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Jasmin Hajro

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The book that I did not want to write. Including painful moments and tough times. But I did it anyway, and it helps you to relativize & overcome your tough times. Piece from the book: Aging sucks It sucks, right? Every year, you become a year older. I thought so too. And I especially disliked to become 30 years old. … Learn to get older, being thankfull and happy about it. And learn to overcome your difficulties & tough times. Learn that you have more personal power within you, to overcome…


Jasmin Hajro

My name is Jasmin Hajro, I am the founder of establishment Hajro, Hajro Group & foundation Giveth Life. And the author of 23 books, which are available (in Dutch & English) in 190 countries worldwide. Establishment Hajro specializes in direct selling sets of birthday greetingcards. We now have self designed gold colored Unique ones. And donates part of it’s proceeds to more than 40 charities in the Netherlands. Most of my royalties I donate to charity. Visit me at www.hajrobv.nl

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