Stanley Zaczek

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Stanley Zaczek — Polish writer, living in the light, writing in the shadows. Living bohemian fast, building his own cultural circles. With a volcano of feelings inside exploding onto the pages. Inspired by the legacy of writers of previous generations such as Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Langston Hughes, and Leonard Cohen, he describes his artistic and human struggles with petrifying results. „Wonderful. And mournful.” „Sometimes a human needs to stumble on reality. Sometimes the stumble is good, because it helps you to know more about the reality you and the others create. The stumble may be a story, and the words from Stanley’s book right here are good words to stumble on. They are like an invitation to navigate the intricacies of existence and to discover, within their eloquence, the echoes of our shared humanity.” — Lena Salata