Neo Creation of Life and Space/Matter

Or Micro Drone Revolution

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Pawel Kozycz

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A ( the first?) book/concept/draft about DNA engineering/economy of entire space, matter, life super law attempt/search – an active (neo anthropogenic) theory of everything Perspectives and proposals in the increasing participation in process control, which until now has been recognized beyond the reach of modern science. Neo anthropologic / neo technologic, neo economic visions of DNA of life/matter of neo evolution/neo creation.


Pawel Kozycz

Pawel Kozycz Denmark/Poland Independent futuristic writer. Project about new concepts of use economically, technologically tools for reshaping environment for ecologic and development goals by physical/biological neo economic, self-replicating technology matters. Books” Masters of life and universe,” “100 verses for life and space re-creation.” Studied pedagogic, technology, economy, administration, law, politic at various academies and universities.

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Recapitulation of the book. The neo creation law – a signpost for developing mechanisms for a manipulating control, repairing, correcting, developing all processes and structures of life and matter a multipurpose guidepost for a better and safer future. A race of primitive vanity of consumerism or race of consumerism of neo creation, as the main determinant, paradigms of our and our universe development trends.

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