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Fire in the mine

Bezpłatny fragment - Fire in the mine

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Zupnik — manager of the Salt Mine Wieliczka and Bochnia, between XIV and 1772 year.

Bachmistrz: manager responsible for maintaining underground work in Salt Mine Wieliczka and Bochnia.

St Kinga: Patron of miners, daughter of Bela IV, wife of Boleslaw the Chaste.


In 1510 great fire took place in Salt Mine Wieliczka. However in other times that danger also damaged mine many times. In 1510 Zupnik Andrzej Koscielecki and Bachmistrz, risking theirs lives, went down to the mining shaft to give example for others, who were too scary to take action. Those heroes were old, Bachmistrz was 90 years old. They survived and fire was finally extingiuished.

This event was commemorated on a painting by the great painter Jan Matejko in the 19th century. In 1644 another fire took place. At that time, the entire Buzenin shaft was burnt down, together with the surrounding underground chambers. The presented events are a compilation of the author, which is a tribute to the courage of the depicted figures and all the miners who, in the course of hundreds of years, devoted their lives to fighting the elements in the Wieliczka mine.

Fire was always a great issue in the mine. This danger was a part of working conditions in ancient times. It took a great courage to work in such a circumstances. Miners were very brave people.

Scene 1

Mine administrator (later Zupnik) and Mine engineer (later Bachmistrz) are sitting in dim light of candle. They talk laudly, arguing about something, apparently drunk.

Zupnik: Stop saying that I need to do more. I did all I could but nobody is going to borrow me more money. We must safe same first.

Bachmistrz: My master! I only suggest, that we must do some improvements in the mine. It is too dangerous now. Previous administrator left us with little choice. So many chambers are devastated, some full of water, people are becoming angry about it.

Zupnik: I know, I know, my old friend, Bethman. I must go to the king’s court tomorrow and ask for some provisions. But that would not be easy task.

Bachmistrz: I agree with you, Master Koscielecki. However …

Suddenly main door burst out and little boy, dressed badly came into the room making faces. He could not say a word for a moment, then he catch air and made a long wheezy noise: Master!

Bachmistrz raised from his chair and stood up angry: Who are you? How dare you to came to your master this time without previous permisson?

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