Cire Perdue

An anthology on self-love, womanhood, and transformation

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Abbie Marks

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About this book

An ode to the one’s who got away, Cire Perdue is a tale of feminine ego death, defiance, and rebirth. It is the shovel that lifts the dirt of prejudice, and buries the notion of codependence like a garment worn by many rather than the resilience offered when one confronts the toughness of her skin, alone. Barefaced and bold, the rebel who is reborn from the pen finds sincerity in her wanderings and the freedom of being a portal only unto herself, feeling without society’s approval.


Abbie Marks

Abbie was born in Pierre Part, Louisiana, a small Cajun swamp town located down the mouth of the Mississippi. Her words are alive with a sense of loss, love, and adventure as she discovers the profoundness of reality and emotional memory and illustrates a deep connection to the healing power of nature, embodied in feminine essence.

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