Notes of a Polish Negro

Notes of a Polish Negro

From Home, In Which Nobody Knows My Name

115 str.

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What does it mean to be Black in Poland? How is it to be both European and African? In which way are culture and racism connected? Why are non-European refugees facing with hostility? And have Poles any contribution to the anti-racist movement? In seventeen essays, the author is trying to show the thoughts, experiences, and doubts of Black Pole. He looks for answers to those questions, analyses the culture, observes the politics, faces history.


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Christian Kobluk
Christian Kobluk — Polish-Burundian essayist, public speaker and Human Rights Advisor in Tomasz Aniśko MP’s Office (polish Green Party), in which he works with non-European refugees. In his writing he focuses mostly on racism, the refugee crisis, social and political plots in pop-culture, populism and the extreme right.

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