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Conversation Questions

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First of all, I want to thank all my students who have made my years of teaching fun and interesting. :)

I would like to thank You my parents, Kaz and Eliza, without their love, patience, guidance and understanding I would have never made it as far as I have. :)

I want to thank my husband Klaudiusz for his encouragement and love throughout all my successes and failures. :) thank You all:*

Mistakes are Okay :)

Assure Your students mistakes are okay. If they aren’t making mistakes, they aren’t trying hard enough. Tell them that you are happy when they make mistakes because that means they are trying new and difficult ways of saying things. If they don’t make any mistakes then they haven’t learned anything.

And talk in English language as much as You can :)

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Let the conversation flow :)

How do You define success?

Is Your life better today than in the past?

What will You do if You drop Your mobile in the


What 3 pieces of advice will You give to Your


Where do You go to get good advice?

What advice do You follow the most: your parents

or Your friends?

Have You ever tried martial art sport?

How long does it take You to get ready in the


Is it rude to tell a person that they need to improve

their appearance?

Do You agree that some sports should be banned?

Convince me for: swimming, running, speedway?

What animal or insect do You wish humans could


What do You do to improve Your mood?

Would You rather be deaf or blind?

Would You rather be able to teleport anywhere

or be able to read minds?

Would You rather live in a place where is always

hot or cold?

Do you like shopping for gifts?

The best gift You got?

The worst gift You got?

Are You a good friend?

Do you make friends easy or do You find it


Personal heaven — how it looks like? Describe

Personal hell — how it looks like? Describe

If Your life was a meal, what kind of meal would

it be?

What do You like to do in autumn?

What do you like to do in the summer?

What do You like to do in spring?

What do You like to do in the winter?

If You open a restaurant, what kind of food would

You serve?

Would You eat at the restaurant that was really

dirty if the food was amazing?

Would you want to have a clone of yourself?

How can cloning animals hell science?

What problems could cloning people solve?

How clean is too clean?

How dirty is too dirty?

How often do you clean your room or house?

Is color important to you?

Does color affect your emotions?

Do you think that certain colors are only for boys

or only for girls?

When should children leave home? What age? And Why of course :)?

Should parents be friendly or strict?

Charlie Sheen — AIDS problem — What is Your


Why people start taking drags?

What are soft drugs and hard drugs?

How has Your neighborhood changed in the

last 5 years?

How have clothing fashions changed during your


Can You name 3 changes, important technological

changes in Your life?

Can You name anything which is the same as it

was 100 years ago?

What changes do You think will happen

in the next 5 years? Why?

What are some tips for keeping a friendship


What makes the friendship special?

Do You think You are a good friend to others?

in what ways?

How do You meet new friends?

Do You think that people opposite sex can be


Do You think it is fair to judge people by their


Have You ever felt betrayed by a friend?

What is a definition of cheating?

Have You ever cheated?

Have You ever been caught cheating on an exam?

What animal best represents Your? Why?

Except for food, do humans need other animals?

What is the cutes animal You can think of?

What is the ugliest animal You can think of?

Why do humans have pets?

Are there any animals that we should try to kill off


Do You believe there is any other life in the


What do You think aliens might look like?

Do You think aliens have ever visited earth?

Have You seen UFO or do You know someone who

has seen a UFO?

What is Your favorite alien from a movie?

Can You tell when someone is lying?

Can You tell when someone is telling the truth?

Do You have a morning ritual?

If You could have a tea with a famous person, who

would it be?

If You could sit down with Your 15-year old self,

what would You tell him or her?

Which color would You use to describes Your


In what ways are You traditional?

In what ways are You modern?

Which season of the year best describes Your


If You had been born in another country, do You

think Your personality would be different?

Do You think being born in extreme wealth

change your personality?

How has Your personality changed in the last 10


Do You have any photos on Your cell phone?

Do you think it’s ok to take someone’s photo

without permission?

Do You think paparazzi are a necessary evil?

How would our world be different if there were no


Why do you think it is important to take photos?

Some proverbs: :) do You agree or disagree? and of course explain why?

money makes the world go round

the best defense a good offence

never judge a movie by its preview

better to be a live dog than a dead lion

winning is everything

behind every successful man there’s a woman

honesty is the best policy

the best things in life are free

children should be seen and not heard

money is the root of all evil

the sun rises every morning

the unexpected always happens

less is more

no pain no gain

be good and you will be happy

seeing is believing

beauty promises happiness

two heads are better than one

never forget, never forgive

time heals all wounds

bad news travels fast

liars should have good memories

You get what You pay for

And more :)

What is your favorite silly face to make? Silly


If you joined the circus, what would your circus

act be?

Name three things that are fun for you.

If you were a teacher and could teach your students

anything at all, what would you teach them?

What do you like most about school so far?

What is your favorite summer food to eat?

Name one thing you saw this summer that you’d

never seen before.

What was your favorite thing you did this

summer? Why was it your favorite?

If you were free to do anything you wanted all

day, what would you do?

What do you think about rules? Do you think

they’re important?

What are some rules you have in your home or at


Talk in detail about something or someone you’ve

seen change, like a sibling, the moon or a friend

If you could change one thing about your family or

about school, what would it be?

Name three springtime activities that make you


If you were a season, which season would you

be and why?

What will you miss most about winter?

What makes you feel loved?

Name five people you love most in the world,

and why (animals are OK too).

What personality traits did you get from each

of your parents? (ie. patient like dad, friendly like

mom, etc.)

Name your favorite tradition for each season, e.g.

drinking hot chocolate in winter.

Come up with three silly new traditions for the

world. Or for aliens on another planet!

If you could create a new tradition for our

family, what would it be?

Or how would you change a family tradition we

already have?

Talk about two things for which you felt thankful

or grateful for today.

How do you feel when you receive thank you cards

from your friends or when they say ‘thank you’?


Who is your favorite storybook character? What

do you imagine he or she feels thankful for?

Have you ever been teased by a friend? How did it

make you feel?

How do you think a friend feels when he or she gets


Talk about something nice someone did for you

this week, or something that made you feel better.

If you had superpowers, what would they be and

how would you use them to help people?

What is your favorite thing to do outside?

What one thing do you do now that you need an

adult for but would like to try to do all by yourself?

Tell a story of eating over at a friend’s house.

Have you met any new kids since you went back

to school or daycare? How are they different

from you?

Talk about the last movie you saw or book you read

where someone was compassionate

What values will you pass on to your children?

How will our children be affected by climate


Is shoplifting common in your country?

Have You ever seen a crime?

Can You tell if a kid will grow up to be a criminal?

Are You creative person?

Is there a lot of corruption in your country?

If You were in a position of power, do you think

you would be corrupted?

What does it mean to be compassionate? How is this different than just being “nice”?

Have you ever had a fight with a friend? How did

you resolve the fight?

What are the qualities of a bad friend?

Who is your best friend? Why?

Talk about a time when you showed loyalty

to a friend. How about a family member?

What does it mean to be loyal?

How is this different than just being

a good friend or a good sibling, daughter,

son, etc?

What are 3 things you can do for someone who

isn’t feeling well?

How do you know when you can trust another


Do you like when other people share with

you? Why?

What is one thing you did today that helped other


What is one way that you take care of yourself?

If you are sick or sad, what can someone do

to care for you?

What was one caring thing that each person sitting

at the table has done for you in the last week?

What is one thing you can do to help a friend

(in the next day, week, month, year)?

What can you give or do for someone that doesn’t

cost any money?

What is something you own and love that you

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