Heavy Rain

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Mario K.

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It’s year 2178, a town of Enniskillen is struck by a wave of murders. This town in Northern Ireland, for years had been heavenly peaceful. Up until now. Nobody knows why somebody is committing murders. Nobody knows the reasons behind it. Detective Paddy Macfarlen takes the challenge of solving those mysteries. Days go by, and they are both running out of time. There is more than just one truth, and it’s never that obvious.

About this book


Mario K.

Mario K is a book author from Northern Ireland. He is a writer, beginning his career writing on a global scale. At the moment, his first, short, sicient fiction novel called ‘Heavy Rain’ is becoming a great success in Enniskillen, where he lives. ‘Heavy Rain’ is now also available on Amazon. The author wishes to start a new era of writing. For Mario K, the art of writing is completely free. An artist with an alchemist’s soul. The target? To overcome James Petterson, to reach Philip K. Dick.

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