Save Love in Children

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Iuliia Ankudinova

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Full, brief and positive information for the use in practice. The system of complex patronage of the newborn, gymnastics for different occasions, healthy nutrition in real life, hardening and movement, pregnancy and natural childbirth, herbs and other methods: a system of natural methods of prevention and recovery. Age features of the perception of information and learning. Communication in the family, parent relationships and influence on children, motherhood and fatherhood. Love.


Iuliia Ankudinova

Dr. Iuliia Mikhailovna Ankudinova was born in Moscow in 1984. Graduated with honors from the Moscow Medical Academy. I. M. Sechenov. On the basis of her professional activities, she developed a gymnastics for newborns Prima, home schooling system and organized a project harmonious methods of healing and learning “Save Love in Children”.

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