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Jasmin Hajro

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In this guide you learn 17 strategic actions, that you can implement and as a result make more money & have more free time. Like: Moneymaker 9. Fund yourself & save money on your taxes. + How to create multiple income streams + How to easily create & publish your first book worldwide + How to easily free up an extra 8 hours a month, that you can spend on making profits + How to wisely decide which books to read & which to ignore And many more moneymakers.


Jasmin Hajro

My name is Jasmin Hajro, I am the founder of establishment Hajro, Hajro Group & foundation Giveth Life. And the author of 23 books, which are available (in Dutch & English) in 190 countries worldwide. Establishment Hajro specializes in direct selling sets of birthday greetingcards. We now have self designed gold colored Unique ones. And donates part of it’s proceeds to more than 40 charities in the Netherlands. Most of my royalties I donate to charity. Visit me at www.hajrobv.nl

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