Happy Birthday Woody Allen & Keep Going!

A Comedy in Three Acts


Dariusz Zawiślak

Autor książki

O książce

In „Happy Birthday Woody Allen and Keep Going!” independent filmmakers expose the mechanism of the individual economics of inclination, controlled by media companies and their legal departments as they realize the hallow objectives, namely the aforementioned film. The inherent driving force is represented by the „patrons” of cultural industry, personified as popcorn vendors, which as an appetizer to cinematic work, becomes a motive for its formation to further increase sales revenues.

O autorze

Dariusz Zawiślak

Dariusz Zawislak — graphic designer, writer, set designer, editor, director and producer of audiovisual works. Member of Polsh Film Academy. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. Karol Wieczorkiewicz — multimedia artist. Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts.

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