Beyond The Loaf: Savory Snacks and Appetizers

Beyond The Loaf: Savory Snacks and Appetizers

A Creative Cookbook Featuring Mouthwatering Sourdough Recipes Beyond Traditional Bread – Crackers, Pretzels, Bagels and Bagel Chips for Beginners Bakers and Advanced Breadmakers | The book was created with the help of the latest AI technology

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Discover more than 30 tempting recipes for crackers, pretzels, bagels and bagel chips that will fire up your taste buds and inspire your creativity. In the interest of eco-friendliness, the lack of glossy photos encourages free experimentation. Regardless of your baking experience, „Beyond The Loaf” promises an unforgettable cooking experience, for someone as special as you! The book was created with the help of the latest AI technology. MIDNIGHT LIGHTS PUBLISHING HOUSE


Peter Doughfrey
Peter Doughfrey
Peter Doughfrey is the creative mind behind the Beyond The Loaf book series, dedicated to exploring the diverse world of sourdough bread and beyond traditional bread-making. With each part, Doughfrey delves deeper into the art and science of sourdough baking, offering readers a rich tapestry of recipes and techniques to expand their culinary repertoire. From sweet pastries to savory delights, each book in the series is a celebration of the versatility and delicious possibilities of sourdough!
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