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Letter to Boris J.

Bezpłatny fragment - Letter to Boris J.

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Part one

Boris! You said: burka wrong.

But you must be a bit strong.

Burka is in Bradford site.

That is why you weren't right.

Boris! Say it what is true.

What we must all really do.

Should we say:

I agree to terms,

But I get away with … them.

Boris! Let it be a true.

True is not that difficult.

It just takes a little pride,

Try to be just a little right.

Breaking deadlock,

Ending gridlock,

Smashing your opponents well,

That is great, we always say.

Pay tribute to your past,

Trying not to be so fast.

Once the promise being given,

Can not be turned away,

You must stay in number ten,

Even if you do it again.

Global trade to be freed,

Liberty is on greed,

Read your statement -

Read your sppeech:

No more  barriers,

only this.

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