— Of course. I would like to talk more with you and get to know how your family is doing.

— Of course. Perfect. I’ll write you later then. See you soon.

— Take care.

Dialogue 3: Conversation between strangers of different nationalities

— Good afternoon. How are you?

— I’m very well, thank you. My name is Lee, and you?

— My name is Edward. Nice to meet you.

— Nice to meet you, too. Where are you from?

— I’m from Japan, and you?

— I`m American.

— Well, tell me, what are you doing in Argentina?

— Well, I have come to study the Spanish language. I have been learning Spanish for 3 years and I really like it. How about you? What are you doing here?

— Interesting. Well, I also came to study Spanish. I started with a native speaker when I was at school because I wanted to visit Argentina. Then I changed my mind and decided to stay. And I don`t regret this decision. It’s a very beautiful country, completely different from mine. I’m even thinking of staying here for good.

— How come? Well, I`m asking, because you live far away and I can imagine that such decision must be rather difficult. I mean, your relatives live in Japan and it would be very difficult to see them.

— Well, I’ve always wanted to live in a different country. When I was younger, I was thinking of moving to Europe, but Europe is different from Argentina. I like Europe a lot too, but I have more in common with Argentina. And you? Are you planning to return to the United States?

— Well, I am, but who knows… Maybe I will go to visit some country in Latin America first. But now, I`m sorry, I really need to go, otherwise I`ll be late for my Spanish classes. I hope we can meet again. It was pleasure to meet you.

— The pleasure is mine, Edward. Take care.

— Bye.

At the airport

Dialogue 1: Directions to get to the airport

Ring … Ring … Ring …

— Hello.

— Hello Frank, it’s me Charles.

— Oh, hello. How are you Charles?

— Very good. I`m sorry for bothering you, but I`m going on a trip to Portugal and it`s going to be my first flight. I wanted to ask if you could tell me step by step what I should do.

— Of course, Charles. I can help you. This is what friends are for. So, are you ready?

— Yes, I am. Thanks.

— Well, when you arrive at the airport, go directly to the luggage check-in area. You will need to wait a few minutes to reach the agent who will take your suitcase and give you your boarding pass, which is essential at the time of boarding the plane. After leaving your suitcase and getting your boarding pass, go with your hand luggage, if you have one, go to the security control area. They will check your hand luggage and your passport. After passing security check, watch the screens showing departures and go to the boarding gate.

— You know, I have also heard that I can buy products at the duty-free shops that are near the boarding gates.

— Of course, you can. You can even have breakfast, lunch or dinner if you want, depending on the time you arrive.

— Perfect. I like that. What should I do next?

— Then they will call you to approach the gate, approximately 30 minutes before takeoff. You show your passport, board the plane, look for your seat, which can be by the window, by the ailse, or in the middle of the two. You sit down and fasten your seatbelt.

— Can I ever unfasten my seatbelt?

— Of course, you just have to use the safety seatbelt while taking off and landing. After takeoff you can unfasten your seatbelt and go freely to the lavatory, if you want, unless you have a signal from hostesses.

Thanks a lot, Frank. Now everything will be much easier for me.

— Sure. If you have other questions, feel free to contact me.

— Thanks! We`ll stay in touch. See you later!

— See you later!

Dialogue 2: Continuation of dialogue 1, at the airport

(Charles at the airport)

— Well, I’m at the airport … Fernando told me to get to the check-in desk …

(At the counter)

— Good morning.

— Good morning. Could you show me your passport and your plane ticket, please?

— Sure, here it is.

— Your destination is Portugal and your seat number is 15F. Put your suitcase on the scale, please.

— I`m sorry, but the weight of your suitcase is much bigger than we can accept.

— Really? What can I do then?

— You can pay more or you can remove some things from your suitcase.

— I see. I will take some things from my suitcase. One moment, please.

— And now?

— The weight is acceptable.

— Thank you very much.

— Here is your passport and the boarding pass. Have a good flight.

— Thank you.

— OK, now I need to go to the security control.

— Excuse me, is this your suitcase?

— Yes, it is. Why?

— Because you cannot carry food inside your suitcase.

— Really?

— Yes, sir. You have to take it out.

— Well… OK, I`ll do it.

— Now it`s all right. Have a good trip.

— Thank you.

— OK, now I need to find my gate and wait.

(After some time, a voice from the megaphone asks to queue to board the plane)

— Your passport, please.

— Here it is.

— Thank you.

(Charles looks for his seat and sits down)

— Ufff … Finally… Now let`s fly!

At the café

Dialogue 1: Café with tables and service

— Good morning. Here is the menu.

— Oh, thank you.

— I`ll be back in a moment to take your order.

— So… Are you ready to order?

— Yes we are. Well, I`ll have a sandwich with ham and a tuna sandwich for my friend.

— Of course. Anything else?

— Yes, I`ll have an orange juice and my friend will have coffee with milk.

— Is that all?

— Yes, for the moment that’s all. But can you leave us the dessert menu in case we want to order something later.

— Of course. I`ll leave it here.

— Thank you.

— Here you are… The sandwich with ham and the orange juice plus the tuna sandwich and the coffee.

— Excuse me, my friend has asked for a coffee with milk.

— Ah, of course, that`s right. I’ll bring it to you right away.

— Here is your coffee with milk.

— Thank you.

— Enjoy your meal.

— Excuse me, can you bring us the check?

— Sure. Card or cash?

— Cash.

— It’s $10.

— Here it is. Please, keep the change

— Thank you very much. Have a good day.

— Thank you.

Dialogue 2: Takeaway café

(At the counter)

— Good afternoon. What can we serve you?

— Mm … Chamomile tea and a cheese sandwich. Also, one expresso with a portion of a three-milk cake.

— Right away.

— Will you pay in cash or with a card?

— With a card.

— It`s $14.50.

Do you want a receipt?

— No, thanks.

— Enjoy your meal.

…(Part 2)

— Excuse me, we would like to have some ice cream. What flavor do you have?

— We have vanilla, lemon, strawberry and chocolate. One ball costs $1, two balls $1.50 and three balls $2.

— Then we will have two ice cream: the first one with two balls with lemon and strawberry flavors, and the other will be with three balls with chocolate, lemon and vanilla flavors.

— Of course. Right away.

— Here you are, guys.

— Thank you. We`ll pay with a card.

— It’s three dollars and fifty cents.

— Here you go.

— Thank you. Have a nice day.

— Thank you. You too.

At the cinema

Dialogue 1: Making a reservation

Ring … Ring … Ring …

— Hello.

— Hello. Is that Cinemax?

— Yes, it is. How can I help you, Sir?

— I want to ask at what time the movie „Butterfly Effect” starts today.

— It is on at 12:30 p.m., then at 3:45 p.m. and then again at 6:50 p.m.

— Mmm … I think we’ll choose the one at 6:50 p.m. Is there a discount for students or any discount of the day?

— There are discounts for students, yes, and since it’s Wednesday, all the films are half price.

— Half-price?

— Yes, Sir. Correct.

— Perfect. Can we choose the seats, too?

— Unfortunately, there are only 4 more seats, but they are 4 seats next to one another in the first row, facing the screen.

— Mmm … It’s okay. I would like to book two seats then.

— Good. These seats are A8 and A9. Who is the reservation for?

— My name is Rick Jenkins. Thank you. Should the payment be made when we arrive?

— Correct. When you come, please, give the name of your reservation and then pay.

— Understood. Well, thank you very much.

— Thank you. And see you.

— See you.

Dialogue 2: At the cinema — paying for the tickets

— Good afternoon.

— Good afternoon. This morning I`ve made a reservation for the movie „Butterfly Effect” at 6:50 p.m.

— Your name, Sir?

— Rick Jenkins.

— Yes, Rick Jenkins, „Butterfly effect”, at 6:50 p.m., seats A8 and A9, room 5.

— Exactly. I have been told that because of the fact that today is Wednesday, all the tickets are half price.

— Correct. The regular price would be $10 but with the discount it is just $5. Will you pay in cash or with a card?

— In cash, please.

— OK, here are your tickets. Thank you very much and enjoy your movie.

— One more question, where can I buy popcorn, candies and soft drinks?

— You need to go straight to the end of the corridor and then right.

— Thank you very much. Goodbye.

— Goodbye.

Dialogue 3: Buying popcorn, snacks and refreshments

— Good afternoon.

— Good afternoon. We want to ask if there is any special offer for popcorn with soda.

— At this moment we have XXL popcorn with a glass of Coca Cola for $9. We also have the offer for nacho plus a glass of Coca Cola that costs $7.50.

— Mmm … Let me have the XXL popcorn with the glass of Coca Cola. One question, how much it costs to have the popcorn with caramel?

— The popcorn with caramel costs $1 more, that would be $10.

— Ah, perfect, then I`ll make it with caramel, please.

— Anything else?

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