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Going where darkness fears to tread…

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Colin Palmer

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About this book

He was unique. Or so he believed. He packed a lifetime into his 21 years of Life and now waits for the return of an uncontrollable evil created by Mother Earth herself. Or is it?


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I'm impressed

First chapters seemed to me a little bit strange and even scaring, but curiosity prevailed and I continued, and now I honestly can't wait to read the whole book. Frankly, it's very interesting, really thrilling and mysterious, although I normally don't like this genre. You know what, Colin, I even think it's worth filming.


Great read.

Very interesting read, I have only read the free chapters but it wants to make me read the rest. Nice one Colin. I'm impressed. Vince

Book Author
Colin Palmer has replied to review Vincent Swift
Thank you Vince!

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