Thermoelectric Microgenerators

Optimization for energy harvesting

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Gennady Gromov

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In recent years Thermoelectricity moves in microgenerators trend. Green energy, energy harvesting… The structure of this book contains detailed explanations addressed to a wide range of readers, which for the most part are not specialists in the field of Thermoelectricity, the basic ideas, important aspects of the practical application of thermoelectric microgenerators in the in energy harvesting. I will be glad, if this book will serve as a reference tool in developing appropriate solutions.


Gennady Gromov

Dr. Gennady Gromov, the specialist in a field of thermoelectricity. Founder from the very beginning and many years CEO of successful thermoelectric business. Author of more than fifty publications and patents in a field of thermoelectric technology and manufacture relating to cooling micromodules and products. Now the founder of new thermoelectric business project with wider targets rather than only thermoelectric cooling: thermoelectric cooling, microgenerators, thermoelectric sensors.

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