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Beautiful melancholy

Bezpłatny fragment - Beautiful melancholy

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Melancholy is

when I recall your love

and my happiness

Every kiss and touch

and every night in your arms

was an endless goodbye

Listening to a lullaby

of your beating heart

in our white sheets, at night

Take me to our house

where love fights indecision

in the warmth of my arms

I’ll always dive

into the depth of their ocean

I won’t swim away

Sunset on my face

I like to lose time this way

with you in my head

If you go away

to come back to me again

that is true love

I still keep your love

till I find the strength to say

how much I love you

In your kiss and arms

I forget how it hurts

to live without your love

Touch me with your love

making me the happiest girl

that you’ll never love

Let me still love you

till time extinguishes my love

when I’m near you


my memories of you are

when you’re a memory

This man has your eyes

that man smiles and walks like you

this man’s just like you

My freedom’s in you

it’s in your smile, kiss and arms

only for a while

My true love for you

is visible to me through

the haze of my tears

He walks by my side

I can feel his presence

till I turn around

The scent of your perfume

takes me back to our bedroom

to your cold arms too

You’ve never felt it

the kind of love you missed

till I went away

I’m wearing sadness

of my velvet memories

which are gone with him

Only my real love

brings you to imperfection

you told me I am

In the mood for you

I fall in your lonely arms

loneliness’s apart

In our old routine

falling into your open arms

was enough for me

Before I move on

and dissolve our memories

you need to come back

Your hands know me well

they could always feel my love

warm and safe to touch

Looking at your pain

I cannot wait and accept

loneliness in you

Once you stole my heart

I don’t ask to get it back

you’ll still need its love

By the time I regret it

I’ll have said it once more

before you leave, too

I’m kissing you hard

to drink the love from your lips

before tomorrow

Making love to you

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za 6.83
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