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Don’t forget about me

Bezpłatny fragment - Don’t forget about me

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The book you’re holding in your hands, will become a precious souvenir both for you and your children, as well as your grandchildren.

It is a family chronicle, inside which, apart from listing the key historic events on your ancestors, you’ll be able to attach their photographs. Keep completing it along with your other family members as to create a one-of-a-kind and the most thorough story of those, who are not with us any longer. With no doubt, you’ll be surprised, not once, by our short and selective memory and how differently each of you remembers the same story, or how… little you knew about the past of your relatives. Why?

Some households stick to a tradition of telling stories of their ancestors, sitting by the albums with their photographs, thanks to which the memory about them is passed on from one generation to another from an early age. Others — due to various reasons, don’t reminiscence about the past. „Don’t forget about me” is therefore designed to inspire an act of mutual family reminiscing and rediscovering who our closest relatives were, and, on the other hand — make some of these activities to be long-lasting.

The idea of this book was born after my grandma, whom I had a strong bond with, passed away. When looking through the souvenirs belonging to her, besides additional pictures, I found, among others, notes and several versions of curriculum vitae written down by her. Only after having read a book containing accounts of the people who had experienced the same tragedy as she had, I learnt that information from the historically important period couldn’t have been revealed or had to be presented differently at the time, not necessarily reflecting the truth. This made me ask about her history and I was making every effort to put this information in order, also asking for and look for more information on other family members. And this is how the notebook was created, primarily for my personal use and those closest to me, which I’ve eventually decided to share with you.

To easily find the notes on the chosen person, fill in his or her name and surname both on the first page of his or her chapter, as well as in the contents. At the end of each ancestor’s history you’ll find a poem, which will certainly make you reflect and ponder. On this occasion, here, I’d like to thank their authors for their input into the creation of this book. Great thanks should also go to the author of the chords for the song “Don’t forget about me”, which has been composed particularly for this book. Also, special thanks to Magda for her involvement in this publication.

Feel free to fill in your notes, and then to look through them while listening to the sentimental music you’ll access via Spotify and the playlist with the same title as the book or by following the link below


In loving memory of my Grandma Gienia.


Name & Surname

Most relevant information:

— name/names & maiden name:

— date & place of birth:

— date & place of death:

— age:

— the place of tomb:

— Father’s name & surname:

— Mother’s name & maiden name:

— Husband’s/ Wife’s name & surname/ maiden name:

Important health information (relevant for offsprings):

— blood group:

— diseases:

— the cause of death:

— other information:

Parents (relationship history, job):

Siblings (names, surnames, dates of birth & other relevant information):


Grandchildren & great-grandchildren:

Description of the situation during important historic events:

Places of residence with approximate dates:

Summary of their professional career:

Interests, skills:

Quotes, often used sayings:

Notes on childhood period, memories of parents and friends (add information on who the memory belongs to):

Add childhood photographs here:

Notes on adulthood, memories of parents and friends:

Add photographs here:

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