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How to survive COVID-19?

Bezpłatny fragment - How to survive COVID-19?

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What to do?

Basically the bad thing about this exact virus is that is pose a danger. It is not the only one. Other viruses causing

popular diseases that all children having are also very dangerous. Always virus is danger for person who has underlying

health problems. We can not eliminate it by any means. Only way is to keep that person away from danger, even isolate

those time and keep them healthy. What that means? Those are simple things to follow up:

— eat well and take extra vitamin tablets if necessary, ensuring that way that your body has a power to eventually fight virus; the most

danger is for people who are not only already sick, but for people who do not take care about themlselves eg. people doing

overtimes but not eating well, drinking coffe not healty juice etc.,

— apply hygiene to all things you normally do; we do not think much about it but to be hones with you there is no shame to say

that we are nasty people; we do not always wash hands, nor regularly wash out floor in bedroom, etc.; think about your

place of work, how you can make it clean in serious way, also about your bathroom; when was the last time you did it with

bleach?; but do not go mad, doing so all times does not make sense and helps bacterias to grow up faster; cleaning with

desinfectants in home environment must be done regularly but more often only if you are being proved to have COVID-19;

— do not overestimate other people; remind other people firmly about basic and fundamental hygiene procedures eg. washing hands.

Do not make any kind of stupid assumptions. Buying tons of toilet paper does not make a sense. If you will be short of it that would simple to wash you happy bottom with soap. Belive me, that not hurt but help.

What not to do?

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