Cold Coffee

Vol. 1

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Gabriel Yakari

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Whether you are a fan of poetry or a partial reader, Cold Coffee invites you to take a pause or two from the adrenaline rush and upload your imaginations. Make time to travel through the pages to find your favorites and don’t forget to untamed your voice. What once began as her story, is now yours to keep.

About this book


Gabriel Yakari

Yakari Gabriel is a writer, an inter-sectional feminist and spoken word artist. Her writing revolves mostly around life, social problems, finding self-love and femininity. A native of the Caribbean nation Dominican Republic. She migrated to Aruba with her mother at an early age.

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Jennah Davis

Lots people write good poetry but Yakari excels in a way that exceeds a lot of other poets her age. Wise beyond her years Yakari’s first poetry book Cold Coffee is packed with authenticity, inspiration, heartbreak, experience and hope. Alongside personal photo’s and fitting artwork that add to the over all feel, this book really is a stunning debut. “Love doesn’t a save a family but courage does” is just one of the many stand out lines from a book of stand out poetry. Cold Coffee is a book which I will continue to re-read over and over again throughout my life as it’s drenched in honesty and wisdom

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Cold Coffee biographical notes By her own testimony Yakari declares she’s angry, brought up with little to no love. Of course her mom would disagree, but to the little girl Yakari was the adults in her life, mostly females, were too busy, too stressed, too worried…. they wanted the lil’ one to take as little space as possible, to be quiet, never demanding, always grateful and content, for having food on the table, a roof over her head, and bills, which she wasn’t responsible for. My mom was the same way. Children may be seen, not heard, was her way of telling me to get out of her way. So many of us share that childhood experience, we were loved, but not the way we wanted and needed to be loved. Read the rest at: https://batibleki.visitaruba.com/8am-buzz/cold-coffee-biographical-notes/

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