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God Creation

God Creation

Book of Creation the World

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O książce

This Book describes the correct process of creation of the Earth and you people as the culmination of creation. Millions of books have been written with the Bible at the forefront, but none except this one describes the correct creation of the World and you people. This book is a source, so don’t ask for links to the source, because the only link is in your minds and surrounding reality and logic.This Book is protected by the WIPPO PROOF token Hash der digital Data. Hash-Algorithmus SHA-256


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Henryk Skowroński
Henryk Walerian Skowroński
I am not affiliated with any party organization, religion etc. and by tradition I am baptized as a small unconscious child in catholicism. I always wondered why the Catholic church so passionately crosses this man on the cross and who was he? I know it today and much more! I am not a spy respecting the privacy of the little ones when it concerns being or not being the whole civilization or child crime there is no mercy. The most important thing is awareness of the existence of things.