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About the method

Gymnastics Prima helps children more than ten years. The effectiveness of the application of a new set of exercises was very high, an order of magnitude higher than the results of the application of conventional methods and pharmacological agents. The complex is patented as a method of therapeutic and prophylactic gymnastics for infants.

Conduct gymnastics on a soft surface, on the couch or on the bed, the movements should be smooth. During the first two exercises it is more convenient to stand next to the bed on your knees, placing a soft support underneath them. With weakness of the back muscles, you can also use a lumbar bandage.

Performing a complex of gymnastics from 6 exercises at a dynamic pace takes about 8 minutes, with each exercise being repeated 10 times. It is possible to combine two stages of five repetitions, and also to change the sequence of exercises.

At the end of the session, it is recommended to swing the child by the arms and legs. If a stable good mood, do other exercises for active wakefulness.

Active wakefulness promotes timely and correct development, improves sleep. Then you need to pour the baby with cold water (bottom up, first the back side of the body, then the front one), rub it with a dry towel, put gauze under it and give it a breast.

Pouring after heating with cold water removes excess heat, eliminates edema, improves vascular tone and regulation, strengthens immunity.

Practice has shown that the use of gymnastics Prima helps not only to significantly improve the babies of the first months of life, but also children of the first 2–3 years of life. But this is more difficult both for the child and for the parents. The child in this book is 3.5 months old.

It is better to start classes from the first days of the child’s life – two months 3 times a day, two more months 2 times a day, then 1 time a day. The method is based on the work of congenital reflexes, corresponds to the psychology of the newborn, so it harmoniously fits into his life.

By the half-year, you can do morning exercises together with the child on a gym mat with subsequent hardening.

In severe cases, especially with severe disturbance of the central nervous system, two months should be done 5 times a day, then according to the general scheme.

During the exercise, the baby should be stripped (to remove excess heat and moisture, after half a year to wear shorts), and also fed (for a positive perception of the exercises).

If the baby is breastfed, then you can deal with him regardless of the application to the breast. When feeding after a long break, it is enough to wait 5–10 minutes. For carrying out of gymnastics it is possible to wake the child if a sleep is superficial (the effective sleep is deep).

For successful studies, it is important to have an emotional contact, a positive attitude and joy from communicating with the baby.

Exercise 1 “Cascade forward”

Fixation for hands, the thumbs are in the palms of the child. It reflexively begins to pull up according to the movement.
Sitting. When the reflexes are weakened, the grip is weakened, the hands remain straight, the head tilts back. Soon the reflexes will be restored.
With further pulling, the child begins to rise reflexively.
The child is at the expense of the supportive reflex from birth. With the weakening of the reflex, the child does not get up, but presses his legs or puts them unevenly.
Raise the child, move back.
It is important to keep the “frame” – the hands in the face, so that the elbows are not retracted.
The child falls down to his knees reflexively, we hold the “frame”. A healthy newborn keeps the “frame” itself.
Put the child on the stomach, the hands in front of him.
Take the child by the shins and gently lift the support in his arms. The reflex can be weakened.

Raise the child in the air.
Make a small swing.
Smoothly put the child on his back. With an increase in the tone of the extensors of the back and the concomitant overextension of the head, it is better to put the baby first on its side.

Exercise 2 “Cascade back”

Put your hands to the child under the forearms, holding the “frame” (the hands in front of the face).

Giving the support to your hands, help to get on the knees, the hands in front of the body.

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